Broken Princess

Lilly is an ordinary girl with a dark past. She was bullied and alone. So the only hope she had was to cut.One day on her way home she meets a boy. Later Lilly finds out that that boy is Niall Horan from One Direction.After getting to know Niall they start going out. She stopped cutting when she met Niall but now whenever he goes on tour,she goes back to her bad habit. It starts becoming harder and harder for her to hide it from him. All Niall ever wanted to do was protect her but can he protect her from her self.


3. chapter three

Niall's POV :

"Hello" I said into the phone." Hey Niall how's your date going?" Louis asked. "Good until you called."I said. "Was I interrupting something?" He said sarcastically. "No it's not like that." I said. "You sure about that?" He said laughing.

"Yes Louis I'm sure." I rolled my eyes. "Fine but your ruining the fun." I just rolled my eyes. "Bye Lou." I said laughing. "Bye Nialler." Then I hung up. I looked over at Lilly who was trying to hold her laughter in. "What?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Louis sounds like fun." She said laughing. "Wait until you meet the rest of the boys." I smiled. "That doesn't sound like a bad idea Mr.Horan." She laughed. "Where did that come from?" I asked. "I don't know I just wanted to give you a nickname." Lilly replied.

"Well since you gave me a nickname what should yours be?" I asked. "How about Miss Edwards."she said. "Sounds good to me Miss Edwards." Lilly just laughed at what I said and so did I.

Lilly's POV :

"Niall what time is it?" I asked. "About five o' clock." He answered. "Sadly I have to go." Niall said. "Wish you could stay longer." I said. "So do I but knowing the boy their going to want me to tell them everything." He laughed. "Good luck with that, so when's the next you want to come over?" I asked. "How about tomorrow I come and get you to meet the boys." Niall said with a smile.

"Great see you tomorrow." I said smiling. "Oh before I forget can I have your number." He asked shyly. "Yeah" I said before typing my number into his phone. "Bye Lilly." Niall said before walking out the door. "Bye Niall." I replied. I closed my door and went to change.

After I changed my cloths I put my hair in a messy bun. As I walked into my room all I could think about is how lucky I was to have met Niall. Then I heard my phone buzz. I looked to see who it was and not to my surprise it was Niall.

Niall : Hey Lilly what's up :)

Me : nothing much. So did you tell the boys I'm coming over tomorrow?

Niall : yeah they're excited

Me : I can't wait well goodnight Niall

Niall : goodnight Lilly

Niall's POV :

When I got to my room all the boys were siting on the couch with smiles on there faces. "Oh god can't wait to hear what they say" I said to myself. "So how did your date go?" Liam asked. "It wasn't a date." I said. "Oh whatever you kids call it these days how was it." Louis said. "Good." I smiled

"So you did tell her right?" Zayn raised an eyebrow. "Yeah." I replied. "How did she take it?" Harry asked. "Lilly took it really well." I said and they looked surprised. "So Louie told us that when he called he was interrupting something?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Thanks Louie." I said sarcastically . "Anytime Niall." He laughed. "Well what did he interrupt." Liam asked. "Well I almost kissed her. "Thanks a lot Louie you ruined Nialler's moment." Zayn said laughing.

"So when do we get to meet Lilly?" Harry asked. "Tomorrow." I said smiling. After I said it the boys started jumping up and down. "Well I'm going to bed see you guys tomorrow." I said.

"Quick to get rid if us I see." Zayn said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. Soon the boys walked out of my room and I sat on the couch texting Lilly. When we stopped texting for the night I decided to go to bed.

Lilly's POV :

I woke at about ten o' clock. Niall was coming to get me at eleven so I had an hour to get ready. So I got out of my bed walked out to my kitchen.

I got myself some orange juice. After that I took a shower. When I was done I got changed. I was wearing a black boyfriend cardigan, a grey undershirt , grey jeans and black vans.I had my hair down.

I sat on my couch watching tv. When I heard a knock at my door. I turned off my tv and walked over to the door and opened it. "Hello Miss. Edwards." Niall smiled. "Hello to you too Mr. Horan." I started to laugh and so did he. "Ready?" He asked.

I nodded and walked out of my room. We walked to the elevator and went up one floor. We walked past some rooms until I heard Niall say we're here. He opened the door and I was surprised.


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