My unforgivable Angel

*this is for the contest*

The world changed a lot since 2013.

" I am from the BBC, John leer man. The vampire king, Liam the second! took control of the world"
"This is the news station, the world is getting invaded!"

Not only did the world changed, but humans too..

"No! Please don't!" *blood in the alley*

"This is our report for the future,
Humanity: 0 %
Vampires: 99%
Angels: 0% no wait! it is 1%..."
There is one angel out there, who must be destroyed...
"We got to destroy 'it' at any cost"
"No in hellish way, is an angel living among us!"

Liam the second, must destroy her at any cost, but when the light of her, reach in his heart, a feeling would grow, which must be prevented...


3. End

Liam POV:

"you called me?" She asked weakly, as I nod down from where I seated. She seems to be an interesting object. "You see, your blood is the highest" I said, as I felt my eyes glowing red. Her eyes widen as she shaked her head. "Please don't.." She whispered.  I chuckled, " I won't, but they will...." I stopped mid way, as he shirt fell down the floor. My eyes widen, as hers too. "No!" She yelled, as she hugged her..boobs.. And turned away. That when i noticed a smirking Niall.

 Niall was my younger brother, who is a big pervert. "Niall..." I groan under my clutched teeth. He chuckled, "you got a nice arse, lady" she groaned, as tears flew in her checks. I felt bad, so I walked down to her, and gave her my shirt. Everyone gasped in the room. "Niall your punishment will be discussed later" I groaned, as he rolled his ways, and walked back to his section. "girl you got to VISIT my room sometimes" I rolled my eyes. "Tha..nks.." She whispered wearily, as I shaked my head. "No pro" I removed the tears from her check. The first touch in her check, gave me an electric feels behind my back. "What was that?" I asked myself....

She looked down at her hands, and that when I noticed the big scar, filled with. Blood..


my fangs grew longer, without hesitating, Sank them in her neck. My eyes widen. This blood is really something. I kept on going, as she squirmed under my attack. "No please..." That when slowly she turned to sparkling ashes..

what the heck did I do... I completly forgot that angels don't stand fangs.. My eyes got blinded by her light, as her soul  went up, to the very coulds..



my heart bumped like crazy, as I felt a hard feeling inside my heart... Is it love?! 



its too late, Liam..

she's gone...


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