Countdown || Hiatus

What if you had a soulmate selected for you, while you were merely a foetus? What if you were born with a countdown timer on your hand? What if only one other person had the same countdown as you?

On one planet, this is not a 'what if', it's a reality.

Melody Essex's countdown is longer than any of her friends'. A few months after she was conceived, her mother became ill. The egg had to be transferred, which was a dangerous procedure. Melody's genetic mother died a week after the transfer. Her birth mother loved her dearly, and so did her father. However, he was rarely around, because he had to go to a therapist many times a week, as he became so depressed when Melody's mother died.

*NOT a One Direction fanfic


1. Birth

Claire Xander, a pale, yet dark haired woman, held her new-born baby in her arms. The baby's father, Toby Essex, a more tanned man, with brown hair, smiled as they bonded.

'Do you want to hold her?' Claire asked.

'What if I drop her?' Toby replied, unsure. Claire laughed and stretched out her arms, handing the baby over to her father.  He held her in his arms, stroking her hand. He ran his thumb across the small bump in the center.  'When will the countdown start?' He asked a midwife.

'Any second now, Toby.' And as if on cue, numbers appeared on he tiny hands.  23 YEARS/ 3 MONTHS/ 1 DAY/ 8 HOURS/ 23 MINUTES/ 34.3 SECONDS.

'23 years, Claire! Just like my lucky number!' Toby fought to contain his excitement. 

'That's great! But... Why is 23 your lucky number?' Claire questioned.

'Well, it was the 23rd of May when I met...' He chocked up, remembering his daughter's true mother. 'When I met Milly.' 

'Toby, I- I'm so sorry.' 'No, it's fine. Really, it is.' Milly had died only a few months ago, a week after the egg transfer. She had become ill when she was only a month pregnant. Toby handed the baby back to Claire when the doctor came in. 

'So, have you got a name for her yet?' She smiled. She had long blonde hair, which had been pulled back into a neat bun.

'No, but we have some in mind,' Claire said. 'I like Melody best. What about you Toby?'

'Yeah, I like Melody.'

And that was the name she got.


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