My unforgivable Angel

*this is for the contest*

The world changed a lot since 2013.

" I am from the BBC, John leer man. The vampire king, Liam the second! took control of the world"
"This is the news station, the world is getting invaded!"

Not only did the world changed, but humans too..

"No! Please don't!" *blood in the alley*

"This is our report for the future,
Humanity: 0 %
Vampires: 99%
Angels: 0% no wait! it is 1%..."
There is one angel out there, who must be destroyed...
"We got to destroy 'it' at any cost"
"No in hellish way, is an angel living among us!"

Liam the second, must destroy her at any cost, but when the light of her, reach in his heart, a feeling would grow, which must be prevented...


1. Light -progule-

"There she is! Go get her!" The roams of the soldiers, were followed by my foot tapping in the floor. I must get away! I ran away, as fast as my legs could carry me, and dashed into a group of trees. They might not find me here, I thought as I sighed. "Now, now. If it isn't the angel" I looked around, as my eyes widen. "Please, leave me alone!" His fangs grew longer, as he took a step closer to me. "And why shall I do that?" He whispered, as he laughed a sudden laugh. 



"go get her! you asshole!" I groan, as I kept on running. Now if I didn't use my trick, I would have end up dead. The street was full of dark monsters, but I kept on running till I found my way to my house. I closed it shut, as I gasped at what I saw.


"think a cheap trick would help you, huh?" He teased, before grabbing my arm, and pushed me hard to the wall. "I don't know.." He whispered to my heck, as he nuzzled Into it. I tried to resist, but nothing could help. "Please..." I whispered weakly. "Should I suck you dry, or hand you to His Highness?" His highness?! Who the fuck is he?! 


"I prefer the first though" he smirked, as he opened his mouth wide, and everything went in a fast motion...


 My breath hitched in my throat, as a sudden blinding light came from me, and almost evaporated the vampire.. My eyes grew bluer, as my hair turned gold...


  People roaming to my house, and within seconds I felt to the ground hopeless.. Not only am I feeling so dead, but the fact Liam the second was right there?!

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