perries little sister ( louis tomlinson love story)ON HOLD

Perrie Edward's little sister Isabella Edwards happens to live with Perrie but what happens when Louis and Eleanor brake up and he falls for izzy and izzy falls for Louis and everyone hates it and they start hateing eachother what will happen if she ends up with another boy from the band will Louis try in his way to get her back or will he sit back and watch as she falls in love with someone different to cover up her feelings for Louis


11. two days from then

                                      Isabella p.o.v.

                         The doctor finally figured out what was wrong with me I past out from low blood sugar so their finally letting me out today and liams planning on taken me to get my noise pierced and my lip cuz I have asked him so nicely and Louis is going to enjoy showing off my new look to the world since we both agreed to start over before we werestarted dateing. I walked out of the bathroom dressed in this

 Liam smiled and handed me the hoodie as I put it on. and we walked out as he carried me on his back as im laughing since he was running with me. "lets go batman hustle hustle" I said as he was still running and then fell as I laughed "you ok " I asked helping him up and saw that he was bleeding I too the conner of my sleve on my jaket and whipped the blood smileing at my big brother "you know I glad you and Louis are dateing you actaly make him smile and make him act like a teen again" he said I smiled "you know I have that affect on people cuz im awesome like that " I said "yeah in your dreams" he said smirking "ok payne I give you 5 seconds for a head start" I said looking own at my nails. "you would do anything" he said as I started counting while he stood there like an idott. when I got to five and jumped at him he screamed like a little girl who just saw a horror movie. as I was chaseing him two tan arms went around my waist. Not knowing who it was I was throwing punches. "babe it just me " I heard the voice of Louis said. "damn you you scared the hell out of me don't do that Louis " I said as he smiled "did I really scare you " he asked with a smirk.

                           "go die in a hole" I said as he laughed "you know I would but then I wouldn't see your bueatiful smile anymore" he said with a grin. "when has Louis Tomlinson ever been so cheesy " I asked he smirked "when I met you that's when" he said  and kissed my noise. "ok come on we must get this girl her pierceings before she flips out cuz we didn't get it today  since tomorrow would be when were on the red carpet.

                               at the piercing place

                          isabellas pov

                "are you sure you cant put me to sleep" as I tried to stall the guy who was gonna stick something pointy to get a hole in my lip and noise.( I have no clue how this works im only 14 and not aloud to get pierceing yet note the word yet) "im sure I cant just hold your boyfriend hain and squeeze it and before you know it it over and the rings with be already in" the man said as I groaned and took Louis hand as the man stuck m in my noise and lip and I digged my nails in Louis hand before I knew it it was over and I had tears comeing down my cheeks "god damn that hurt" I said wanting so baly to touch where it hurt. "it my hirt for a couple of weeks but then it should stop and keep them in for a year" said the man and rub this on it every night before going to bed so you wont get a infection " he said handing my ointment for my noise and lip as I nodded and I paid and left laying my head on Louis as liam rubed my back and I laughed. "you know this is a punishment for me and you Louis" I said and he looked at me "you cant kiss me anymore into the pain in my lip stops"i said and smirked "damn it " Louis said and I smirked. "this is what you get for acctaly letting me go through with this plan" I said and he laughed "but you look very very very pretty." he said as I smiled "alright suck up" I said as we couninued to walk to the car. tomorrow here comes the premire lets see how the fans act towards me now.




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