The Book Of Aliah

Humans are dying. Random attacks of terrorism have filled the human world with fear. When Azar Mesurah decides to destroy the veil between the humans and the Seiners, the threat of an apocalyptic war becomes very real.
The humans will kill the Seiners and the Seiners will kill the humans.
The only hope anyone has is the sister of this Villain, Aliah.
If she fails, the whole world falls.


1. A brief history of Aliah and Azar Mesurah.

They called it, the battle of the future. Not because of the advanced weaponry, but because whoever won, would change the world forever. The dimension Zega is where the Seiners fought for what they thought was right, and on their battle fields soaked in their own blood, two parties fought to the death. The Vincatieys and the Vicsons. The Vincatieys wanted to protect the Veil which the Vicsons wanted to destroy. The Veil is what separates the two dimensions; Zega, the home of the Seiners, the more evolved humans, and Asterdon, the home of the standard humans. Months were spent fighting, Seiners taking lives for what they thought was right. Both sides had their reasons for fighting, but only one side wanted peace. The Vincatieys wanted to protect the Veil, as they knew the annihilation of the standard human race would be the result of the Vicsons.winning the war. On the last day of battle, Lord Barnah Vincatiey observed his defeat. Looking out at the battle fields, now flooded with death, destruction and defeat, he saw murdered children, houses burning, people crying. He only had one option. Captured by the Vincatieys, Sara Vicson sat in her cage. She was an oracle of a higher power, and knew the answer to anything. Lord Barnah went to her to ask her for help. He had no other options to take; he asked her what he could do to win. He wanted to protect the veil forever. Knowing what would happen if the Vicsons won the war, Sara complied. She spoke of a power she could channel from what she described as her masters, allowing her to speed up the evolutionary process of two children under the age of sixteen. With their evolutionary status being advanced, these two children would be able to stop the war extremely simply.

There was one place that stood in the war where people fled for help. A small farm with animals roaming, and green grass hills. Families hid there for help from one and other, keeping each other safe. This is where Lord Barnah found Aliah and Azar Mesurah. Brother and sister, son and daughter two thieves. The girl, aged 12 was a telepath and also had the power of telekinesis. The boy, aged 13, had the power to summon back pain to someone or something who had experienced it before. Snatching them from their beds as they slept, they were taken to a hall, not so far away from the battlefields which the Vicsons had dominated. Steeling their consciousness, Aliah and Azar were taken to their beds. Sara stood over them, her eyes turned milky as she chanted an ancient song. White lines wrapped their way around the children's arms and waist, burning them. Cries for help escaped Azar's lips as he struggled, but his sister, Aliah remained still and quiet. 

When they woke, they were escorted by Lord Barnah, dressed in his finest robes, to the battle field, passing limbs, heads and bodies from both parties. They were met by the Vicsons leader who immediately sent for their lives. Lord Barnah gave Aliah and Azar the signal, and the destroyed every Vicson and every enemy in under a minute. The war was won, the Veil was safe and two new beings were born.

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