The Untold Story of a Beta (Teen Wolf)

Lucy has had a hard life since her parents got divorced. She hasn't seen her dad in years, and her mother might as well be gone, spending her days buried under a pile of papers. So Lucy's use to her life constantly changing with her mother's job forcing them to move from town to town. But when she relocates to the strange town of Beacon Hills, Lucy soon begins to learn not everything in the small town is what it seems. And as she uncovers the secrets of a world she thought could never exist, she starts to gain the trust of the most unlikeliest friends. But in a place full of death and mystery she might just find herself growing closer to the one thing that is finally worth staying for.


1. Starting Over

Chapter One

 Moving to a new town and going to a new school can be the hardest thing a teenager has to do in their life. But for me it's standard practice. I've had to adapt to survive over the past few years in order to cope with all the changes. Sometimes I wonder what my life could have been like if my parents had of never separated, and my mom being a full time lawyer didn't need to move around as much. Maybe I would have had a best friend, or even a boyfriend. I could have been popular at my school, the possibilities are endless. Of course snapping back to reality I realize I never will be able to have a life like that. You can't fix the past but you can move on in the future.

 So today is the day I move again. Just when I thought we might actually be staying somewhere for more than 6 months my mom gets relocated, this time to a small town in the middle of nowhere California. It takes only a few days at most to pack up our stuff, due to the fact I don't have all that many things to begin with. When you move around a lot you learn to buy the things you need rather then the things you want. It's just easier and faster to move on. When everything is loaded into my mom's Porsche (one of the only perks in my opinion of her being a highly payed layer) we have to endure a brutal 8 hour car ride. But finally we arrive in the remote and if I haven't already mentioned it small town of Beacon Hills.

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