story of my life


1. the start

A normal Saturday night , me and my mum , sat watching x factor. As I said normal. I got ready for bed ,snuggled up in my duvet and soon drifted off...dreaming of one direction and me, staring at there beautiful faces . A normal dream , well to me of course. I am the biggest directioner .I soon woke up by the sound of my 1D alarm "that's what makes you beautiful" at 8.30 in the morning. I got up and walked down stairs my mum was sat in her little chair with the tv off. This was unusual because my mum loves sunday tv especially at 8.30 to 9.00. she told me to sit on her lap .

"im sorry we are going to move house," mum said disappointedly.

"why" I asked puzzled

" I cant afford this house, we are going to move to a council house in London.because you are going to leave the house in a few years and I cant afford this alone" 

I didn't say a word. I sat on my mums lap and cuddled her until she was able to speak some more .

" go and get dressed, and we will start packing "                                                                              I ran upstairs and started with all of my 1D things One Direction posters,perfume,necklace,bracelet,rings, earrings, bags until my room was bare.  There wasn't may things anyway. A wardrobe , Chester draws, a lampshade and a bed. I folded all of my clothes and packed my bags. Mum helped me carry all of them down the uneven steps and we got in are small green polo / and drove to are new house.  

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