The Holiday That Changed My Life

Tanisha is a ordinary 19 year old girl who goes to university to study medicine cause she want to be a doctor but that comes to a halt when Louis, her worst enemy become much much more.


1. Chapter 1

(tanisha's P.O.V.)
I was in my room on my Ipad when my mum, sue, walked into my room.
"you need to get ready to leave."she mumbled
"why do i have to go on a stupid holiday with you and your friends any way?"I whined.
"because your too young to be left alone in the house."she said.
"urg, can ellie come with use at least?"I questioned.
"fine, just get ready."she whined walking away.I grabbed my blackberry and dialed ellie's number.
"0800 745 3656."I whispered to myself.I pressed my phone to my ear and after 3 rings ellie picked up.
"h-hello."he scratchy voice rang.
"hi ellie it's me tanisha... have you just got up?"
"yeah and?"
"it's 12 p.m you big dummy!"
"yeah,yeah,yeah what'd you need?"
"come to my house and we'll talk, yeah?"
"sure be there in 10."ellie hung up as i put my phone down and started to pack my suite case.

(ellie's P.O.V.)
as soon as I hung up I walked up to my closet and pick a random outfit and let my pink waves flow.I ran down the stairs from my room and into the hallway that led to the door.
"where you going?" my mum asked.
"just to tanisha's house i'll be back in about half an hour."i stated.
"ok, love."my mum said.I grabbed car keys and headed off to my best friends house.


****tanisha's house****
  I had arrived at tanie's house.I knocked on the big brown door, 2 seconds later I was dragged in by tanisha.
"what the hell tanisha, it's a new jumper!" I squirmed slapping her hands.
"ow!don't slap me and... you've got pink hair."
"yeah it lovely right?i got it done yesterday, changing the subject what did you want?"
"can you come on holiday with me, my mum and her friends?"
"sure, where are we going?"

"california for 2 weeks in my mum's new house."
"cool.what time you picking me up?"
"about 1 o'clock."
"great, i'm gonna go and start packing my bags."she yelled running off.I giggled at her childishness and continued my packing.
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