It all changed

who would ever think that a surprise to see your favorite band would turn into seeing them every day and falling in love.


3. after the concert

The security guards were letting people out row by row and we were in the front so I knew it was going to be a while. we weren't facing the stage at this point cause we were cramped up to begin with and it was more comfortable standing the other way plus we were talking to the girls behind us as we were talking to the girls I felt a tap on my arm followed by screaming so I got nervous and when I turned around it was Niall, yes Niall Horan.  I couldn't believe it he was in front of me this is crazy. I couldn't talk I was speechless this was insane. 

"hi love"

"oh my god you-u-u-u-r "

"haha yes"

"oh my god I c-cant believe this right now"

"its ok love just think of me as a normal guy"

" sorry this is just crazy never have I ever thought I would meet one of you this is just like a dream come true "

"haha its ok"

"um can me and my friend have a picture with you "

"yea sure loves"

"oh and by the way this is Amanda"

"hi how are you"

"I-im g-good"

" how would you two like to come out with the guys and I to Rockefeller center to go ice skating"


"haha good'

Niall went over and tapped on one of the security guards shoulder and asked to open the gate to let me and Amanda get out with out being attacked by the other fans. I cant believe this is happening its crazy!


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