Baby come back

I slowly opened my bright green eyes excepting to see Liam next to me, he's not the kind of guy to do it and then leave. When I rolled over I saw nothing except the pillow with his sent left on it the only memory I have of him.


2. moving in

     Mine and Liam's parents thought it would be a good idea for us to get a house together or for me to move to London with the boys and stay with them so that Liam could see the baby grow and still be around his friends so we are moving my stuff over to liam's house today.

    The boys were taking my boxes and bags over to their flat in London i didn't have that much stuff to bring because the rest of my stuff is going to stay in my house while my parents move into it. ill have a place to stay at both houses for when i come to visit my parents and family. i was cooking breakfast for Liam and the boys when Liam came back in the house and kissed my cheek quickly before washing his hands.

    "tell the boys to come in and eat" i said preparing a plate for all five of them, putting a little more on Niall's plate then the others.

    The boys all came in running like a stampede of elephants.they all kissed me on the cheek and picked up the plate with their name by it.

    "thank you baby" liam said kissing my lips softly. i smiled and sat on his lap as we ate. he fed me like a baby while i giggled and the boys groaned about the  PDA but i don't care they are in my house i can kiss and love my boyfriend all i want to. Liam wrapped his arms around my waist and rubbed my tummy softly. "i can't wait till our beautiful baby girl is born" he said smiling up at me.

   "girl? how do you know we don't find out for another 4 weeks" i asked him confused.

    "just a hunch i want a baby girl so i can spoil her and make sure no boys like these fools get near my girl" he said motioning to the boys. i giggled and leaned back into his chest. i could get used to family dinners like this. Us, the boys and eventually our baby.

    we got the last of my stuff and put it in the car. there weren't enough seats so i ended up sitting on Liams lap and Niall on Zayn's lap. Harry and Louis in the front. By the time we got to London it was bedtime for me and the baby inside of me so Liam carried me into the house and up to his room and tucked me with a kiss. 

   "ill be back up in a little, after we get done unloading the car" i smiled and rolled over inhaling the scent of his pillows and blankets, letting darkness overtake me.



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