Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


32. The Couple

   On Monday morning I got up and ready for school.Ryan came to my house and the two of us walked together hand in hand.Ryan walked me to class,like usual, but before I could step foot in my class he pulled me back.He said he wouldn't let me go without a kiss goodbye so I gave him a quick peck on his lips and head into class.I guess he didn't mind because he let me go.

   The rest of the day went on like usual.In fourth period I walked in and sat at my desk.I noticed Derek walk in.He must have noticed me watching him because he glanced at me.We made eye contact but I immediately broke it looking down at my desk.I wonder what he's thinking.I did tell him that I liked Ryan.Well I unintentionally blurted it out but he kept pestering me so it wasn't entirely my fault.I guess I feel a little bad about what happened...


   "Because I like him alright!" It grows silent in the room and I feel embarrassed when I realize what just came out of my mouth.Just then,I hear my name being called.Before I get up to leave I tell Derek bye.I get up off his bed and make my way towards the door.I feel a grip on my arm.I look back and see Derek sitting on his bed grabbing me by the arm. "I have to go."

   "Did you mean it?"

   "What do you mean?"

   "You...you said you liked Ryan."

   "I know...I was here."

   "Did you mean it?"

   "I guess I just can't deny it anymore.I really do like him.So yes...I meant it."

   "A-are you sure?"

   I stare at his expression of desperation as if he's longing for my answer but I feel that even if I gave him my answer he wouldn't be pleased and that look of desperation would only turn to anger or annoyance. "I have to go." I then pull back my arm and make my way out of his room.I head down the stairs and see my mom waiting for me at the bottom.We both say our final goodbyes and drive off.As we drive home all I can think of is his face.I've never seen Derek with such an upset expression on his face.I know I don't like the guy but I can't help feeling a little bad for him.I'm sure he's fine and I'll get over this in no time.

   >>>>>END OF FLASHBACK<<<<<

   Well he does seem fine but I still feel bad.I guess seeing his face like that for the first time just really got to me.I stare down blankly at my desk with the thought stuck in my mind.I notice a dark shadow come across my my face;it catches my attention and I shake my head snapping myself back into reality.I look up to see Ryan smiling at me.

   "Did you miss me?"

   I allow a smile and respond with, "I'm sure I can survive without seeing you for three periods...even an entire day."

   "Well excuse me for wanting to see my girlfriend." He then scoots his head towards me and I can tell he was planning to give me a kiss but instead of receiving it I pull back.He gives me a confused look.

   "Not in class." Instead of nagging or questioning me,he just smiles and tells me okay.Then he walks over to his desk and takes his seat.The bell rings and Mr.Johnson begins class.

   Class ended with Mr.Johnson unable to finish his lesson plan.He got cut off by the bell but he dismissed us saying that he could finish up what he couldn't tomorrow.Everyone packed up and left the class with smiles and chatter following them out the door.Ryan came up to me and the two of us walked out of class together.He rest his arm over my shoulders,I looked up at him and when he looked at me he just smiled.We walked with his arm still rested over my shoulders.

   We got to our usual spot and we took a seat against the tree trunk.Ryan's arm was no longer over my shoulders but he placed it over them again soon after we took our seats.We just sat in silence,nothing felt awkward but some talking would be nice right about now.

   We remained seated in silence for a bit longer but Ryan,as usual, was the one who broke it. "You can lean your head if you want." I look at him confused and he chuckles lightly. "Your head,you can lean it on my shoulder if you want."

   "Oh,I'm fine."

   "You sure?It's pretty comfy I hear."

   I let out a soft laugh and say, "No thanks,I'm good."

   "You don't know what you're missing out on."

   "I think I can manage,haha." He looks at me with a grinning face.I don't mind it at first but he continues to do so which leads me to ask, "What?"

   "What?I can't look at my girlfriend?"

   "Not like a creep!"

   "Hey I'm not a creep."

   "Then don't look at me like that!Haha!"

   "But you're just so beautiful that I have to look at you."

   "W-where did that come from?"

   "I mean it...you are beautiful.And I'm lucky enough to have such a beauty as a girlfriend."

   "R-Ryan you overuse that word a little." I look down embarrassed but he grabs me gently by the chin and pulls me into a soft gentle kiss.He pulls back and I look up to see him smiling at me.

   "Be glad that I'm not ashamed to call you that.I'm happy that were together,aren't you?"

   "Well yes but I'm just shy about it."

   "Haha what do you mean?Aren't you used to me by now?"

   "I'm fine with you but with everybody else..."

   "What about everybody else?"

   "They might see..."

   "(YN),we see tons of other couples around campus.And some of them show way more PDA than we do.Besides,we barely got together so it's not like were doing much.Just the basics."

   "And what exactly are the basics?" I say jokingly.

   "Just holding hands,sitting close,leaning on each other,stuff like that."

   "Haha alright."

   "And of course," He leans his forehead against mine, "a few kisses here and there." He kisses me again but this time I kiss back.A smile forms across my lips as he continues to kiss me.I feel him smiling too,probably because he felt me smiling first.I pull back and bite the corner of my bottom lip.I look up to Ryan and I smile.He does the same and then leans back against the tree trunk.He pats his shoulder as a gesture for me to lean on it.I roll my eyes playfully and then scoot closer to him.I lean my head against his chest and look at him with a smile. "Well this is fine too." I let out a slight giggle and we spend our entire lunch like this just talking and laughing as we usually did.

   When lunch ended Ryan walked me to class.I hugged him goodbye but before he let me go he gave me a kiss goodbye.It was pretty unexpected for me but I just let it be.I watched him leave for class and I decided to finally enter mine.When I walked in I noticed a few people staring at me.I chose to ignore them because they could've just been staring at someone or something near me.I took my seat and waited for class to start.

   When fifth period was over I grabbed my things and made my way for sixth period.As I walked through the hallway I swear I felt eyes on me but I wasn't convinced that it was.I figured it must've just been me so I continued my walk to class without any distractions or thoughts.

   I walked in and saw Ryan looking as eager as ever to see me.I took my seat at my desk and then I said hey to Ryan who responded with hey as well.We made some small talk about how our day has been,that was all really.The bell rang and I gave my attention to the front of the class.For the class period all we did was watch a short video and Mrs.Jacobs gave us a lecture about it but she told us we did not need to take notes.

   At the end of class everyone packed their things and left after.Ryan and I walked out together and we made conversation as we were leaving the campus.We walked home together in silence for a bit but I wasn't bothered by it.I heard a pause in Ryan's footsteps so I stopped and looked back at him.He was a few feet behind me and he was looking down. "Is something wrong?" I ask concerned.He looks up and meets my eyes.

   "Well I was wondering if you wanted to go get ice cream or something."

   "Ice cream?"

   "We don't have to get ice cream,we could get something else.Anything you want."

   I smile and say, "Ice cream sounds good." He smiles and then he tells me he knows a good ice cream shop nearby so the two of us start to walk over there with Ryan leading the way.When we get there Ryan has us sit at some booth in a corner.I take a seat and he takes a seat across from me.

   "So what do you want?"

   "Oh I don't know,I've never been here."

   "Do you mind if I order for you?"


   "Alright,I'll be right back." He gets up and leaves the booth.I peek at the side of the booth and see Ryan at the cashier.He takes out his wallet and gives the cashier some money.He comes back after he receives his change and takes his seat at the booth again.

   "Why did you pay for me?"

   "Because it's the polite thing to do,besides I invited you here so I think it's fair."

   "Not for me!How much do I owe you?"

   "Relax (YN) it's fine.I don't mind."

   "I mind."

   "Haha don't worry about it.Can we just let it go now?"

   "I guess so..."

   We sit in silence waiting for a bit then one of the workers came over to our booth.She set down a big sundae loaded with whipped cream,topped with peanuts and chocolate syrup,and a bright red cherry was placed at the very top.The lady set down two spoons and said, "Enjoy.",right before she left.

   I looked at Ryan and asked, "Is this for us?"

   "Haha,yeah.I hope you don't mind sharing."

   "No,I'm fine...it's just a lot of ice cream is all."

   "That's why we're sharing haha." We each took a spoon and I just stared at the sundae. "You know it's meant for eating,not staring." I look up and smile at him,he does the same.I take a spoonful of ice cream with some whipped cream and shovel it into my mouth.Ryan grins at me then he shovels a spoonful into his mouth.

   When we finish we get up out of the booth and leave.Ryan and I begin our walk again.I tell him I'm surprised that we actually finished the entire sundae.He teases me and says we were only able to finish it because I had eaten most of it.We continue our walk with different conversations and laughter in between some of them.We walk in silence for a bit and then I suddenly feel a grab of my hand.I look down at it to see that Ryan's hand is holding it;I look up at him and he smiles at me sweetly.

   Soon enough we arrive at my house with our hands still locked together.Ryan walks with me all the way to my front door.I face my back towards the door and lean against it.Ryan is still holding my hand when I look up to meet his eyes.I can see them getting bigger and closer but I remained focus on them.It isn't until I feel Ryan's lips pressed against mine that I break the contact when I close my eyes to savor our kiss.When I feel him slowly pulling away I begin to open my eyes.I feel him gently lean his forehead against mine. "I have to be heading home now." I feel his forehead no longer pressed against mine and I know he has to leave now. We say our goodbyes and I watch him leave.Once he's plain out of my sight,I enter my house.

   ---------------Ryan's POV---------------

   When I arrive home my mom is in the kitchen cooking.I head upstairs and drop my backpack in some corner of my room.I head back downstairs and my mom is still cooking.I go into the kitchen and I ask her what she's cooking.She tells me she's making chicken stuffed mushrooms and that it should be ready soon so I head upstairs and start working on my homework.

   As soon as I finish I head downstairs again to set the table.It doesn't take long because it's just me and my mom.I take a seat at the table and my mom serves me my plate.She comes back with hers and then she takes her seat.We eat our dinner and the only sound is of our forks touching our plates.My mom never does good in silent moments so of course she had to start a conversation.She asked me how was school and I replied with fine.She suddenly asked me why I was home late.I paused for a moment and questioned her.She asked me again and said I arrived home about an hour later than usual.I told her that (YN) and I went to go eat some ice cream after school.When she heard (YN)'s name I noticed a change in her posture and tone in her voice.

   "How is she?"

   "She's fine."

   "So did you two go on your first official date today then?"

   "Yeah I guess so..." She looks at me a bit irritated. "What?"

   "You are honestly no fun at all Ryan!"

   "What are you talking about?"

   "I am your mother the least you can do is tell small details about your love-life."

   "Love life?"

   "Do you prefer if I say,relationship?"

   "Mom please,it's weird talking to you about this stuff."

   "Being your mom,I have a right to know.What if you guys are doing stuff behind my back?Hmmm?"

   "Oh god,mom you don't have to worry about that stuff.Trust that you raised a good boy."

   "I know that,I am your mother of course;but like any other teenage boy you have hormones and they can go raging from time to time."

   I instantly feel my face burning up.This is extremely uncomfortable,I mean (YN) and I barely got together and she's already thinking about this stuff.I haven't even thought about any of this.Besides,(YN) is my first girlfriend so I'm taking things slow.Plus,I don't have much experience with this myself and neither does she

   "Mom,please stop."

   "Is it so wrong to be concerned about your teenage son's relationships."

   "No,but your just making everything weird by talking about that stuff.I mean,you never even gave me the birds and the bees talk before in my life and now your all of sudden bringing up stuff like that.And to top it off you're bringing (YN) into it.It's just weird for me."

   "Do you want me to have the birds and the bees talk with you?"

   "No!I already know enough.Can I just enjoy my dinner now please?"

   "Oh fine,to think that a sweet girl like (YN) could end up with a boring guy like you."

   "Gee thanks mom."

   She smiles at me and says, "Your welcome."

   I playfully roll my eyes and continue to eat my dinner.When I finish I take my plate to the sink and wash it.I head upstairs and get my things ready for a shower.I take about a fifteen to twenty minute shower then I step out and pad myself dry with a towel.I change into some boxers and a T-shirt then I brush my teeth at the sink.When I'm done I head into my room and hop onto my bed.It isn't long until I fall fast asleep.

   The next morning I wake up and get ready for school.I eat a bowl of cereal before I leave the house to go to (YN)'s.When I arrive I greet her with a good morning kiss and the two of us walk to school together.I walk her to her first class then I leave for mine after giving her a hug goodbye.When I get to class I notice some people staring at me.I glance around the room and some of them are looking at me confused while others look pretty irritated.I choose to ignore it because there's no point in paying any mind to them especially since I don't even know why their looking at me like that in the first place.

   The day goes on with more and more people staring at me in each class.I'm trying my best to ignore it but I feel like asking them now what their problem is and why they keep staring at me the way they are.When I get to fourth period I don't bother to pay attention to whether or not people in class are staring at me.Instead,I go over to (YN)'s desk and say hi to her.I head over to my desk and take my seat.I hear my name being called in a faint voice behind me.I look back and I see Jordan,he was the one calling my name.I ask him if somethings wrong but the bell rings so he just tells me he'll talk to me at lunch.I don't say anything,I just look to the front of the class.I have to admit I don't really want to talk to Jordan at lunch,I just want to hangout at the tree with (YN);we barely got together and leaving her for one day to talk to a friend doesn't seem right considering that we just got together.I'm sure she won't mind but I don't want her to think I'm bored of hanging out together at school and that I'd rather be spending time with my friends.

   When class ends Jordan tells me to go with him but I ask him to wait for a minute.I get my things and I go over to (YN)'s desk.She smiles at me and I smile back.She asks me if I'm ready to go and then I try to think of what to say.

   "Well about that...I can't hangout today."

   "Why not?"

   "Jordan has something he wants to talk to me about."

   "Oh,will it take long?"

   "I don't know.He just told me he wanted to talk to me at lunch."

   "Well that's fine.I'm sure I can just work on some homework."

   "I'm really sorry."

   "I'm fine Ryan,now go talk to your friend.I'm sure it's something important."

   "Alright,I'll head over later if I can.Okay?"

   "Just go."

   "Haha,alright." I give her a kiss on the cheek before I leave and I look back at her.She notices me so she playfully rolls her eyes then makes gestures with her hands asking me to shoo.I smile and then I turn around to leave.I see Jordan waiting outside of the class room.He's looking at me with a slightly raised eyebrow. "What?"

   "Nothing.Let's just go."

   We walk off to where the guys usually hang out at.Some of them look surprised to see me,probably because I haven't been around as often since I've been hanging out with (YN).I take a seat and Jordan sits across from me with the rest of the guys.They're all just staring at me and I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable.I decide to question Jordan.

   "Hey Jordan didn't you have something you wanted to talk to me about?"


   "Well,what is it?"

   "Why?Are you in a hurry to be somewhere?"

   "Well not really but it'd be nice if you told me now." Jordan looks to the guys and then back at me.Soon enough,all of their eyes are fixed on me. "What's the problem here?Why are you all staring at me?"

   "Don't play dumb."

   "What do you expect?You guys are all staring at me,do you think I'm not gonna question why you're doing it?"

   "Why did you lie to us?"

   "Lie?What are you talking about?"

   "We told you already,don't play dumb."

   "I don't know what you guys are talking about."

   "Oh I think you sure as hell do!"

   "Well I don't!Can someone tell me what's the problem here?"

   "Fine.What the hell is going on between you and (YN)?"

   "What do you guys wanna know?"

   "You lied to us man.You specifically said you two were just friends even after we asked you a bunch of times."

   "How did I lie?"

   "It's so damn obvious you two are together!You've been seen kissing,holding hands,and walking together."

   "We walked together before."

   "Well how about the kissing and holding hands crap?Huh?"

   "Just let me explain everything please?"

   "What's there to explain?You lied."

   "I didn't lie."

   "You said you two were just friend." He says the just friends part with his fingers making gestures of quotation marks.

   "Well we were just friends." I do the same thing when I say 'just friends'.

   "Friends don't kiss and aren't all over each other."

   "Look,(YN) and I started out as friends alright.I'm not gonna lie,we are together now but we weren't before.Does everyone understand now?" They all shake their heads,I let out a sigh and try to think of how I can elaborate on this. "Okay,when I moved here I met you guys and (YN) alright.(YN) and I eventually became friends and we hung out.Feelings slowly developed for each other as we spent more time together.Eventually those feelings were realized and admitted.And now we're together.That's basically it,I don't know what else to tell you."

   "How long have you two been together?"

   "We barely got together on Saturday.It's not like it's old news and I haven't told you guys because I've been spending time with (YN)."

   They all take a moment to think about it for a while then they all start dropping questions on me like bombs.They ask me how our first kiss was and if we've had our first date.They even ask me how we got together.I felt a little embarrassed sharing all of this with them but I guess it can't be helped.To be honest I'm feeling a lot worse with them asking than my mother.My face instantly blushes when they ask me if (YN) is a good kisser.I don't feel very comfortable with answering that so I just tell them our kisses are nice so she must be.I try to answer each question they have one by one.They continue to ask and it seems pretty rowdy to me.Suddenly everyone goes silent.I'm confused at first but quiet relieved.I see Derek and now I know why everyone shut up.I feel uneasy as he takes a seat across from me,making Jordan and a few other guys scoot over.He looks at me and I just look back at him.

   "So I heard you and (YN) are together now."

   "They are man!Ryan was just telling us-,"

   "Shut up!" He cut off Jordan. "I want to hear it from him." He looks at me awaiting for an answer.

   "We are,we just got together on Saturday."

   "Congrats,no guy could pull it off but you managed to get her.The one girl that everybody wanted but just couldn't have." I stay silent still looking at him. "I'm happy for you two."

   "Thanks,I'll keep that in mind."

   I feel a bit of tension between Derek and I but I choose to do nothing about it.Besides what am I gonna do?If I say some kind of remark at him it'll just make me look bad and the guys all pretty much worship him like he's some kind of an idol.I don't wanna be the cause of any trouble so I'll just leave everything be.

   At the end of lunch I head over to my next class.I still notice a few eyes focused on me,I kind of figure it's probably because of (YN) and I.The guys were all worked up about it so I guess it makes sense to think that everybody else is too.I just try to not be bothered by it.When it's time to go to sixth I get my things and head to class.I take my seat next to (YN) and we say our hellos to each other.I notice a few people staring at us and I'm a bit annoyed by this point.I want to just confirm that (YN) and I are together so everyone can stop with their staring.I'm sure if we confirmed it ourselves people would believe it and they'd leave us alone since they don't have to figure out what we are on their own.

   I make some small talk with (YN) but I can still feel eyes on us.I feel a tap on my left shoulder so I turn and see a guy looking at me.I wait for him to speak since he is the one who tapped my shoulder.I raise an eyebrow because he hasn't said anything yet so I decide to be the one to speak first. "Can I help you?"

   "Hey Ryan I just wanted to ask well...I wanted to ask you two personally actually."

   "Ask us what?" I say in a confused tone.

   "Are you two dating?" I look at (YN) and she looks at me as well.I look back to the guy and think of an answer.If I tell just him then maybe word will get around that (YN) and I are together and all of their staring can stop but telling just one person will take awhile for it to stop.Should I scream it out loud in front of the class?No that's just too weird and embarrassing.An idea pops into my head,I'm not sure how it'll work or how people will react,especially (YN), but it's worth a try.Besides no damage could really be done by doing it.I finally decide to give my answer.I look at (YN) and smile,she looks at me confused.I start to lean in and I plant my lips on hers hoping that everyone in class can see me kissing her.I hear a bunch of gasps and some talking.I decide it's time to pull away,when I do (YN) is looking at me embarrassed as ever and I can see a hint of her blushing.I look back at the guy who is wide-eyed with his mouth dropped pretty wide open.

   "You were saying?"

   "A-a-are you guys..."

   "Together?Yes,we officially got together on Saturday." I said it loud and clear enough for everyone to hear.Now an entire class knows the truth so they can all go on telling their friends and people can stop gossiping.The staring should die down in a few days,well at least there's one less class to worry about being stared at by.I hear a few talking to each other in class saying things like (YN) and I being a cute couple,or that they wondered how we got together.I didn't really mind because,unlike the guys, they weren't all asking me a ton of questions.They just let it be and didn't question anything.I look at (YN) and she was looking down hiding her face.She's so cute when she's embarrassed and I bet she's absolutely adorable right now.I tap her shoulder and she looks up at me. "Aww you're so cute."

   "I said not in class Ryan."

   "I just wanted to confirm what we are,this is the last and only time I'm doing this I promise."

   "You promise?"

   I hold out my pinky and say, "Pinky swear." then I smile.She takes my pinky with hers and I'm just glad that she isn't too upset about this.I look to the front of the class and I see Mrs.Jacobs sitting at her desk.She looks up at me and gives me a half smile.I wonder if she saw,she probably did.Why else would she smile at me like that. "Hey,I think Mrs.Jacobs saw us."

   "Are you serious?"

   "Well she just smiled at me.I'm pretty sure she saw so that's why she did.Unless,she's into me." (YN) punches my arm but not too hard. "Hey you could've left me a bruise." She looks to the front of the class and crosses her arms. "Oh I see you're jealous aren't you." She continues to ignore me and shrugs her shoulders.I lean in next to her and whisper in her ear, "You don't have to worry, you're the only one for me." She glances at me and I see a small smile form across her face, "Just this once,can I kiss you on the cheek?" She looks at me with a 'are you serious' kind of face but I just say, " Well?" She playfully rolls her eyes and tilts her head slightly as a gesture for me to kiss her cheek;I smile and plant a kiss on it.I hear her giggle softly and then I pull away.

   "Hey," I look over (YN) and see a girl smiling at me. "You two make an adorable couple."

   I smile and say, "Thanks." Then she turns to her friend and they start talking.

   I think about what the girl said.I never would have thought (YN) and I made an adorable couple but I admit it definitely sounded nice to hear.I could get used to being told that,I wouldn't mind at all.Just as my thoughts continue to grow the bell rings and brings me back to my senses.I look at (YN), who is facing the front of the class prepared as always,and I feel a light smile come across my face.I face the front of the class and pay attention.In the middle of class I feel someone's eyes on me.I ignore it at first but the feeling doesn't go away.Something about this stare seems familiar,I decide to look to where I'm sensing it from but my eyes don't meet anybody's.I look back to the front of the class room and listen attentively to what Mrs.Jacobs has to teach us for the day.

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