This is my presentation in written form for an interview for Uni the topic was someone who inspires you. I would really like advice on this piece because I'm really not sure how to go about it. It is meant to last for 5 mins.


1. My speech

People who inspire me, when I first looked at this topic no one came to mind. No one has ever, as a person, inspired me. My problem was; how could I say that a person inspired me when all people have too many flaws to truly be looked up to. So I stopped and instead I thought what  actions have inspired me. this brought many more people to mind: Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, Mary Eliza Mahoney, Martin Luther King, William Wilberforce. These names are all known across the world they are people who shaped the age they lived in.


So what links these people what makes them inspiring. For me it is the fact they showed compassion, forgiveness, they valued equality; and most of all they stood up for what they believed in. That last attribute is the most inspiring for me because it takes courage, self-belief and faith in others.


Nelson Mandela united a nation through his teachings of forgiveness and reconciliation and his refusal to back down. Florence nightingale fought to become a nurse in a world where society would ostracise her for it. Mary Eliza Mahoney did the same from a doubly disadvantaged position. Martin Luther king sought equality in America and dreamed of the blacks forgiving the whites for their domination. Last but not least William Wilberforce took on the plight of a nation of slaves and risked his political career to get their freedom. These people stand out in history because they risked all to stand up for their beliefs.


The values of equality, self-belief, courage, faith in others, compassion, forgiveness and integrity that they displayed are values that I always try to exercise in my own life. To me these values mean going for what you believe in; treating everyone the way you would wish to be treated; and always having an open mind to new ideas.

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