The One and Only

Hallie always liked Cole Hagen. She would stare at him in the halls, pass notes, send him text and he never knew it was her. What if she gets a chance... What if she doesn't....Find out in One and Only


1. Good Morning World

Hallie's POV:

Ring!!! My alarm goes off. I sit up the second I here it ring. I pull the heavy covers off slowly. I walk to my closet and open the door. I pick out a soft pink blouse, skinny jeans, and black converse. The outfit is simple but fits my personality. Walk over to the door and walk into bathroom and take quick shower. After my shower, I put my makeup on and get dressed. I open the door and the hot air from shower blows away. I quickly walk to my sister's room and open the door.

"Allyson, wake up!" I yelled. Her eyes flutter open. She looks at me then goes back to sleep but I drag her out of her bed onto the floor. Now she's awake. I walk over to her closet and pick out a "LOVE" shirt from Fovever 21, red leggings, and black combact boots.

"Why do you always pick out my outfit?" she questioned. I give her a long hard glare and then make her go into the bathroom and change. It takes her a minute to get dressed but I know I have to do her hair for mom.

"Ally, mom wants you to let me do your hair and I'll let you do a sock bun for me." I said tightly. She smiles then sits down on a chair that we keep in our bathroom and start waterfall braiding. Her silky blonde hair slips through my finger but I manage.

"How do braid like that?" Ally asks as she admires her hair.

"Mom taught me." I say quickly. She knows that talking about mom is sore subject for me.

Growing up my mom was never around. She was always at work and when she would come home she would not even bother to take care of me. Now I just keep to myself.

I sit down on the chair and let Allyson do my hair. It takes her about 15 minutes to do my hair. When she's done, I quickly stand up and run downstairs. I smell waffles cooking. Mom must be up. I sit at the table and start to eat my walffe.

I finish the waffle and run out to the car and drive off to school.



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