Della Marie Stewart ( also known as Nasha Lee for no reason!) an 18 yr old has moved in from her past as she sets foot on London to find that her best friend Gemma's brother is the leader of London's most dangerous gang leader Harry Styles. What happens when Della and Harry struggle to love each other but get interrupted by the perks of drama, danger and love. Read on to find out


2. Not a new start~!

"Nasha!! Nasha lee! here!!" Gemz waved her hand for me to join in. She was sitting with a couple of other girls eating lunch, probably talking about boys! Gemma was here before I transferred into the school, and she is pretty well-known. Not the most popular though.
"hey" I said joining in. Gemma started introducing them one by one. three girls: Honey, I heared about her before, she is really popular in here. Sandy, Who is actually from Italy but lives in here. And Maisie, who looks a little nerdy. They were all talking about boys the whole time. Oh sugar cookies.

"Hey ladies" I heard someone say. Looked up to find five fairly good looking boys. I knew one of them because Gemma has always been talking about him and sending me pictures of him. He was her boyfriend. Liam Payne. It looked like they came here because he wanted to talk to her. He took her to the side and started chit-chatting.  

Honey walked up to a curly haired boy, with almond green eyes and started flirting. she put a hand around his neck and, sticking her butt out, she swiped her other hand onto his curls, mumbling quiet words. He did not seem interested. He just pushed her slightly away, and  coldly said, "You do know that I do not like any girl touching me, so better keep your distance, you little sausage" 

Honey seemed angry, even angrier when he sat next to me, smirking, "Hey beautiful, did not see you here before." I felt like she was about to eat me whole! 

"Yea I am a new transfer student here. Della"
"Harry styles" He ruffled his hair and looked me in the eye. What is wrong with them here? All of them look absolutely sexy! And im just here like, POTATO! But I know that when I came here, I came to make sure I'm not going to fall in love again, and get my heart broken, so I nodded and walked away from them. He came after me.

"Where do you think you are going?" 

"The bell is going to ring in minutes"

He did not say anything but kept following me. "why are you following me? piss off already!"

 I stood by my locker, got my books, closed the locker to find him standing right in front of me. it wasn't more than an inch that separated us. He them slowly moved next to my ear and whispered, "I like you beautiful, so therefore, I will keep chasing after you." He then turned and walked away. Where did this come from now??
(in class)

"Well I know they all are in a gang, and even my liam is one of them, but better keep away from Harry, he made many girls cry" Gemma said. "Also, you don't want to make an enemy out of Honey, she is bad news."  How can she say that when she and Honey seem so close? Oh Gemz!

"attention students! we have another transfer student this year. Please welcome Nate Archibald", our teacher, Mr.Green, said. The Name made me shiver. I looked up to find my raper staring at me with an oh-so-evil smirk. My blood froze, My eyes feared his eyes, my brain feared the present, my heart feared the future, I feared him.

"Gemma ar-" I froze right there. I was entering our class after school time, looking for Gemma. I finally found her. But not only her. And Nate. Kissing. He looked at me with his evil eyes, like he was taking revenge from me, by breaking my best friend's heart! 
I have always knew Gemma was, I wont say slut, but she loved boys. But what does she think she is doing? cheating on Liam?! with my ex?!! 

Maybe I won't be able to start a new start after all!

Hey guys! first chapter to write here! please comment, heart and favo if you want more! luv ya all <3


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