My unforgivable Angel

*this is for the contest*

The world changed a lot since 2013.

" I am from the BBC, John leer man. The vampire king, Liam the second! took control of the world"
"This is the news station, the world is getting invaded!"

Not only did the world changed, but humans too..

"No! Please don't!" *blood in the alley*

"This is our report for the future,
Humanity: 0 %
Vampires: 99%
Angels: 0% no wait! it is 1%..."
There is one angel out there, who must be destroyed...
"We got to destroy 'it' at any cost"
"No in hellish way, is an angel living among us!"

Liam the second, must destroy her at any cost, but when the light of her, reach in his heart, a feeling would grow, which must be prevented...


2. Fall

I opened my eyes, to reveal a dark room. I looked around, and notice the warm bed, the dark shadows.. Everything was dark here.. "She is awaken, your Highness"  u gasped, as a sudden shadow came forward to me. His eyes wet dark chocolate, and his gaze was stern. "So the angel the first...." 

"WOAH WOAH WAIT THERE!" I said as fast I could. "Look, I ain't an angel! I just woke up in this body!" He chuckled shaking his head. "You know, that I know that right?" I shaked my head at once, As I looked down at my hands. For a second,it looked like the most interesting thing in the world. He coughed, as I adjusted my eyes at him. "Then why are you hunting me?" I asked, my voice as shaky as always. Tears threaten my eyes, but I knew tears won't help me in any way...


"well, this shall not be answered" he answered coldly, as his fangs were clear. I gulped, "what might happen to me.." I whispered. Silence overwhelmed the room, as I tried to understand.. Really, what might happen to me?!


"you got 3 days, and then the process will be continue" he said. Process?! Da fuck?! I looked up, but he wasn't there anymore.. Seriously, what is wrong with the world?! I noticed the window, shining under he moonlight..I can'tbeileve any of this shit.


I ran away, as far as I could. I don't even rememeber why I did that in that time.. The long jump was useless, as the fall seemed never ending. I gasped and screamed as I fell, to open my eyes, and see myslef someone else.. What an unusual world..


tears flow down my checks, as I recalled that one more time. You know that 2012 didn't have vampires or that shit... And I did an accident to find my self in 2600s.. The door opened hardly, as I gasped at the figure. "His Highness wants to see you"  

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