Baby come back

I slowly opened my bright green eyes excepting to see Liam next to me, he's not the kind of guy to do it and then leave. When I rolled over I saw nothing except the pillow with his sent left on it the only memory I have of him.


3. first appointment

     I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon, which means harry is cooking! yum! i rolled over to see Liam's sleeping body.. so peaceful, oh well i wanna wake him up. i giggled to my self and sat on his back and laid on him with my mouth by his ear.

   "WAKE UP!" i screamed. Li screamed and covered his head so i felt bad. i kissed his cheek and got off of him putting on his long t-shirt that was on the floor because he was to lazy to put it away and snuck down the stairs. i honestly don't care if the boys see me in my underwear its just like a bikini whats the difference the material?

    i kissed the boys on the cheeks, them all mumbling some form of good morning. Harry had just finished making the food when Liam came down stairs lifting me off my chair and sitting me on his lap. Liam kissed the back of my neck softly and whispered,

      "i'll get you back" i giggled earning a questioning look from each of the boys.

       "today is our first ultrasound" i said not to anyone in particular.

       "what time? we have an interview at 1:00" stated Louis.

       "9:00 we will have time to get there and go to the interview to get hair and make up done backstage" Liam said.


      Liam and i got dressed a little after 8:00 and then were on our way to the appointment. the doctor did the usual, the baby was fine and everything. on our way out of the doctors paparazzi bombarded us with questions; are you pregnant? is it a boy or girl? is the baby Liams? did you cheat? i rolled my eyes and snuggled into Liam's side as we walked to the car. 

     Paul picked the crew up around 11:30 and we were on our way to allan carr. the boys went through the usual questions with the same answers until alan asked who was single. harry and niall raised their hands and Liams smiled while biting his lip. 

   "Liam!? last time you came here you were single what happened sense then?" alan asked.

   "well my best friend carrie and i got together we have known each other since birth but never realized that we're in love" the crowd "awe'd" at Liam's answer and i giggled quietly.

   "you guys have been seen leaving the doctors recently is there another one direction member on the way?" alan asked 

   "yes, we don't know the gender of the baby, but there will be one"

   "how'd this happen?" alan asked.

    " Well you see, Liam put his-" Harry got cut off by alan screaming.

     "LALALALLALALA MY VIRGIN EARS" we all laughed.

     "three years ago, you guys were sitting on this couch completely innocent, except for Harry that is" he smiled at us, "now one of you guys is getting married, the other is having a baby, and the other 3 are normal" he laughed causing everyone to laugh. the interview was soon over leaving us to go home to our peaceful house... or so we thought.





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