Supernatural AU The Hunger Games

Supernatural AU The Hunger Games
Sam and Dean Winchester live in District 12 of Panem. The time has come for the next Hunger Games. This Quarter Quell gets Sam Winchester reaped, what happens when Dean volunteers for Sam's place?
(Jo Harvelle and Dean romance included)


3. The Train

Surrounded by peacekeepers Dean walked beside Jo Harvelle as they were escorted into the hi-tech train before them. The train was to take the tributes to the capital, and this is where Dean and Jo would meet their mentors. Since the previous year there were two victors, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, they were both to have a different mentor. Katniss would mentor Jo, while Peeta would mentor Dean. Their mentors were already aboard the train and would greet them in the dining room of the train. Dean kept a straight face afraid to seem weak and therefore vulnerable in the arena. He could tell Jo was thinking the same, Deans eyes flickered towards Jo and he noticed her looking at him. Quickly they both looked away as they both were taken to a dining room on the train. Their mentors, Peeta and Katniss were already there and seems to be waiting for their arrival. Dean awkwardly looked over to the table which was filled with food from the capital. Dean automatically walked over to the pies and served himself when Katniss spoke up. "Be careful not to eat the food to quickly, you'll feel sick afterwards" Dean cracked a smile, a stomach ache was least of his problems right now. Dean sat down awkwardly not enjoying the awkward silence. He felt Peetas eyes on him, probably thinking of what he could possibly say to put Dean at ease. Jo didn't seem interested in the food helped herself to a slice of pie as well. Dean slipped his hand in his pocket feeling the pin Ellen have him, he noticed that Jo was already wearing hers. Dean thought about what Ellen told him, and then he thought of what Sam had said. He realised that Sam probably went to her as well and there would be no way out of an alliance with Jo. Dean was eventually taken to a bedroom and was told his mentor would be in to talk to him in 15 minutes. Dean sat on the bed and just stared on a blank wall letting his thoughts go where they please. In no more than 15 minutes Dean heard a knock on the door, he quickly averted his eyes over to the locked door that he didn't remember locking. Dean slowly stood and opened the door to see his mentor Peeta Mellark with half a smile on his face as he let himself in and at on a chair in the large bedroom.

"Well.." Said Dean awkwardly, not enjoying the silence. "Well.." Peeta said slowly. "Have you got any questions?"


Peeta slightly frowned as if he expected him to ask something

"You sure?"

"I'm sure"

Peeta stood awkwardly and said "Well then.. If you change your mind you know where to find me?"


"Okay then" Peeta smiled softly and left. As some as the door closed Dean slumped back on his bed and closed his eyes trying to clear is mind and pretend he was back at District 12.

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