The Day I Won't Ever Forget

That night. I thought it would be the best thing that would ever happened to me, however it turned out to be the worst.


13. A girl

"Is she going be okay?" I heard a familiar voice mumble.

"We're certain she'll come around soon" Another voice said.

Where was I? I tried to move my hand, only to find pain shoot through my arm. I realised the throbbing and achiness of my whole body. I must've let out a grown, when I heard the familiar voice again.

"Sammy? the voice said softly. I knew who owned that gorgeous voice: Ben.

I slowly tried to open my eyes. it was hard: as my head throbbed. Once I'd got them open I was only just able to see where I was with my blurry vision. I was in a hospital room, with bright white walls that sent another shot of hurt into my eyes. I turned my eyes to find Ben's gaze, and saw his tear stained face and unusually messy hair. Noticing the expression on his face, everything came back to me. The car, the crash, the blackness. My baby. My baby..

"MY BABY!" My voice came out in a scratchy croak that felt like I had a rock stuck down my throat, but I didn't care.

"It's okay! She fine Sammy, there was no harm done to the baby" Ben soothing voice calmed me, along with his hand on my arm, which I could only faintly feel.

My gaze shooted down to my tummy. Still a big, healthy bump, with my little world inside.

"Ben,Are you okay? I asked, which came out in more of a whisper.

"I am now..Sammy when I got a call that you'd been admitted into hospital I thought I'd lost you, and I cant lose you, ever!" He started pacing around the room.  Ben hardly ever cried, but this time the tears came down like they'd never stop, I'd never seen him like this. But then he'd ever exactly seen me like this either.

"It's okay, We're both okay," I said quietly,"Here, come and feel"

Ben walked to the side of the bed and gently put his hand on top of my buldging tummy. He kept it there for a while, until I felt something, and he felt it too.

"She kicked!" He smiled through the tears running down his face.

"I know! I smiled back. "Wait, "she" ?"

"Well, It could be a girl" Ben explained softly.

"It could be" I smiled at him again, through a curtain of hair which had just fallen over my face.

He softly pushed it behind my ear and bend his head to kiss me. Just a soft lingering kiss on my lips, and even though I couldn't feel much, I felt my heart beat just a little bit faster.

"I'm so glad you're okay, and our baby." He whispered into my ear.

"Me too,"

We separated when a doctor came into the room. Her glasses were perched on top of her head, much like the high, strict looking bun that sat there too.

"you came round" The doctor smiled at me.

"Yeah, I did" I weakly smiled back.

"Sammy I think you should get some sleep, you need to save up your energy. You'll feel achy for a while, but we say you could be out here in a few days. All the checks we did on you while you were asleep came back clear, and your baby has a healthy heartbeat. While we were checking we found out the sex, would you like to know?"

I looked at Ben who nodded and grabbed my hand.


"Your little baby is a girl" She smiled as she made eye contact with me, and then Ben.

"A girl" I whispered after her, it was becoming more and more real.

"I knew it would be" Ben winked.

"I'll leave you two now, if anything's wrong just call out, and get some sleep darling" The doctor said.

"Thank you doctor" Me and Ben said in unison, which made us laugh. Well, I tried, although all that came out was another croak.

I looked up at him. His perfect face, his eyes which gleamed and sparkled through the shine of tears. He looked back, into my eyes, and said something unexpected, that he'd never said before.

"I love you, Sammy"

I love you too,Ben" I whispered before I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.








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