Why Can't We Be Friends?

Georgina Bradley is just an ordinary first year witch from a long line of Gryffindor students. Even she knows that Slytherin and Gryffindor to not get along. But when she decides to befriend Slytherin pureblood, Lauren Hagen, it is seen forbidden for a Gryffindor and a Slytherin to be friends. Can Georgina and Lauren change that?


8. Chapter 8

It was now May and the S.A.O. or Slytherin Ally Organisation, as named by Jayde Corduroy (a third year Ravenclaw member), had handed out flyers and badges to nearly everyone at Hogwarts (except members of staff).

But one day during a meeting, Iveta Trail, a first year Slytherin member, came rushing in with tears in her eyes. “I-it’s Talia!” She wailed, “She made me tell her. I didn’t want to but she bullied me into telling her.” Second year Hufflepuff Corrine Pines comforted Iveta who looked traumatised. “What are we going to do, Georgie?” Izzy gasped. Then everyone else started worrying.

Lauren and Georgina looked at each other then Lauren put her fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly “Girls, this was a bit unexpected but what was the point in the defensive spells practise, huh?” she then let Georgina speak “If Talia wants to fight then we’ll fight back. Nicolette, as you’re a third year, I’m going to need you to deliver a message to Talia,”

“Sure thing.” Nicolette shrugged. Georgina then continued “Tell her to bring her own army and meet us by the Black Lake tomorrow at noon.” So it was settled, the S.A.O. were going to fight the A.S.A.O. (the Anti Slytherin Ally Organisation) as they nicknamed them. For Georgina, May 22nd marked the day Slytherin students could have friends outside their own house. So on that day just before noon, the S.A.O. waited for the A.S.A.O. to arrive.

 “Maybe they’re refusing to fight?” Selena Clipstone, a first year Ravenclaw, suggested. “No,” Nicolette snapped, “Talia Knight never turns down a fight.” And as she said that Talia and a group of Slytherin girls from age eleven to thirteen came over.

“Ready to get your butt kicked, Bradley?” Talia smirked. “Oh shut your trap, Talia, and fight!” Lauren shouted. When she did the two groups of girls started to throw spells, hexes and jinxes at each other. Now and again a student from either side would get injured slightly but not too serious. 

Then the fighting stopped as Professor McGonagall had stepped. “Ladies, what is the meaning of this?” No one said anything. “If no one’s going to explain, then I’ll hold all of you back for detention.”
“It’s my fault, Professor,” Georgina admitted stepping forward. “No it’s my fault,” Lauren said. “We both did it,” Georgina smiled “With some help from Talia Knight.”

“What!” Talia gasped. “OK, will the three of you come to my office? And the rest of you either head to lunch or the Hospital wing. I don’t want to see behaviour like that again, do I make myself clear?” The others nodded as Georgina, Lauren and Talia followed Professor McGonagall to her office. 

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