The Day I Won't Ever Forget

That night. I thought it would be the best thing that would ever happened to me, however it turned out to be the worst.


2. Arriving

"Can you believe it?" Amber grinned excitedly, "He actually invited us!"

"I know! Wow.." I smiled.

Ben was the boy that all the girls wanted, and I was one of them. Amber was more keen on Ben's best friend, Luke. But because they were so popular we honestly never thought they'd look twice at us. But lately we'd been getting quite close to them, and hanging out all together. The only person that knew about my crush on Ben was Amber, and I was the only one who knew about her feelings for Luke. So when Ben handed us the invitation one day we had to try as hard as we could not to squeal and burst with excitement right there in front of him, which believe me, was hard work. 

"Do you like this dress? Or should I go with something" Amber laughed posing in front of the mirror.

"I like the black one, sexy but not too OTT" I replied, rumbling through my wardrobe trying to find something good to wear.

"Need a hand?" Amber asked.


In the end we had a pile of possible outfits laid out on my bed. I liked all of them, but my favorite had to be the blue short dress, simple, but I had to admit, it looked really good on.

"I think we look great" Amber winked as we looked at our reflections in my mirror. We'd done our hair and makeup, picked out some cute heeled shoes, and we were ready to go. Almost.

"Do you think I could do with some jewellery? A bracelet or something?" I asked Amber.

"Here, take this" She said, and she took off her silver charm bracelet and handed it over to me.

"Are you sure?" I smiled.

"Yeah,It really suits you".

So we were all ready. I grabbed my bag filled with essentials for the night: lipbalm, perfume, money and my iPhone. We headed out of the house and started walking towards Ben's house. The walk would only take about 20minutes, but we soon regretted deciding to walk there.

"My feet kill!" I moan, "I should've worn some flats"

"Too late now, we'll be there soon. Anyways, want a drink?" Amber asked

"Of what?" 

"I brought some Vodka with me" Amber pulled out a bottle of Vodka from her bag.

"Where'ya get that?" I laughed.

"The cupboard at home, no one will ever know"She winked, unscrewed the lid and took a swig of the liquid. She then held it out for me.

"Oh alright then, just a bit" I giggle, and took a swig too.

During the whole journey we'd been passing the bottle of Vodka backwards and forwards to each other, and I was starting to feel a bit tipsy. As we turned the corner of Tursbery Close we could soon hear the pounding music and loud voices coming from Ben's house.

"LET'S PARTYYYY!!" Amber shouted, giggling.

I tripped up the front door step to Ben's house ( I told you I felt tipsy) and I felt a cool hand pull me up,

"Woah, steady" The voice said.

I looked up and saw Ben smiling down at me. "Wow, he's gorgeous" I thought.

"Come in, get a drink" He beamed, and ushered me and Amber inside.





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