All My Lies

This will just be my way to express my self I will not say my name I will never have a picture I will remain unknown (Not like any of you would want to know me) but it might be helpful in some ways oh and these are true and real feeling emotions and stories ok bye


1. My Mistakes

Ya I've fucked up a lot... Lost friends... And well I just... Never fit in... I was always the one who kinda sat there awkwardly wanting a friend... And when i had a friend I was always replaced, left, forgotten, or hated... Cause I'm to short, to fat, not pretty enough annoying, dumb, and an outcast... I wear makeup because they think I'm ugly! I don't eat because they say I'm fat! And i know Im dumb and you all hate me... whatever but... They don't understand... They hate me why? Anyone know? Or understand the method to there ways? Well I sure as hell don't... I mean I bottle up my feelings always lieing to myself saying "Don't worry it'll get better..." When I know it's not true! I'm being a fake once again I plaster on a smile and fake a laugh. No one knows the old me anymore... She's gone and I hope all of you people who hate me... Well I hope your happy because your a new scar on my wrist!

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