Della Marie Stewart ( also known as Nasha Lee for no reason!) an 18 yr old has moved in from her past as she sets foot on London to find that her best friend Gemma's brother is the leader of London's most dangerous gang leader Harry Styles. What happens when Della and Harry struggle to love each other but get interrupted by the perks of drama, danger and love. Read on to find out


1. Flashback

(A/N: sorry guys no photo for now but wait soon and we'll put it on!)

Della's P O V: 

Im Della and I'm giving you a sneak peak of my past of violence ;P


Stay strong:
'Stay away from me!' I screamed. Nate was drunk and he tried to rape me. ' aww c'mon baby lets have some fun' he winked at me eying me up and down. I mentally face palmed myself for wearing laced lingerie. Who knew I would be tricked into going to dinner with Nate and here I am in his locked room stripped of from my clothes. Oh no. He was himself stripping. Oh god how can I not see the devil himself under this icy blue eyes. He looked quite horny despite his unsoberness but what? He is the one and only Nate Archibald. He was totally naked by now.' Your turn!' He was still holding that smirk, god he can smirk!
I screamed trying to escape from his grip but no use. He ripped of my bra and stared hungrily at my lips before kissing them hardly. He pinned me to the wall so that my back faced him. He left traces of kissed on my neck and when he reached my sweet spot I started moaning slowly.'enjoying aren't we?' He muttered. Nate was practically raping me. He slid his hands down to my underwear and slid them off. Gone. My virginity is gonna finish in about ten minutes. Without warning he pushed into me so roughly I was screaming.'scream my name baby!' He was moaning and breathing heavily.' Never!' I replied. He went rougher and more going in and out of me. 'Scream!' He shouted. 'Nate! Stop please! It hurts so much!! Àhhh!' I screamed like shit at him. His pace slowed down and soon he started pulling his clothes on.'So long bitch'. Ohemgee. I got raped& ditched. I screamed into my hands as I tried to walk towards my clothes and lingerie. Who knew this guy could do such a thing? When I got home I felt like shit. 

                                             *FLASHBACK ENDS*

Now here I am to make a new start. In London with my best friend Gemma.
I go to London university and yay! I get most of my classes with Gemz(nickname for Gemma !) so I won't have any difficulty blending in.


(A/N: HEY GUYS HOPE YOU LIKE! Comment, heart & share!! Love yaaa!!




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