Supernatural AU The Hunger Games

Supernatural AU The Hunger Games
Sam and Dean Winchester live in District 12 of Panem. The time has come for the next Hunger Games. This Quarter Quell gets Sam Winchester reaped, what happens when Dean volunteers for Sam's place?
(Jo Harvelle and Dean romance included)


6. Talent of a Hunter

Dean awoke early the next morning with a pounding headache. He groaned as he sat up, if it was up to him he wouldn't get up at all. Today was the day where he and the other Tributes are evaluated for their score, he score that will determine how many sponsors he will get during the games.

He was thinking it over and he's pretty good with a gun, but his skills with a sharp dagger might be more impressive. Dean decided to take the day to think it over but ended up deciding he's better off winging it.

A few hours later the battle in his head continued as he agonized over his options. At this point he was in line for his personal evaluation, they were up to District 7 now and the female tribute had only a few minutes ago been called over. Jo was to his right, silently fidgeting in her seat. He leaned over "Hey, you'll do fine.. Don't worry about it" he assured her quietly. She nodded slowly but didn't give too much of a response to his words.

Dean sighed as he leaned back, two more hours wet by until he and Jo were the last ones waiting. A voice announced his turn and be stood up slowly. As be was ready to leave Jo called out "Hey"

Dean spun around "Yeah?"

"Good luck"

Dean smiled "Thanks, you too"

Dean then turned back and walked into the Training Center, he was.nervous but didn't see let anyone know.

The moment he walked in e eased staging for the daggers, grabbing as much as he could along with a gun. He thew the daggers one after the other at the target and didn't bother glancing to see if he ht the target Becuase he knew he did. Dean uses the gun next, assured with a simulation he demonstrated the skills that hunting opened up for him.

Dean was confident he demonstrated enough and turned to leave, but not before throwing backbone last dagger hitting het target smack in the middle. When he left the Training Centre all that could be heard was the surprised silence of the shocked sponsors.

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