The Day I Won't Ever Forget

That night. I thought it would be the best thing that would ever happened to me, however it turned out to be the worst.


9. Telling

"Well, this isn't really very easy to say," I told him. "I haven't known that long, but I think you're going to be shocked.."

"Tell me,Sammy. What the hell is going on?"

I felt the words stuck in my throat, so I had to force them out with every ounce of energy I had.


Ben gawped at me with bulging eyes, and his expression wanted to make me laugh, but then I pulled myself together; this was serious.

"What..Do you mean, with me? We're having"

"Yes, Ben. It's yours. There's no one else"

I didn't really know what I expected to happen next, but before I had time for my brain to process it Ben was kissing me,hard. And I actually enjoyed it.

"This is amazing!" He said as he broke off the kiss for a breath of air.

"I thought you were going to be mad..or, I don't know!! What are we going to do..?" I asked, suddenly scared again.

"Well I'm going to stick by you. You're having my baby and I'm going to give you all the support you need. It's going to be tough but I'm not going anywhere, babe." Ben smiled at me, and I started feeling tears stinging my eyes.

"It's a lot to take in.." I said,

"I know, but it's exciting!!" Ben grinned.

"But..we're not even, together, really, Are we?" I considered.

"Well we can be...Sammy,will you be my girlfriend?"

"YES!!" I screeched, and hugged him tight.


We were cuddled up on the sofa a few hours later, with a takeaway pizza between us. I'd not been physically this close to anyone since 'that night', and it felt good, safe. Ben was going to come with me tomorrow for a baby-scan, to check that everything was in order. And for once I didn't feel so alone. I leaned my head against his chest and smiled to myself. It wasn't perfect, but it was as close to perfect as it could be.



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