All My Lies

This will just be my way to express my self I will not say my name I will never have a picture I will remain unknown (Not like any of you would want to know me) but it might be helpful in some ways oh and these are true and real feeling emotions and stories ok bye


2. Cutting

Yes I have cut before... Because people, hate, loneliness, relief, and myself... And I know if you don't but you might be thinking "Um how does hurting yourself help?" Well for me it's because I think I deserve it... Since everyone gets mad at me I think hey what the hell and just cut... Once I got so desperate to cut I got a pencil sharpener took the blade out and cut... I know this sounds ridiculous but it helps me... And sometimes I pray that maybe I'll hit a vain and I'll just be gone... Like I disappear off the face of the earth... Not like anyone would care... My friend swears people do... But I just can't believe in a lie so huge that it's bigger than me...

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