It all changed

who would ever think that a surprise to see your favorite band would turn into seeing them every day and falling in love.


1. how it all started

Hi my names Meagan. I live in New York and I'm 15 years old. my obsession . . . One direction.

It was the 23rd of November, I was sitting in my science class with my friend Amanda, we were fan-girling because we got an alert from twitter saying that tickets for one direction on GMA were on ticket master for free. We needed a credit card to get the tickets so we would have to wait till we got home but it would be to late by then. The school day finally ends and I get home, I go on ticket master and as I thought the tickets were sold out. I was so upset but I still kept trying. my friend came over and the both of us kept trying to get the tickets, out of the blue my mom started talking

"Meagan and Amanda its ok if you don't get the tickets" said my mom

"mom its not ok there sold out now there's no way of getting to see them! "

" no Meagan its ok because we got VIP tickets"

At that moment everything was so surreal. I started crying cause I had no idea what else to do. Little did I know that on the 26th my life was going to change.


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