The love of me


5. digging deeper

Nothin was perfect we were going to graduate and everything it was just one thing that I have remembered. Zayn looked just like the man looking at me through my window the night before school. I wondered if it could be him , why would he have done that? Also on occasion he would freak out and turn around and his face looked a bit weird and not normal. When I made diner at my house that aunt Jen invited him to I started to bleed and he looked weird. I researched and nothing came up. Nothing but a vampire, but I don't believe that was what he was. Until my aunt Jen said that sheriff's believe that vampires were real and they thought they were in my town. I didn't believe it but maybe it could be true. The only thing that could help was to dig deeper. When I was cleaning out a closet I saw a old diary and I read it. It belong to my great great great grandpa. Turns out he lived in my town when he was alive and he was a founder. He believed in vampires to and he found a substance called revein that makes vampires weak. There was some left in his diary and that was how I would tell if he was a vampire. Could the one I love be a vampire.

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