The Holiday That Changed My Life

Tanisha is a ordinary 19 year old girl who goes to university to study medicine cause she want to be a doctor but that comes to a halt when Louis, her worst enemy become much much more.


3. Chapter 3

I ran down the stairs into the dining room. my mum, Jay,Mary and Sara were sat together on one side Niall and Liam were sat with Ellie and harry, who were sat a little too close to each other but I shrugged it off. WONDERFUL! the only seat that was left was opposite him. i couldn't eat I'd lost my apatite from all the crying. I stood up and walked up the stairs.
"where are you going?you haven't touched your food." my mum asked
"to my room and I'm not hungry."I lied.

(Ellie's p.o.v.)

"to my room and I'm not hungry." Tanie said sadness apparent in her voice.I felt a finger poke me in the thigh.
"Lou asked me to tell you to go give this to Tanisha and not to open it." harry whispered passing me a note.i stood up and walked to Tanisha's room.Her door was slightly open and I could see her laying on her bed on her Ipad.
"hey babe, i need to give you this it's from Louis."I said and she rolled her eyes when i said Louis.I handed it to her, gave her a huge and left.

(Tanisha's p.o.v.)

 I opened the letter and read it:

hey tanie can we talk in about ten minuets outside our den.-Louis

i waited ten minuets and walked to our old den.I saw Louis and he noticed me.
"what did you want?" i hissed not in the mood to talk to him.
"you know this morning d-did i say something to offend you."
" called me fat. I've been through hell trying to loose weight." i retorted try not to loose my cool.
"I'm so so sorry, can I make it up to you?"
"It depends on what."
"It's a surprise, just meet me here at 5:30 p.m tomorrow.OK?"
"you know I hate surprises."
"huh... OK" suddenly we saw Ellie and harry coming out of our Den doing their tops up and walking to the and Louis both broke down laughing and singing our childhood song about people kissing or having sex.
"Ellie and harry sitting in a tree, doing something they shouldn't be, starts with a 's' end in a 'x' oh my gosh they're having sex!" we sang. after singing Louis suddenly picked me up bridle style and ran towards the see and i was kicking the air with my feet. I don't know if it was the kicking or not but Louis tumbled over and i was above him with my legs on either side of him.I had a strong erg to kiss him because i had always found him attractive. I leaned forward slowly and kissed him, to my surprise he kissed back.his hand found my waist and pulled me closer to him.we were now in a heated make-out session, since I didn't want to go any further I pulled away and lied next to him.
"you know I am really sorry?" he questioned.
"yep."i said popping the 'p' before drifting to sleep. 

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