Through the darkness.

Through the Darkness is about the girl Violet Soletluna and her brother Victor Soletluna. They grew up in an orphanage when their parents were murdered when they were children, but they are not just people. They are witches and wizards. They must save the world as their parents did. But they run into a bump and must follow every part of a prophecy. Which lead to bringing in innocent people. One Direction members Liam and Harry is now being chosen to have a great destiny, unfortunately it brings them terrible danger and heartbreak knowing Violet.

Read it if you want!:)


3. Queen Bee.

What.. Oh yeah.. Snow storm.

"VIOLET" Victor called from downstairs.

I sighed and go out of bed, the woman that came.. Big Witch, yeah.. She has to be here until the guards finds me, and she'll probably stay after that too. She want to help us against the shadows, but she knows just as much as I do, people will die that die.. I will die. Maybe.. My mother did. I tried to kick the thought out, because apparently Liam and Harry can go in my head.. Thank you god for making such thing.

Stop thinking, its annoying.
Shut it Harry.

I walked out the room and nearly got tackled by Calum. He moved slower and more careful when he saw me.

Don't kill me!

"Geez Calum.. Thanks for the trust!" I said.
"What.." Luke said.
"What" Calum said confused.
"Don't worry, I won't be the one to kill you" I said.

God an headache, why! All those stupid thought from all those miserable human beings.. WHAT.. No no no.. I am one of them, stop that brain!


Everyone became quiet..

"Thinking. Not talking" I said.
"Here.. coffee!" Victor said.
"I'll just go get some air!"
"I'll get it away.." I said.
"Don't you dare! That is the only thing that keeps those.. Shadows away" she said.
"I don't really care right now! My head is killing me!" I said.

SHITHEAD HARRY! How do you like to be called that!
No.. Not really Whiny Piny.

"What did you just say!" she said.
"He goes in my head.. So does he" I said. Pointing on Liam.
"But.. But.. One of them was supposed to be a Warlock!" she said.
"Are you telling me.. Harry is my guard" I said.
"Maybe.. Maybe both" she said.
"No. NO!" I said.
"You don't chose, he does" she said pointing up.
"Who are you again!" I asked.
"Never mind that" she said.
"I demand to know who you are" I said.

She turned to me and smiled evilly.

"You cannot demand me to do anything"

I looked into her eyes and told her again, without words. She froze and suddenly became pale and opened her mouth.

"Your grandmother" the words floated out.

I dropped my cup, but grabbed it mid air with a thought. Did I hear what she said, or was it my imagination.. I looked at Victor, and he was starring at her. I was speechless, for the first time in my life.

"No." I said. "My grandmother died, the same day as my mother and father"
"Only you mother" she said.
"NO ALL!" I said.

I felt a normal sting in my eyes and knew it was tears.. I clenched my faith in my hands, only tightening my grab, feeling the blood run down my palms and hearing it hit the floor. I've must have pressed my nail pretty hard against my palms, almost like knifes.

"Would you stop harming yourself child and come to the right conclusion!" she said.
"There is no right conclusion! You're dead.. She is dead, he is dead! And even if you aren't dead, how in the h.. How did you get younger!" I said.

Still fighting my tears and feeling a hand on my shoulders, making my body jump a bit, and making me calm.

"Don't worry love.. Hear her out" Liam whispered in my ear.

"They cursed me, to kill me again" she said.
"So.. your here to die." I asked.
"Yes. Pretty much dear" she said.

I felt like my guts where coming out of my mouth.. It was like reliving that day.

"Hurry child, we must get ready" she said to me.
"I am right here Grandma" I said laughing.
"Then come dear child, we have to get ready.

And then, there it was. A scream of now return, a scream of someone dying. I've heard that once before, when my mother got the news about Granddads death. I looked at my Grandmother in fear, she gave me my brother and bend down in my height.

"Hide child, in the fields. And don't come out" she said.

Those were the last words I've ever heard from her, she was gone right after. I ran to the field, and waited.. My brother was almost crying, but somehow I got him to keep quiet.. Just by looking at him.. It became night and I walked out even though she told me not too. I should never have done that, there was blood everywhere. The car was painted red in blood, and many of the flowers were also painted.


Stop thinking about it Violet. It hurts!


I opened my eyes and saw Liam crying, Harry stood in front of me, holding his hands on my shoulders.

"Stop! Just stop already!" he said, tears forming in his eyes.
"What.." I said.
"We saw everything! Stop!" he said again.
"I.. I'm s sorry!" I said.
"We have to start training" she said.
"Yeah.. Yes." I said.

Liam and Harry both froze, Liam started screaming, Harry turned the white out in his eyes, and Victor fainted.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING!" I screamed.
"Their being chosen.. I've never seen it happen so fast" the Witch said shocked.

I started screaming, my hole body was burning now..

"Violet" Liam cried out.
"HELP ME!" I screamed.

Nobody did nothing! It felt like hours, and I was bathed in sweat, it hurt so bad..

God, please.. please don't do this! I am not the one you seek!
But you are my child!

"GOD!" Victor screamed.

I collapsed on the floor, down on my knees and started praying on Latin.

" Nolo ea nunquam ad finem. Ut tellus surgensque pugnare malis. Voveo animam meam et corpus meum tibi. Umbra viri, finiantur. Amen."

I wish for it, to never end. To help and rise and fight the evil on earth. I vow my soul, my body and my heart to you. The Shadow men, will come to an end. Amen.

Liam, Harry and Victor hurried over to me, my body was completely red, and sore when I touched it. Slowly small golden tattoos started forming all over my body. Beautiful tattoos.

"Three.. Three.. This is not good.. They are stronger.. Three warriors.. Three guards and one guardian.. No.. no. SHIT!"
"Grandma.. I need you" I whined.

Suddenly she were by my site, holding me and comforting me.. And there I knew it really was her. Victor breathed heavily and looked real pale.

"You okay Vic"
"Yeah. That was.. wow auch Vi.. you look awful"
"Gee.. Thanks!" I said.
"Heeeeey.. Wasn't there something about witches getting married to their lead guard.. Who is the lead guard" Victor said.
"Shut up dumb.." I said.
"It's true! Mom did.. With the Warlock.. though.. but he was also a guard.. you know.. And grandma with grandpa.." he said.
"Shut up"

Suddenly a feeling of electricity came through me and I couldn't see, plus my eyes burned even more.. I wanted to scream and cry, but nothing happened.. I felt everything, but I couldn't use any other of me senses.. I couldn't see, speak, hear or smell.. I felt like falling down into a white pond.. And then, everything was back.. But I wasn't in the living room. I was at a little meadow, the smell of grass and water in the air hit my nose and the smell of.. Violets. I stood up and looked around, and I felt the grass on my bare feet.

"Where am I" I asked.
"At you Guardian ceremony" a familiar voice said.
"Yes dear! I am here, but not in person.. In spirit" she said.
"So.. I can't see you"
"No love"
"As long as your here"
"Violet Soletluna, come forward" a voice said.

A person stood in front of me, with no face and no gender.. But still it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

"Who are you"
"Your maker. Or as some say, god."
"But.. I always assumed..."
"That I was a man. I am not a man, nor a woman. I am everything and nothing. I am life and death, love and hate. I am you" God said.
"Okay.. Yeah. So.. Am I fully changed"
"After this ceremony, you will be." God said.
"God.. Can I ask you something?"
"Yes child"
"Will I die.. I mean. On Christmas?"
"I can say this Child. It's only up to you"

Then God pushed me into a river of nothing, making my body floating and cleansing my body of evil, only to replace it with pure love.

Then I was back at the room, looking at everybody's faces.

"I saw.. God" I whispered to my Grandma.
"I know you did sweetheart"
"You saw him!" Zayn said.
"Not him, nor a her. Everything, but nothing. You" I said.
"She hit her head good!" he said.
"It's true" I said. "God has no face or gender. God is everything and nothing but most important. Us" I said.

I felt a warm touch and knew God was still with me.

"God told me something.. But I can only remember. It's only up to you" I said.
"Are you going to die.." Victor asked.
"I think that was it.. And God answered me with that" I said.
"Well.. Then it must be about the spell.. I mean.. Mum died using a wrong spell" Victor said.
"No she didn't"
"Yes she did dear.. or maybe she did something wrong.." Grandma said.
"It's already December 2nd and we really get to prepare everyone!" she said.
"So.. what is it we have to do?"
"You.. Go to your room with Liam, you have to study everything about witchcraft, Harry and Victor, I'll train you in battle" my grandma said.

I could barely stand right now, but I tried. Liam put his arm around me and helped me upstairs.. We opened the door and the room was filled with books. Good thing I can touch them, and then they are read.

"We're going to make it an test. I just need to touch all books, then you can ask me questions.. From the books."

He nodded and let go of me, I ran my fingers down the piles of books and read every word. I felt dizzy for a moment, but I knew I had to continue. Every spell, every kill, every death was being placed in my mind. Every Guardian, and their guards. Me.. Me. I stopped touching the books and started looking for the me part in my head.

Violet Solatluna.
Born December 23th 1994. Daughter to Victoria and Veric Solatluna, brother Victor Soletluna born December 23th 1996. Violet Solatluna. Unknown.

"Unknown" I whispered.
"Who is unknown?"
"Me apparently.. To the highest chair of witches." I said.
"But.. what?"
"Never mind. I'll keep reading.. only two more stacks."

I ran my fingers down the last two and was tired. I crawled over to the bed and sat up against it.

"Would you ask Grandma if I can take a nap.. Tell her I read all of them."
"Yeah sure.. What
's her name again"
"Violetta" I said.
"Something with the V's"
"Her son's name is Vladimir and her husbands were Victor." I said.

Thanks grandma.

"I'll let you sleep then."
"Please don't leave me" I said feeling a little scared.
"Sure" he said.

He closed the door and came over to the bed, laying down besides me.

"So.. One question before you go into coma" he said with a smile.
"Shoot" I said.

I closed my eyes and waited.. Nothing came for a little while, and then the words hit my ear.

"Is it true about Guardians getting married to one of their guards" he asked.
"Why" I whispered.
"Just.. curious" he said.
"Oh.. Yeah" I just said.

I slowly just drifted away, and thought I felt something.. Like a kiss on my lips.. But no.. Even though. I fell a sleep with a smile.

Liam's Pov.

I can't believe I kissed her.. Why would I do that.. I'm dating Sophia. But.. I don't love her. Or. I don't know any more. I just can't stop thinking about her, I mean... Violet. She is really unique, but she would never chose me over Harry.. She kissed him, and now they are just playing games with me.

Bro.. I would never do that.

Get out of my head Harry..

It's not me she want... Trust me.

I can't.. GET OUT!

"Sorry. Liam, can I have a word with you"
"Yeah.. Sure Violetta" I said.

I got out of bed, slowly and without waking up Violet. She made some sounds and moved closer to where I was sitting before. I walked out on the hallway and closed the door.

"Can I see your tattoo" she asked.

It was across my chest, so kind of awkward..

"I need to read it" she said.
"Read it."
"Your future is in it. Harry's seems to be secure, he won't die.. And he is not the one to marry Violet. And I don't believe Victor is either, do you"

I pulled of my shirt just there, not even thinking after she said Marry Violet.. What is happening!

"Ahh.. yes.. Great love, but sorrow.. Heartbreaking.. Death of a loved one" she said cold.
"Does that me.."
"Violet will die."
"No.. NO!" I said.
"What is going on up there." Victor said out of breath.
"Nothing Dear, continue fighting Harry"
"So she will die" I asked in a whisper.
"I'm afraid so" she said.

Tears started forming in her eyes, and she left. Just like a puff and she was gone.. I looked at the door, not wanting to go in.. Not wanting to look at Violet, or even fall for her.. Or love her. I would just lose her.. But then.. How could I marry her if she dies.. I opened the door and looked at her, she was laying there, in the way babies do in their mothers stomach.. She looked so small and.. fragile, and she is the one to die.. WHY HER!"

"Maybe she will save us" Harry said.
"Harry.. You startled me" I whispered. "You really think so"
"Yeah.. I don't want her to die.." he said.
"Me neither."
"I love her already.. Like.. I feel like I have to protect her with all of me. I've never felt this way before.. It's not like I want to kiss her or anything.. Not that kind of love.. But. Just love" he said.
"I know the feeling.. But I am afraid it's not the same kind of love as you" I said.
"We can't tell her.. Or think about it, we have to think about training, learning.. Reading.. Love. Not her death" Harry whispered.
"I know."

She'll die..

Victor's voice was exploding in both me and Harry's head.

Victor.. promise you won't tell..
I know..
You.. You love her.

"Yes.." I said out loud this time. "I do love her"

It felt like I just discovered my life purpose and that everything up until now, was just some kind of bonus.. She was the reason I was ever born.. Wasn't she God.. She was, she was the hole reason. No answer, great.. I don't know what to do any more.. Did I ever know what to do, or did I just pretend to..

"Stop doubting yourself." Perrie said.
"How do you know I am doubting myself?"
"I can see it on your face Liam." she said.
"Oh.. okay"
"Whatever the doubt is about, its lying" she said and walked away.
"I am going crazy" I mumbled to myself.

I walked down the hall to my room and got some clothes, I needed a shower.. A relaxing hot shower. I found some trousers and a t-shirt, then I pulled out a couple of boxers. I walked out to the toilet and walked in, closing the door behind me. I felt so tired and weak, really tired actually. I turned on the shower and took off my clothes, standing in front of the mirror waiting for the water to get hot and drifted into one of Violet's dream.

"Sister.. May I ask you a question"
"Yes dearest Flower."
"What is.. Love really about."
"My dearest child, Love is about a lot of things. But only you know how it is when you feel it. Right there"
"My chest.. Why."
"No child. Your heart, you get a feeling. A feeling only for that person. Something words will never describe, only the way you see each other and care for each other."
"Like my Grandmother and Grandfather.. My Mother and Father.. Not the same kind of love, but me and my brother."
"Yes dear. I always knew you had the head with you. Stop with the acting of stupidity, boys don't like that. They like beautiful, clever and charming girls. Like you. If you would just stop acting so evil."
"I don't mean to Sister. I just don't want anyone near me.. What if I lose them.. Like I lost everyone else."
"My dear child, listen to me. And listen to me good. God has his hand on you, I can feel it. And someday, you are meant to do something far greater than anyone. My little witch"
"How did.. How."
"God sees everything, and I am a server of god. I can feel it in you. My grandmother was a witch, and she were a god one of them. She knew your great grandmother. That is why your grandmother called me right before everything happened. She knew, but no one could stop it. Except for your mother."
"And she died trying. They all did. I did."
"Maybe you did. A little part of you. But you are still here to change something, and you will succeed. I know it in my soul."

Suddenly everything was over and I heard a bump and a whine. I knew right away that it was Violet. I grabbed my bathrobe and got it on, I ran in there right away. She was crying and tried to get up.. She was weak.

"Violetta!" I screamed.

With a second she was hear, she took one look at us both and her face was stone.

"You are resisting the change.."

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