Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


21. Trust Me

   The next day was Friday and I was eager to just go to school and come back home for the weekend to rest.Once I finished getting ready I was about to walk into the living room but then I looked at my mother's door to her room.I felt paralyzed just looking at it,I suddenly began to remember yesterday when she had that nightmare and I slapped her across the face.I look down to my hand,of course nothing is wrong with it now but I begin to remember flashbacks of yesterdays incident and I can almost feel the sting on my hand again.I walk over to the door slowly and reach for the doorknob;I carefully place my hand on it and slowly begin to turn it,opening the door slightly.I look into the small creek I have opened and I can see my mother sleeping peacefully.I just want Ryan to come now so we can leave because I don't want to deal with her suffering from her nightmares right now;I still have not forgiven her for yesterday and no matter how guilty she may feel,I will not take pity on her weak self so we can forgive and forget.

   I close the door and walk into the living room waiting patiently for Ryan to come.It's not a very long wait,but he comes eventually then the two of us head off to school.As we are walking I am so tempted to ask him about Angie,I had to know if something happened between them.I choose to fight my urge of knowing because asking right now would just come off as rude and desperate,maybe he'll tell me later if he wants to.

   At school,the day goes by fast;it was just like any other day and when school was over I couldn't have been more relieved.I was packing up all my things and I waited for Ryan to finish packing his things.We both walked out and as we were about to exit out the door someone cut in front of us but they apologized and looked back,it was Angie.I noticed her looking to Ryan then to me,she had an unpleasant face.I remained with a blank expression and I noticed her looking back to Ryan again,I looked up to Ryan and he had a look of guilt.Angie then gives a half smile and leaves.I can't help but feel like something happened between the two of them but I have to fight the urge,asking is rude.Ryan then walks out the door and I follow behind him.Were walking in the hallway and about to head outside when some random person goes up to us with a big smile on their face.

   "Hi you two,have you heard of this year's Buddy Dinner?"

   Ryan and I look to each other and then back to her.

   "We haven't really heard much about it."

   "Your new here right?"


   "Oh well basically this is a school dance and were trying to get more students to come.Would you to like to join us?It'll be a night to remember!"

   "What kind of dance is it exactly?"

   "Just like a party,but not too crazy and not too boring either.It's technically a dance for just friends but sometimes people go as each others dates."

   "Sounds fun."

   "I hope you two come,it's going to be great!Here just take this flyer so you don't forget."

   She gave each of us a flyer for the dance.She smiled and thanked us for her time then left.I folded up the flyer and put it in my backpack;I saw Ryan do the same but instead he put it in his pocket.We both walked out of the school and were about to leave school campus.I knew Ryan would probably end up going home since his mom picks him up so I stood waiting until I spotted his mom's car.

   "Hey (YN),do you wanna do something?"

   "Like what?"

   "Anything,I mean it's Friday and I think it'd be fun to hang out with you."

   "What about your mom?"

   "I text her earlier telling her not to pick me up because I had plans with a friend."

   "So you just assumed that I'd hang out with you?"

   "Well yeah,I mean you have nowhere you need to be and it's Friday so I kind of assumed you'd tag along."

   "Haha,okay.Where should we go?"

   "Hmm?Oh I know!"


   "It's a surprise."

   Ryan then took my hand and led me in the direction of wherever it was he wanted to go to.We were running for a bit then we stopped.We continued to walk for some time and then Ryan eventually came to a stop.I looked around and I realized we were at a park.I haven't been to a park in so long!I looked up to Ryan and he was smiling at me,it was then that I finally noticed we had been holding hands the entire time.I look down to our hands and they are locked onto each others.I look down a bit embarrassed.

   "(YN),is something wrong?"

   "Y-yeah it's just,"


   "W-we were...holding hands...the entire time."

   I feel his grip loosen and then I look up,he probably didn't realize until now either.He immediately pulls his hand away and he is blushing a bit.

   "I-I-I'm s-sor-sorry!I didn't mean to."

   "Don't worry about it,it's okay,really."

   After that minor awkward moment Ryan walks around leading the way,he's really just wandering around the park with me following behind him but were not talking.I felt kind of awkward and uncomfortable,I just want a conversation to get going.

   "(YN),do you climb trees?"


   "Yeah,are you into that sort of thing?"

   "I've never actually tried before haha."

   "Not even as a kid?"

   "No,not really.When I went to the park I would be at the playground."

   "What about just random trees you saw?"

   "Nope,I've never climbed a tree.The only thing I ever climbed were the monkey bars."

   "Monkey bars were like the cool kid thing to do haha."

   "Haha definitely!"

   "Well I'm sure that if you can climb the monkey bars you can climb a tree."

   "Won't that be...difficult?"

   "Everything in life is difficult (YN),you just need to be a risk taker and try new things."

   "I don't know."

   "Come on I'll do it with you."

   "What if I fall?"

   "I'll catch you."

   "How can I be sure you will?"

   "Do you trust me?"


   "Do you trust me?"


   "You don't sound very certain that you do."

   "I'm just nervous."

   "Come over here."

   I walk over to him and were standing in a open space on the grass.

   "I want you to fall back."


   "Fall back."


   "So you can trust me."

   "How is me falling back going to make me trust you?"

   "Look just close your eyes and do it,okay?"

   "I don't know..."

   "Trust me."

   I am looking up at him and he smiles a friendly smile.I look down and nod.I turn around and stand still.I suddenly feel a presence closely pressed against my back.I feel warmth and something begins to stir inside of me.I hear a soft whisper and it tickles my ear.

   "Close your eyes."

   I do as I am told and make sure I remain calm.

   "Now I'm gonna count to three,after I finish counting your gonna fall back okay?"



   Don't be nervous.


   Get ready to fall back.


   Here I go.

   I lean back slowly and then I feel my entire body falling freely.I am expecting to land on the ground or fall flat on my butt but instead I feel myself being caught by something...no someone!I feel my body held in someone's arms.I'm unsure if I am allowed to open my eyes now,I decide that it's fine if I do.I slowly begin to open my eyes and I blink a few times.Before my eyes is Ryan looking down at me smiling.I look into his compelling blue eyes and I'm suddenly lost in a daze.

   "Told you I'd catch you."

   "Y-you caught me?"

   "It was kind of fun,I enjoyed having you fall into my arms."

   "Uhh,th-thank you?"

   "So do you trust me now?"

   "I always trusted you."

   "But now your absolutely certain,right?"



   We just look at each other for a moment and I come to realize he is still carrying me in his arms.I look to his shoulders and have my eyes follow the trace of his arms which lead to his hands holding me gently pressed against my back.

   "Umm Ryan..."


   "Can I get up now?"

   "Oh right,sorry my bad.I was just uhh lost for a moment there."

   "I-it's fine."

   "So ready to climb some trees?"

   I smile and nod.He walks over to a tree and takes the lead.He's climbing and I'm right behind him.There are moments when I'd hesitate and I would look down although that's not a good idea.Whenever we'd stop somewhere,Ryan would insist on going higher.I got tired after a few climbs but I sucked it up for Ryan's sake.

   "Is this high enough for you?"

   "Why are you tired?"

   "I've been tired since like the fourth climb!I put up with it because of you!"

   "Aww how sweet you continued to climb even though you were tired for me."

   "Haha yes you should feel special!"

   "I do."

   Were sitting up in the branches now and smiling at each other.We stay up there for a bit just talking some more and then Ryan thought we should start heading down.He went down first and I followed behind him.When he got close to the bottom he jump and landed on his feet.I held on tightly to the tree not wanting to slip or fall;I was definitely too scared to jump but it seemed like that was the only way I could get down,either that or slide down the trunk but sliding sounds uncomfortable and might leave me scratches or bruises.I look down and Ryan is waiting for me.

   "What are you waiting for jump?"

   "I don't know if I can."

   "Just do it,I'll catch you."

   "I don't know Ryan it seems a little high."

   "Just jump,trust me."


   "Look just close your eyes and throw yourself from the tree.I'll catch you...I promise."

   I look down at him and then I look up.I take a deep breath then close my eyes.

   "On three (YN)!"



   Don't be scared.


   Just throw yourself.


   He'll catch me.

   I instantly throw myself from the tree and I feel myself falling again.It feels strange and I have to admit I'm a bit worried I'll end up landing flat on my face.I suddenly feel myself being caught.I open my eyes and find my face is only inches away from Ryan's.He caught me,I can feel his hands holding me from my waist...he caught me.I suddenly feel a lack of balance and then we both end up falling back.I shut my eyes nervous about the fall but once everything is still I open my eyes.This doesn't feel like the ground?I life my head a bit and I look up,I see Ryan looking at me.Why is he below me?I look to his face then follow the trace of his body downward.I realize that I am on top of him.I look back up to him and our eyes are locked.I've never been in a position like this with a boy.Come to think of it,I've never been in a position like this ever in my life!I begin to think I'm probably crushing him right now with my extra weight.I begin to feel bad knowing that Ryan had to take the fall and even worse,he had to carry me on him while enduring the fall.I'm just extra weight on him.I instantly jump off of him and situp leaning against the tree.He sits up and looks at me.

   "I-I-I'm sorry about that!I didn't mean to make you fall."

   "It's alright.Wasn't that bad of a fall.Haha."

   I look to him and he's smiling innocently.

   "Well that was fun!"

   "Fun?We fell!"

   "Come on,you have to admit it was pretty fun though."

   "I-I guess so."

   "And I did catch you."

   "But you got hurt..."

   "I don't mind,as long as your okay.My promise was that I'd catch you,and I succeeded."

   I smile and he does too.

   "Wanna go to the playground?"


   "Yeah,it could be fun."

   "But that's for kids."

   "So,were kids."

   "Little kids."

   He bends down.

   "There I'm little."


   "Come on it'll be fun."

   "I don't know..."


   "Alright alright!Just for a little bit."


   He takes my hand and runs off towards the playground.I see a few kids running around playing;they're so lucky running around carefree.I notice one kid going down the slide and at the bottom his parents waited for him,they each grabbed him by his hands and began to walk off.The parents started swinging the kid back and forth by the arms.I suddenly remember my parents doing that to me as a kid and my smile quickly fades.I look down but I feel someone lift my head gently by my chin.

   "Is something bothering you?"

   "I'm fine Ryan,haha thanks for the consideration though."

   "Talk to me."

   "I just uhh remembered something,but it's nothing really.I'm fine."

   I give the best smile I can at the moment.

   "Hey lets go to the swings."

   "The swings?"

   "Yeah it'll fun."

   "I don't know..."

   "Come on trust me."


   He then walks on over to the swings with me following close behind him.He gets behind one swing and holds onto the chains of the swing smiling at me.

   "Get on."

   I am hesitant for a moment but then I take a seat on the swing.

   "Okay now close your eyes."

   "C-close my eyes?"


   "I don't know about this anymore..."

   "Just hold on tight and close your eyes,it's that simple."

   "But I'm not so sure it seems like a good idea..."

   "Do you trust me?"

   "Trust...seems like an overly used word today."

   "Haha just do it,everything will fine."

   I look down at my lap and then I let out a sigh.I grasp onto the chains of the swing and close my eyes.



   I feel hands gently pushing against my back and I suddenly feel every bit of motion.It's like I'm rocking back and forth at first but then I feel I'm going higher and faster.I can't explain the rush of emotion growing inside of me but I feel so...free!I enjoy the feeling of going up,but I am suddenly brought back down only to be brought back up again.It's a pattern of motion and I am enjoying every second of it.I feel myself go down and I begin to feel myself go back up,I open my eyes and everything around me seems so close for moment,but then I'm brought back down where everything around me seems farther away.I allow the hint of a smile upon my face and continue to enjoy my time on the swing.I eventually feel myself going slower and I notice I'm not going as high anymore.I am suddenly just drifting back and forth very slowly then the swing comes to a complete stop.

   "Wasn't that fun?" I look over my shoulder and see Ryan coming forth,he stands beside me smiling.


   "Glad you liked it."

   He began to walk off and I'm still sitting on the swing.


   He looks back and says, "Yeah?"

   "D-don't you want to try the swing?"

   "Nah,I'm good.Watching you have fun on it is good enough for me."

   I get up and I head over towards Ryan,I stop for a moment and look back at the swing rocking gently back and forth I imagine myself swinging there and smile;I look back and walk close behind Ryan,who knows where he's going now.I follow behind and soon he takes a seat on a bench.After taking his seat he looks up to me and then pats the empty seat next to him.I smile and go over to take it.Were sitting in silence for a moment and I suddenly begin to feel eager to ask about Angie again.I have to fight this urge,it's not a smart thing to ask about!I fight the urge but it's just a self battle going on in my mind.I feel the urge beginning to grow I can't help myself now.I give up,I have to ask and without even stopping to think I say out loud, "What did you and Angie do yesterday?"

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