The love of me


7. the truth

I freaked out because he would not tell me. When I got home my aunt Jen and her boyfriend, the local news anchor, were there. Then I had an idea. "Can I use you work to do research on a project". "Ya of course" he replied. When we got there he told me what to do and said he will be right outside. Then I researched his name "Zayn Malik". A few things popped up. One was from the 1864 first founders party that we still do today. Turns out he went with Katherine. Another thing that popped up was a video from 1987. It was about his uncle "Max Malik" who died. Zayn told me it was is actual uncle now in days. He must be dead then. I was so surprised so I went back to his house for him to explain. When I went there I asked "what are you". "If I tell you your whole life will turn upside down, and you will have to understand that you can not tell anyone" he replied. "What are you" I asked again. "You know.... I'm a vampire Elena". "I know but who is Katherine"? She is he one that turned me..... And my brother, she had both of us wrapped around our finger". "Brother" I said. "Yes I have a brother named Damon" he replied. "Why do I look like her" I asked. "I don't know, but that is not the reason I love you. I haved loved you since I saved you from the car accident" he replied. "You saved me why didn't you save them" I screamed. "I tried they were dead when I got there" he said with sorrow in his eyes."Well I love you even though you are a vampire".

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