*to be determined

_______ is about a family that take on a new life of adventure. They fight battles and rule lands they never knew existed. At times they will turn against each other and fight. In my story will be very fictional ideas like potions and powders but there will also be christian allegories. _______ is based on a recent dream I had. I need your guys' help to think of a name for it. I love to hear you ideas and I love constructive criticism. Really looking forward to writing this one.


1. intro

Another day alone in my room I paced back and forth, side to side. I paced wondering what it would be like to have a new life; to start fresh. My mind was blank, everything I ever wanted to think about was beyond my comprehension, beyond my world. I slumped down onto my soft bed and sighed. "Show me something! Something past this boring life of mine," I couldn't help but to yell in annoyance. I stared at my ceiling, decorated with glowing stars from when I was younger. Soon I fell into a deep sleep, and that's when my prayers were answered. I had seen my new life exactly how I imagined it.

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