A Midwinter Night's Dream

Hermia awaits her father's approval in time for christmas morning, but the clock is ticking... and Demetrius' hands are approaching.


1. A Midwinter Night's Dream

'She refuses to marry the right man!' My fathers hands fly up in air with rage, causing Theseus to duck out of the way to avoid any damage to his face

'Lysander is the right man! He is my true love... we were born to be together,' I reach out for his fingers, wrapping them in mine,'I do not love Demetrius'.

Our eyes meet, his full of disgust, mine full of longing for understanding. All I want is for my father to step into my shoes and walk along my path - then he will see. 'I know what is best for you', he finally speaks after many moments of silence.

'Since when?' Is all I say.

'Oh these family domestics!' Hippolyta, Theseus' wife crawls out of her husbands arms and continues to speak, 'Don't you just love them? And when all we want to think about is domestic bliss!'

'Some chance. Especially, with this lot around!' Theseus turns to face me, placing his rigid hand onto my shoulder. Lysander's touch escapes mine, leaving me to face him alone. 'Hermia, heed my words "To your father should be as a god!"'

For a moment, I am lost for words and in utter shock... but in time I find my voice,'Pardon!' I cry to the rooftops, 'I do not believe I am hearing you correctly'.

'Perfectly correctly. "Relent sweet Hermia, and Lysander, yield-"'

'Never!' I close my eyes at Theseus' words, then force my eyelids open, as Lysander fights on our behalf, 'Egeus,' My pulse quickens as he leans towards my father, 'if you love Demetrius so much keep him for yourself, and leave me and sweet Hermia alone!'

'Such disrespect! You ought to be-'

'Left alone'. Theseus ends. 'Tomorrow is christmas day Hermia, you'll give us your decision then at the feast'.

'Hermia!' Demetrius runs towards me, just as the others leave our presence. 'I beg you choose me! It is I who can keep you happy - not him'. I grab Lysanders hand and ourselves, we head towards the door. 'You know I love you! You will too love me in time!'

'No, Demetrius,' Our tracks stop,'I will never'.

For a moment I believe a tear is brought to his eyes, but all I spy is emotionless pain. I blink, and he is gone.

'The course of love never did run smooth!' Lysander turns to face me, taking each of my hands. His are full of warmth, melting the frost piled up on mine.

'Then what are we to do?' An unattempted sigh leaves the crack in my lips, Lysander clutches my hands tighter.

He smiles with adoration and excitement, the feeling flooding his midnight blue eyes, 'Well, I have an aunt. She lives outside of Athens so-'

'There we can marry!'

'Exactly my sweet Hermia... but we will tell no one - it's our little secret, for only our ears', I feel pity as his eyes widen and his voice gains a serious edge. Nothing will stop his care and worry, especially when it comes to love.

'I will not breathe a word'. But Helena, I must tell, is all that came to mind.

Once again, his face lights up with a smile, 'Good. Then at midnight we shall meet, outside my fathers house - no one will catch us there.'


Just one hour passed by as our planning continued, growing and growing... I knew that I must tell Helena, as my most favoured friend would not miss my wedding. It was just 7 o'clock when I reached her house keeping as straight a face as I could whilst knocking on her door. The soft sound of her foot steps reached my ears as she approached the oak door.

'Oh teach me your ways, Hermia!' Instantly she cries once seeing my face.

'Your time will come, fair Helena! At some point he will love you - Demetrius shall love you!'

'Call you me fair? He thinks me not fair, Demetrius loves your fair! Not mine! Oh please teach me your ways... for no mistletoe could make him kiss me, no angel could make him love me... oh, teach me how you look and with what art, you sway in the motion of Demetrius' heart'. Her stubborn, heartless ways were all forgotten as I couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Helena.

'The more I hate, the more he follows me'.

'The more I love, the more he hates me', she looks up once more, realising my true presence,'what brings you here on christmas eve, Hermia?'

I roll my shoulders slowly, loosening myself up preparing my confidence to speak,'I have an announcement to make, Helena... but we must talk in secrecy'. I look around, spotting the strangers glancing as they pass by.

'Well don't worry, no one is in'. She lead me towards her sitting room, where I sunk into her armchair, while she rested on a nearby sofa.'So, what is the news?'

'Me and Lysander are going to run away and marry. He has an aunt who lives a little outside of Athens... we're to meet at midnight and escape then through the woods for no one will spy us in there'.

'Oh, Hermia... are you sure this is what you wish for?' Helena looks me in the eye, with concern rather than betrayal.

'Don't worry, I am more than sure. All I wish for is to be with Lysander, who I am certain wishes for the same' I take a deep breath,'I don't believe I'll be attending the feast tomorrow, I trust you'll not speak a word if our conversation to anyone?'

'Oh, who will I tell?'

'Thank you, Helena. You're a true friend. I shall inform you of the wedding'. We both stand, and I brush her arm in affection which she returns with half a smile.

'Well have a merry christmas, and I wish you the greatest...'

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