A new girl in town

Kayesha comes from the country of Brazil, so she knows no one when she comes to California. Everyone makes fun of her because of her accent and her language. Until, one of the most popular guy shows up to the rescue...(there may be somethings that you have to be mature to read. If you aren't, then skip the chapter *Disturbing News*


4. Zayn

We ate our dinner after we talked about my day. "Oh, Kayesha, there's someone you need to meet." "Who would that be?" I asked. Then there was a knock on the door. "Would you get it Beatrice?" My dad asked mom politely. "Sure." A guy was standing in front of me, looking at me. He had piercings in both ears and had a mohawk. "Hello." I greeted. "Hi." I guess he doesn't talk that much. "What's your name?" "I asked. "Zayn." He replied. "I'm Kayesha." I extended my hand my hand but he didn't shake it. "I don't know what that means." He explained grimly. It sounded like he didn't want to be here. "Oh. How do you guys greet then?" He said he hugs most of the time. For me, that would be awkward because I hardly know anyone here. "So...what are you doing here?" I asked. "I've been assigned to you as my bus partner." "Okay. Where do we meet?" "I'll come to you." He said. "Why do you sound grim?" I asked all of a sudden. "I'm just bored. It's not you, I swear, it's me." He sighed in frustration. "That's okay." I wanted to pat him on the shoulder but I thought it wasn't a good idea. "Anyway, have a good afternoon." Zayn said to me. "You too." I waved at him. For once he smiled. I didn't mean to say it that way but when he came here, he had no expression. I wanted to touch his hair. I must be a creep for thinking that. Anyway, my mom looked at me. "Well?" "He told me and you guys to have a good afternoon." "He already sounds like a sweet boy." My mom smiled. "Mom, I don't even know him like that." "Well, get to know him tomorrow." My mom rolled her eyes and started laughing. My dad and I laughed along. For once, I was truly happy.

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