The One and Only

Hallie always liked Cole Hagen. She would stare at him in the halls, pass notes, send him text and he never knew it was her. What if she gets a chance... What if she doesn't....Find out in One and Only


2. The Coincidence

Cole's POV:

Morning football practice was over. Coach Collier yelled, "Ladies, get your stupid fat asses together!" I glared at everyone who was on my football team. I was the best high school player in the state California. Our team was undefeatable. I'm the first freshman who ever made quarterback.

"Come on team, you guys are better than this!" I yelled. My team all glared at me. My best friend Noah Graff even glared at me and this time he was mad. "Now let's go shower!" We all ran into the boy’s locker room. I walked though. I didn't feel like running even though I was sweating like crazy. Noah was right by my side the whole time but we didn't talk but he finally broke the silence.

"Cole, why do you always act better than everyone?" He asked. I looked at him like he was crazy. I knew I was better than everyone but I never thought I showed.

"What do you mean?" I asked back. I could see in his eyes that he was crushed. He always supported me in all my decision just this time I could see what he meant.

"You know I'm moving to Yellow Park High School?" He said quietly. I looked at him this time like he was mad. He knew that Yellow Park High School is are enemy.

"Why?" I said.

"I hate being here because I not praised for anything just how all my mistake mess up your plays and when I didn't do things, I was told I did and I just can't stand it anymore!"

I stomped off into the locker room. I took off all my clothes and hopped into the shower. It felt nice to feel the steam in the air that made me feel better about Noah going to Yellow Park. He was the second best after me.

I turned off the shower and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my hips. I walked over to my locker pulled out my bag and grabbed my clothes out of the bag. I was going to wear black skinny jeans and a green Under Armour shirt with a pair of Nike shoes. I put my clothes on and walked out the locker. I was headed for science.

Hallie's POV:

I arrived at school late. I hopped out of my car and ran into the main hall. I ran straight to my locker. I did my locker combination and opened my locker. I grabbed my science notebook and three pencils. I ran to science class and when I open the door Mrs. Seaborn was sitting on her chair and said, "Nice of you to join us today." The whole class snickered. I gave a glare that said Stop-Fucking-Laughing-Or-You'll-Regret-It. Everyone stopped laughing and I sat down at my desk and Mrs. Seaborn started to talk about something. I dozed off a little bit until I heard Mrs. Seaborn say, "We are going to do a partner project and this time I'm picking who you'll be with." She sat behind her desk and started to pull something up on her computer. It was the partner listing. I was listed with Cole Hagen. Omigod, I was paired with Cole Hagen. I saw someone snicker from the back of classroom and guess who it was. Cole Hagen.

Cole's POV:

Shit!!! I'm paired with Hallie Johnson. She smart and can dance but she's a total nerd. She's the best in Dance Company and she can do all these flexibility things but still no one would want to be pair up with her I mean, all the girls I've dated from the dance company say she's a total bitch and she can be a smart ass. I hope I can survive this project. This is going to suck.

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