Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


26. The Dance

   When morning came it pleasantly awakened me.It was Friday and that meant that tonight was the Buddy Dinner dance.I forced the thought about the dance out of my mind not wanting to worry about it;I got ready for school and in no time Ryan was knocking at my door.I answered the door and there he was smiling sweetly as ever.I greeted him and then the two of us were off to school.Ryan walked me to class and then he hugged me goodbye.

   By the time I reached third period I realized practically everyone in all of my classes have been talking about the dance tonight.Some people were talking about what they were gonna wear and other people were talking about their dates.Some were even discussing whether it'd be lame or not.I ignored all the chatter about the dance since I really didn't want to think about it.

   In fourth period the same thing basically;after class I went over to Ryan's desk so we could spend lunch together.He was talking to his friends for a bit then he was ready to go before we both left I noticed Derek in the corner of my eye.I looked to him and he noticed me looking at him;he then smiled at me and I immediately looked away.How dare that jerk have the nerve to smile at me after what he's done!

   Ryan and I then spend our lunch together,neither of us bother to bring up the dance;it'd probably end up making things awkward.When lunch ends Ryan walks me to class and then he hugs me goodbye again.When he leaves I notice some people looking at us,I choose to ignore them.When class is over I'm relieved that now I get to go to sixth,mostly because it means the day is almost over.Sixth period goes by fast and when the bell rings I'm overjoyed,not only is school over but it's Friday and I have the weekend to rest.

   Ryan and I walk out together and I notice more people staring at us.I wonder if Ryan notices everyone staring.The two of us walk out together and I spot Michelle's car.Ryan heads over to it and I follow him.I grab his arm before we go any further.He stops and looks back at me.

   "What's wrong?"

   "Why is your mom here?"

   "She came to pick me up,don't worry we'll give you a ride too."

   "Oh I just assumed we'd walk home like always.Sorry."

   "Haha don't be,I didn't tell you it was my bad."

   "Why does your mom have to pick us up though?"

   "Well since today is the dance I figured we could each use some time to get ready so I thought if my mom dropped us off we'd have more time than we would if we walked."

   "Oh,well okay then."

   We go over to Michelle's car and we both get in.Michelle greets me of course and then we drive off.Michelle asks us some questions,mostly about the dance;they only end up making me feel a bit nervous but I try to ignore the feeling.We arrive at my house and I get out of the car;I thank Michelle for the ride and she tells me that she'll be back around seven to pick me up.I walk into my house and I'm surprised to find my mom sitting on the sofa.

   "M-mom what are you doing here?"

   "Well Michelle called me last night and told me you were going to a dance tonight,I figured maybe I could get out early and help you get ready."

   She smiles sweetly at me.

   "Oh,umm well I already have a dress."

   "Let me see it."

   I show her the dress and she begins to examine it.She tells me she could do my makeup and hair,then I can change into my dress.She takes me to the bathroom and she takes out a makeup kit.She starts on my makeup and instructs to me to do a bunch of things like close my eyes and stay still.Once she finishes up with my makeup she begins to start working on my hair.When my mom is finally done she lets me look in the mirror and I am amazed;it doesn't even look like me.I stay silent and I just continue to look at the reflection of a completely transformed girl.

   "I look..."

   "You look beautiful."

   I look to her and she is smiling at me.

   "Why don't you go change into your dress now."

   I go into my room and I open my closet;I get my dress then I undress myself so I can put it on.I walk out and my mom looks at me. "Do you need shoes?"

   I look down at my feet.Oh crap I can't believe I forgot about shoes.

   "Don't worry I'll let you borrow a pair.It's a good thing were the same shoe size."

   She then goes into her room;she returns with a pair of black heels.I look at them and then to her.She hands them to me and I take them.I walk into my room and sit on my bed with the shoes still in my hands.I've never worn heels before,I wonder what they're like.I then put them on my feet and plant my feet on the ground still sitting on my bed.I then lift myself off of my bed and I am now standing.Well I feel a bit taller,I know it's because of the heels though.

   I then take my first step in the heels and I feel unbalanced but I manage to walk out of my room into the living room;my mom is there waiting.She sees me and smiles.

   "Oh look at you,you look gorgeous!"


   "Ryan is certainly going to be head over heels when he sees you."

   I don't know why but what she said makes a tiny knot twist in my stomach and I feel my face warm up a little.I look down hoping she doesn't see the hint of my blush.

   "When are they coming to get you (YN)?"

   "Oh umm around seven."

   "You still have some time until they come,why don't you practice walking in heels for a bit."


   "Well you've never worn heels before,they'll get to you later in the night so I suggest you just try and used to them now."

   I decide to take her advice and walk around the house wearing heels,after all I don't want to be tripping the entire night.As time passes I continuously check the clock waiting for Michelle and Ryan to come get me.It seems that every time I check I only tend to grow more and more anxious.My mom waits with me but it's silent the entire time between us.She just sits on the sofa while I pace back and forth in the kitchen.


   I walk into the living room and look to her sitting peacefully on the sofa.She looks to me and smiles.

   "Have a seat,"

   She pats the empty seat next to her gesturing for me to sit there;I take the seat and then I look to her.

   "Are you excited?"

   "I uhh I guess so...I don't really know how to react to all of this."

   "Well you start by being a bit more cheerful."


   "Why?You just got asked to your first high school dance and by a great guy I might add."

   "Ryan is just a friend."

   "Friend or not,he's still a good one.I'm glad you have a friend like him.He seems like a very sweet boy and you two seem to make each other happy."

   "I-I guess so..."

   "Are you glad that he asked you?"


   "Are you glad,that he ask you to the dance?"

   "Why do you ask?"

   "Well Ryan is a good looking boy;I think he could've asked any other girl to go with but he asked you.Does that make you happy?"

   I've never thought about it that way before.Does Ryan have other girls interested in him other than Angie?If he does he probably could've asked one of them and they would most likely have said yes.I think about it for a moment then I remember that Ryan told me he wanted me to experience my first high school dance.

   "Well he just wanted me to have the experience so he asked me to go with him."

   "That was nice of him."

   "Well Ryan is a nice guy."

   We sit in silence for the remainder of the time.It's not long until we hear a knock at the door,we both react to it but my mother is the one who gets up to answer it.I remain seated on the sofa while she answers the door.I hear my mother making some small talk then I get up and walk over.She steps out of the way and I see Ryan standing there in a suit;he looks different yet still the same.I'm pretty stunned at first but I manage to not let it get it to me so much.Ryan,on the other hand,still seems to be in shock.This makes me uncomfortable so I decide to bring him back to his senses.


   "Oh I'm uh sorry I uhh...I was just and you ummm...look nice."

   I smile and he seems embarrassed but I think it's sweet.

   "Ryan where is your mother?",asks my mom.

   "Oh she's in the car waiting,I came to get (YN)."

   "Alright,let me take a picture first."

   My mom goes to get a camera and returns asking me and Ryan to pose.I'm not sure what to do so I just try and copy Ryan.He then put's his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him,I react a bit surprised but my mother reminds me it's for the picture.She then asks me to hold onto Ryan's shoulder and for us to get a bit closer together.Ryan and I look to each other embarrassed but we do as we are told.She is ready to take the picture and instructs us to smile.The flash of the light means she has taken the photo so I back away from Ryan.

   "That was cute would you two like to see?"

   We walk over to my mom and she shows us the picture she took of us.We both look so different but the picture is nice.I look up to Ryan who is still looking at the picture with a smile.He notices me looking at him and looks up to me but I look the other way before our eyes make contact.

   "All right I don't want to keep your mom waiting any longer Ryan so you two should go now.Have fun."

   "Thanks (Your mom's name)."

   "Anytime,now get going."

   Ryan leads the way out of the door and I follow close behind  I hear my mom call my name just as I'm about to walk out the door so I look back.She smiles to me and says, "I hope you have a good time."

   I smile and reply with a , "Thanks," Then I walk out the door and close it behind me.Ryan walks over to his car and opens the back seat of the car for me.I thank him and I take my seat;he goes over to the passengers seat and then before we drive off Michelle greets me.As we drive off Michelle seems more excited about the dance than me and Ryan together.When we arrive at the place Ryan steps out and opens the car door for me then offers me his hand;I take it and he helps me out of the car.He closes both our car doors then Michelle steps out of the car.

   "Oh let me take a picture of you two!"

   She pulls out her phone and asks us to pose.Ryan and I just do the same pose as earlier,when Michelle takes the picture she puts her phone away.

   "Alright Ryan when you want me to pick you two up just call me okay and I don't want any calls at one or two in the morning got it?"

   "I know mom,the dance ends at eleven anyways."

   "Then call by then,no later than midnight.(YN) has a curfew too so I don't want to get her home late."

   "Got it."

   "Alright you two,hope you have fun and dance the night away!I'll see you guys later."

   She gets back in her car then drives off.Ryan and I are left alone now.

   "Well we should get going I guess.",he says.

   "Do you have the tickets?"

   "Yeah," He then pulls them out from inside his jacket.

   "O-okay..." I look down.I hear foot steps then I feel his hand on my chin;he lifts my head and I look up at him.

   "You nervous?"

   "Kind of,I didn't really react to any of this before but now that it's the actual thing I can't help it."

   "Hey don't be nervous.It'll all be fine trust me."

   "What if I don't have a good time?"

   "That's kind of a slap in the face considering you're going to be with me."

   "I didn't mean it like that I'm sorry.Just forget I said anything."

   "You know...your actually really cute when you're nervous."

   I immediately pull my face away from his hand and look down.

   "Not helping."


   "It's fine."

   "(YN) why are you nervous?"

   "Well it's my first dance and all,I don't know what to do or how to act."

   "Just be yourself haha.Besides you'll be with me so that won't be much of a problem for you will it?"

   "I guess not..."

   "Hey look at me."

   I look up to him and he is smiling at me.

   "Don't worry everything will be fine,trust me.I'll make sure to make this a great night for you,I promise." He then holds out his pinky;I smile and take it with mine.

   "It's a promise."

   "No...it's a pinky promise." I playfully roll my eyes then we head for the entrance.Ryan reaches for the door to open it but before he can I react and grab his arm.He looks to me with a blank expression and then he smiles reassuring me that everything is going to be alright.I smile back and then I look ahead awaiting for him to open the doors.

   He grabs hold of the door handle and pulls it open;I remain holding his arm in mine and the two of us walk in together.When we walk in I see a bunch of people around doing different things;they're talking,eating,laughing and some people are already dancing.The music is so loud it practically bursts my ears.I take a moment to take everything in.Ryan reminds me that he is still with me by a gently squeeze on my arm.I look to him and he smiles at me,I smile back;Ryan then leads us over to an empty table.He pulls out a chair and gestures for me to take a seat in it.I thank him and then he pulls out a chair for himself beside me.

   "So what do you think so far?"

   "Well I'm not used to this kind of environment."

   "You'll get used to it.Are you at least having a good time?"

   "Haha we barely got here."

   "Oh right,my bad.I'm sorry."

   "There's no need to be."

   It grows silent between the two of us so I decide to take charge and try to start a conversation.

   "Where did you get your suit?"

   "Oh this?It's from one of my mom's friend's wedding.I didn't want to go but she made me and of course she got me this suit to wear to it."

   "Well I like it,it's nice."

   "You mean on me?"


   "Don't lie to my face."

   "No I mean it.It makes you look older."

   "Older as in I look old enough to be a pedophile right now."

   "No!Hahaha just more mature.You look different."

   "In a good way?"


   He smiles and says, "Well thank you,I'm glad that you like my suit haha;that makes one of us."

   "Why don't you like it?"

   "I don't know I just feel like a dork wearing it."

   "Well you certainly don't look like a dork;you even combed your hair."

   "Correction,my mom combed my hair.She was really making a big fuss over me getting ready;she wanted everything to be perfect."

   "Well your mom did a good job."

   "What are you checking me out in my suit?"

   I look down and say, "N-n-no,not at all."

   "Hahaha!I was only kidding,anyways look all you want;I know I'm irresistible. "

   "Oh please,"

   "You know I look good in this suit,don't deny it."

   Instead of saying anything I let out a laugh and he smiles.It's quiet again but now I don't know what to say.Why is it so awkward between us?It's just the two of us so why can't we talk to each other like we normally do?Is he still bothered by that kiss the other day?But he still talked me normally at school so why would it bother him now?

   "Hey (YN) are you thirsty?"

   I'm caught off guard so I say, "Huh?"

   "Would you like anything to drink?"

   "Oh ummm well..."

   "I'll go get us some drinks okay."

   He gets up and leaves to get us some drinks.I sit alone and I look around;people sure do look like they're having a good time.I just wish Ryan and I wouldn't be so awkward.Is it me or is it him?Maybe it's both of us,well it doesn't really matter who it is;I just hope we can both enjoy ourselves tonight.It'd be a shame for both of our parents to put so much work into us tonight and end up with us not having a good time.I have to try and put effort into tonight but what am I supposed to do?I've never been to a dance before,how am I supposed to know how to act or what to do?Maybe I'm just over thinking everything.

   Ryan comes back with two cups in his hands and sets them down on the table before he takes his seat.I reach for one of the cups but Ryan and I both end up grabbing the same cup so our hands touch.We look up and stare at each other for a moment;I then pull my hand back and grab the other cup breaking our eye contact.I take a drink from the cup and I look down rubbing the cup with my fingers.

   "You seem nervous,"

   "Is it that obvious."

   "Well you're not looking at me and your fidgeting around with your cup."

   "Right...I'm sorry."

   "It's okay,it's your first dance so I understand why you'd be nervous.Especially since your here with with such an intimidating person like me."

   I can tell the last part is a joke so I just smile.

   "Aww there's that smile I was hoping to see tonight,now if you could just keep it on for the rest of the night."

   "I can't keep this smile on forever,you have to make it happen."

   "Fine then."

   He makes a silly face and I just make a disturbed expression.

   "Why aren't you smiling?"

   "That face didn't deserve a smile."

   "Yes it did!"

   "No it didn't,haha it was disturbing."

   "Now you just hurt my feelings."

   "The truth hurts."

   "So cold of you to say."

   I let out a chuckle and we begin to keep a conversation going.We talk about a bunch of random things and I find that I am beginning to enjoy myself.Later on Ryan asks me if I'm hungry and I tell him that I am;we both get up to go get plates of food and then we go back to our table and sit so we can eat.While were eating we still manage to keep up a conversation.Through out all of this I begin to notice people staring at us,no matter where I look there's at least one pair of eyes just staring us down.I try to ignore it but I can't help that it bothers me;it bothers me even more when I notice people talking to each other while still looking at us.If your going to talk about us you could at least not look at us to not make it so obvious.I wonder if Ryan is noticing all these people watching and talking about us.

   I notice some people walking towards us and I wonder why they're walking this way.They end up taking the extra seats at our table;they acknowledge us and flash a smile.They look like a couple,then the girl speaks up, "Hi my name is Alexia,your (YN) right?"

   "Y-yeah,that's me..."

   I look down feeling nervous;I then feel a hand on my shoulder and I look up to see Ryan giving a sweet concerned smile.I smile back reassuring him that I'm fine.

   "Awwww you two are so adorable,so how long have you two been going out?"

   Ryan and I look at each other then look away too embarrassed to look at each other.

   "Look at the way you both reacted to my question,that is so cute.This must be like your first date together!"

   "N-no were just friends," responds Ryan.

   I back him up and say, "Yeah,were just here as friends."

   The guy and Alexia look at us with blank expressions.Alexia then says, "Oh that's a shame,you two make an adorable couple."

   "We do?", I say.

   "Yeah,I mean the way you two walked in arms locked with one another and the way you two have been talking all night.I think it's sweet.You two hang out at school too don't you?"


   "Hmm,I'm surprised you two are still just friends after spending so much time together.Aren't you guys at least interested in each other?"

   "Interested?", I ask confused.

   "Yeah interested...like do you two like each other?Is that it maybe?You two like each other but you don't want to wreck your friendship.Aww that's so sweet!"

   I look down embarrassed but manage to say, "No it's not like that.Really,were just friends."

   She looks at me unconvinced;she then turns her attention towards Ryan. "Is that how you feel Ryan?You two are just friends,nothing more?Not even the slightest hint of interest in her?" I look to Ryan and await for him to respond.

   "Well yeah,I mean we haven't known each other very long.I don't think we like each other."

   "Hmmm interesting,well I guess I was wrong.This is Paul by the way." She introduces us to the guy she is with and the four of us begin to talk for a bit.They're actually pretty cool people.Alexia has a pretty peppy personality but it suits her and Paul is a guy who loves to joke around and laugh.The two of them have been dating for five months now and their six month anniversary is coming up so they're both pretty excited about since it will mean they have been dating for half a year.I wouldn't mind hanging out with Paul and Alexia again,they seem like they would be good friends to have around.Alexia's favorite song ends up playing and she gets really excited so her and Paul go dance.Ryan and I watch them;they really are a great couple and they look like they're having a great time.I'm happy for them.


   I look to Ryan.


   "Would you like to dance?"

   I stare blankly at his face and then I look to Alexia dancing with Paul.I look to all the other couples dancing together then back to Ryan who is still awaiting for my answer.

   "Umm I don't think so.Dancing isn't really my thing."

   "Have you ever done it before?"


   "Then how can you know if you don't try?"

   "What if I look stupid?"

   "Then we'll look stupid together."

   "Have you ever danced?"

   "I have a bit of experience but most of it is really just from dancing with my mom." He chuckles and I let out a small laugh.

   "I don't know Ryan what if I fall?I am wearing heels you know."

   "Then I'll catch you."

   He then gets up from his chair and lends out his hand for me to take.I look up at him then to his hand.I reach for it slowly but I hesitate.I begin to reach again and take it allowing myself to get up from my chair.He leads me over to the dance floor and were in the middle of everybody dancing around us.I look around to see what everyone else is doing but they're all doing their own thing.Ryan then takes my hands and says, "Need some help?"

   "Kind of."

   "Just hold onto my hands and step with both your feet one at a time."

   I try it but I feel like I look ridiculous.I see a smile begin to form across Ryan's face so I let go of his hands and hide my face with them embarrassed.

   "See I told you I wasn't any good."

   "No it's just that you look so cute trying haha."

   I feel my cheeks warm up a little but I don't let it bother me since the lighting in here is probably hiding it.

   "Just copy me."

   He begins to to step side to side with both his feet in a pretty basic way.I guess I can do that.I try and before I know it I get the hang of it.Ryan tells me I'm doing a good job.He then says I should try moving more with my body so it looks better.I'm not sure what he means but he shows me a little and I try.I don't get it at first so he takes my hands again and leads my movements.I end up getting the hang of it.Obviously I'm not as good as everyone else dancing but hey I'm a beginner and I think I'm doing pretty good.

   More time passes and Ryan and I are still dancing.I don't really mind I mean it is kind of fun and I'm having a good time.Most of the songs they have been playing is music with a dance beat and stuff you have to move to.I have to admit there are a lot of good dancers here that I didn't even know could dance.I obviously don't know them personally but their faces are familiar.Ryan and I continue to dance and eventually we both take a break for a drink of water.We go back to our table and sit with our drinks.

   "Well look at you."

   "What about me?"

   "Your pretty good."

   "At dancing?"


   "You sure you're a first timer?"

   "Haha yes,I'm sure."

   "I'm impressed,you learn fast."

   "Well maybe that's because I had such a good teacher."

   "Haha nah,it was all you."

   "Ryan I wouldn't even have been dancing if it weren't for you."

   "Well I guess that part yes."

   "No,you helped me that's final haha."

   "Okay fine you win."

   "Thanks by the way."

   "It was nothing,dancing isn't a big deal."

   "No not that,thanks for asking me to the dance;I'm having a really good time."

   "Oh your welcome haha.I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

   "Are you?"

   "Am I what?"

   "Having a good time."

   "Of course I am,I'm with you and what's even better is being able to watch you have fun."

   "Well all the fun is because of you so thank you again."

   "You know what could make this even funner?"


   "More dancing!" He gets up from his chair and grabs my arm pulling me onto the dance floor.We begin to dance and I can't help but feel glad that I came tonight.The DJ begins to mix the song and that means he's about to change the song,I don't really mind I'll dance to anything right now.The song suddenly changes to a soft slow song.I stop dancing and I look around me.All the couples are are now with their bodies pressed closely together and they just sway back and forth gently.I look to Ryan and it seems that the two of us are the only ones just standing on the dance floor doing nothing.He steps closer to me and then takes my hand.He pulls me close to him so that our bodies are pressed up against each others like everybody else.He takes my empty hand and then places it on his shoulder.I feel him place his hand on my back and he just holds me like this for a bit.

   "Ryan I don't know how to dance this."

   He smiles and says, "I'll guide you through it,this is easier to dance to.Trust me."

   He takes the lead and just steps left to right for a while.It seems pretty basic,we just have to make sure were in sync with one another.Ryan then changes his lead to going back and forth,I'm a bit nervous with this one because I feel like I might step on his feet.I end up messing up then I trip forward but I don't fall.Ryan catches me in his arms and I look up to his face. "He then says, "Told you I'd catch you." and smiles.

   Something about his smile makes something stir inside of me.He lifts me up so I stand straight and he positions me the way we were again.He pulls me even closer this time and we begin to sway back and forth.I find myself enjoying this and I lean my head on his chest.We continue to dance like this and the music remains soft and slow.

   "Hey (YN) want me to dip you?"


   He then drops me in his arms and lifts me back up;when I am lifted I am only but a few inches away from his face.I see a grin on his face but I have a blank expression.

   "Wasn't that fun?"

   "I-I guess so."

   "Want to twirl like a princess?"

   I smile and say, "As long as your my prince charming."

   He seems surprised by my response at first but then he smiles.He pulls me close to him and we step side to side together.He then spins me out with his hand and brings me back in so that I practically crash into his body but gently.We begin to sway again and I really don't mind it,in fact I find myself enjoying every minute of this.


   "Yeah," I respond still leaning on his chest.

   "You...look very pretty tonight."

   I stop myself from dancing and he does the same after me.I look up to him and I smile. "Thank you."

   "I meant to say it earlier when I went to pick you up but the second I saw you I was caught off guard.I ended up making a fool out of myself."

   "I thought it was sweet."



   "Well if you think so then...I'm glad."

   I smile and we continue to dance the night away.It begins to grow late but time isn't really on my mind.Ryan decides to check the time after a while and it's about ten-forty.He calls his mom and tells her to come pick us up now.I'm kind of sad that were leaving already,I ended up having a lot more fun than I thought I would and I have Ryan to thank for that.

   "Hows about one more dance to end the night?",Ryan says.

   I look to his smiling face and I smile back.I nod once giving my answer and he takes my hand;we both walk back to the dance floor and dance for one last time with our bodies still pressed closely to each other.When the song is over Ryan and I decide we should head outside now and wait for his mom.The two of us see Alexia and Paul so we say goodbye to them.I am surprised when Alexia gives me a hug but I gladly accept it and hug her back.Ryan and I then head outside and we stand alone waiting for his mother to arrive.

   "So how did you like it?"

   "I had a great time.Thank you so much,I owe this amazing night all to you."

   "I'm just glad you liked it."

   "I just wonder why they were playing slow songs."

   "Slow songs are music too haha."

   "I know but it's Buddy Dinner,it's supposed to be a friend dance.Slow songs are usually for couples."

   "Well majority of the people there went as dates so I guess it's okay."

   "I wonder if were the only people that went as friends."

   "Well I saw some groups."

   "Yeah but I mean like two people just going as friends,like a boy and a girl."

   "Well I don't know,so many people were paired together and they all seemed like they were each others dates.It'd be hard to tell."

   "Do you think people might have mistook us going as each others dates?"

   "I wouldn't be surprised if they did but it doesn't matter,let them believe what they want.At the end of the day we went as friends and that's the truth."

   "Right,we went as friends...nothing more."

   It grows silent and I feel kind of awkward.Ryan the kills the silence by saying, "Did I keep my promise?"

   I look to him and he is smiling at me.I say, "Yes," and smile.

   Soon enough,Michelle's car pulls up in the front and we both walk over to it.Ryan opens the back seat door for me,I thank him and enter allowing him to close the door.I put on my seat belt and the second Ryan is in and buckled up we leave.

   "So did you guys have fun?"

   "Yeah it was a nice experience.",says Ryan.

   "And you (YN)?"

   "Oh I'm glad that I went.It was a fun night."

   We continue our drive and it's pretty silent in the car.I don't like the silence but I have nothing to say.I'm surprised Michelle hasn't said anything or started a conversation;she's probably tired,it is pretty late.We soon arrive to my house and I unbuckle my seat belt but before I'm able to open my door Ryan beats me to it.He offers me his hand so I take it then he walks me to my front door,We stand there in silence as I hold my hands together looking down.


   I look up and say, "Yes?"

   "I wanted to thank you for accompanying me tonight,I knew it wasn't your thing but I still asked you anyway."

   "Oh don't worry about it,I had a great time.Thank you for asking me."

   I look down still holding my hands together.It's silent again but I still can't help myself with thinking of something to say.


   I look up but before I can say anything I see Ryan leaning in towards my face.I'm too surprised so I stay silent.He begins to lean towards my left.I then feel him press his lips gently against my cheek.He pulls away and walks off towards his car.I place my left hand over my cheek where he had just planted his gentle kiss;I then see him enter the car and watch him leave.

   I remain standing with my hand still over my cheek for a moment.The scene of Ryan leaning in towards me begins to replay in my mind.I shake my head and then I turn to face my door.I take out my keys and unlock the door;I turn the door knob then open the door for me to step in.When I do I see my mom sitting on the sofa smiling at me.


   "How was it?"

   "It was,it was...fun.I had a good time." I then smile assuring her that I did.

   "That's good,well I'm glad you had fun.You should head to bed now.Good night.Oh and before you go to sleep make sure to take off your makeup."

   "Okay,thanks mom."

   She heads into her room and closes her door.I head into my room and I change out of my dress into my pajamas.I head into the bathroom and I get some baby wipes;I begin to wipe my face.When I finish taking off most of my makeup I feel kind of gross.I decide to wash my face.I'm not sure if I got all of it off but it's better than before.I brush my hair and then I head back into my room.I get into bed and lay there thinking about the night.I danced,laughed,and had fun;Ryan definitely kept his promise to me that he'd make sure I'd have a good time.I allow a smile to come across my face and then I get comfortable in my bed.I close my eyes and drift to sleep.

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