All My Lies

This will just be my way to express my self I will not say my name I will never have a picture I will remain unknown (Not like any of you would want to know me) but it might be helpful in some ways oh and these are true and real feeling emotions and stories ok bye


3. Tears... For You?

Have you ever cried so much that... You feel pathetic about it? And that when your done you feel empty inside? Well that's me all the time... Once I had this guy who liked me a lot but I got nervous and rejected him... He called me a bitch and said I was a horrible person... And I couldn't stop crying because he made me happy... But I fucked it up like I do everything else... Then out if the blue he comes waltzing back into my life? And I know I'm probably being stupid and naive but... I immediately forgave him? And it's still beyond me why I did. Yes I miss him more than anything but now when I'm about to move on he comes barging in? My friends think I still like him... I'm just not sure... To be honest when he came back and hugged me I felt genuinely happy... But this is probably to good to be true and he's gonna hurt me again...

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