A new girl in town

Kayesha comes from the country of Brazil, so she knows no one when she comes to California. Everyone makes fun of her because of her accent and her language. Until, one of the most popular guy shows up to the rescue...(there may be somethings that you have to be mature to read. If you aren't, then skip the chapter *Disturbing News*


3. School

"Kayesha you're going to South San Francisco School tomorrow." "Okay, good night mom." "Good night Kayesha." My stomach was fluttering with butterflies. When I woke up the next day, my mom gave me my forms. "For today. You'll be riding with me. Starting tomorrow, you'll be taking the bus." I sighed with relief. "Want to go at 11?" She asked. "Yeah." "Your dad left for work just recently. He'll be back at 3." "Okay." While I was waiting, I was watching TV. The show was lame so I turned it off. I decided to read a book. "Don't worry Kayesha, you'll have a good school year ahead of you." I sighed. "Mom, what if they bully me?" "Of course they won't." Then it was 10:30. "We have to go Kayesha." "Okay." It took 20 minutes to get there." The principal greeted me. I don't even know his name. "Mrs. Romeo, this school is a proud school. For your daughter to be in." My mom follows everything he says. I looked around. There was Lula! "Hey Lula!" I called out. She looked at me and waved excitedly at me. My mom went up to me. "Kayesha, I'll pick you up at the front door, okay?" "Okay mom." I wanted her to be here with me. She kissed me on the forehead and leaves. Lula ran up to me. "Hey there Kayesha, what's up?" "Nothing really." I said. "Wow. This school is the home to the Indian, I believe." "Thanks anyway Lula." I walked and looked for room 135. "Do you know where room 135 is?" I asked Lula. " "You're not even bear it. You gotta o down there. Wait, I'm in the same class as you." She dragged me and there I was. "Lula Aavendra, you're late." "Sorry Miss. I had to show her to come here." "Your lateness is excused." She groans in frustration. "Class, we have a new student. Please introduce yourself young lady." I stood up. Bunch of unknown faces stared at me. "Hi, I'm Kayesha Romeo and I'm from Brazil." "Brazilians are ghetto." A guy shouted. The whole class laughs with the guy who said it. "I think Brazil is cool." Lula says. "You're just saying that 'cause you are agreeing with her." The same guy said. Lula went straight to his desk. "You better watch yo mouth you little dimwit. I've been there before. So why won't you get a life and go make your stupid freakin' opinions somewhere else Mateo." The whole class oohed. "Lula, sit please. On Kayesha's first day here and we're all giving her a bad impression." The whole class went silent. "Okay, for the project on War and Peace, I'll assign you partners. The last time I let you guys choose partners, less than 50% of you guys got good grades on thr last projects." The class did a nervous laugh. Then the teacher names the partners. "Lula and Kayesha." "Excuse me, but I don't know anything about War and Peace." "Absolutely  correct Kayesha,  Lula can show you the way. Your grade for this marking period is excused." The class groans. "Get to work!" She hissed. We worked all period and Lula fell asleep during tr last 10 minutes. The bell rings and for me, it was already lunch time. "Oh my gosh, we have the same lunch period. While I was walking, I bumped into someone. "Sorry." "Sorry?! That's all you can say?!" The blonde girl screamed. I didn't say anything. "Come on you little British girl." "I'm actually Portuguese." "No one cares." She rolled her eyes. "And no one ever corrects me." "What's your name>?" I asked. "Seriously?" She looked shocked. I nodded. "Abigail Harrison. You?" "Kayesha Romeo." "What kind of name is Kayesha?" Everyone starts laughing. I felt ashamed. "I was named after my great great grandmother came to Brazil." "No one cares about the old lady. This is the present." She looked at me with disgrace. "Oh, no one has those things anymore." She pointed to my 90's boots. Everyone laughs harder. "Look at those pants. No one wears bells anymore. You're such an old fashion girl. Trying to catch up from the 20's." Everyone was dying with laughter. I wanted to cry. "Everyone! Get back to class!" Everyone starts running. "Kayesha?" I looked at Abigail. "I don't thik you ever met my boyfriend, Louis, did you?" I shook my head. He looks straight into my eyes with his blue eyes. He was taller me, at least 4 inches. "Louis baby, that is Kayesha, from Brazil." Louis howled with laughter. "What's so funny sweetie." "Oh god Abby babe, she looks like a retard." Abigail laughs along with him. "He's my sweetheart." She purrs into his shoulder. "This isn't the end for you, Romeo." They laughed and kissed. I just sat on the floor. Crying, until Lula came. "Sorry I couldn't stand up for you." "That's okay Lula, you weren't there anyway." Lula rubs my back until I calmed down. "Welcome to my world." "Huh?" "Before, I was bullied also. Everyone then backed away from me when I punched Louis in the face. He has a scar on his cheek. They left me alone eventually. Abigail even became nicer to me. She found out why I was like this. My father died 3 years ago because he had a heart attack." "So Abigail has a weak side?" Lula nods. "Everyone has their weak sides. Even me. Even though I don't look like that I have one." pulls me up to my feet. "Come on Kayesha, they're serving great food." Lunch was great. The rest of the school day wasn't any better. Louis "accidentally " spilled the chemicals on my shirt. My mom had to come to get me a clean shirt. Then Abigail "accidentally" knocked my books over. When I picked them up, some random guy had the nerve to kick me in the rear end. No one felt pity except Lula. At one point, she told the random guy to stop kicking me. "Go in the corner and think about yo life man. I mean it dude " Everyone moved away from her and leaves to go to their last class of the day-Gym. We had to play dodge-ball. Lula was the first one chosen. I was never chosen because it wouldn't be even. So I sat out during the whole class. When the ball came to me, people tell me, "Throw the ball Portuguese girl." I didn't throw that far. They sighed in frustration and gave me a glare. To me, I was an extra and they threw me away. My mom picked me up in the front and I started crying. "How was your day Kayesha?" "Terrible mom." "When we get home, we'll talk about it." I nodded. My dad was smiling. "Guess what? I got the job!" I was happy for dad but I couldn't show it. I looked down to the ground. "What's wrong?" I explained what happened today.

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