Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


2. Ride Home

   Once the bell rang I packed up and walked out the door.As I was leaving the school campus I heard my name,"(YN)!" I thought I was hearing things so I continued walking but I kept hearing it then I heard loud footsteps.I looked over my shoulder to see Ryan heading over.What could he possibly want?I was in no rush to get home but still he didn't have to bother me."You walk fast you know?"

   "I do?"

   "Yeah haha after class I was gonna try asking you if you wanted to walk out together but I lost you.Haha I tried my best to keep up and then I spotted you in the crowd so I ran over.Funny huh?"

   "Umm I guess so,"

   "So where are you heading?"

   "I'm just going home."

   "You walk home?"

   "Yeah,it's no big deal though.I'm used to it but hey its good exercise."

   "Hah!That was pretty funny."

   "It was?" Noones ever thought anything I said was funny but then again I've never spoken to anyone until now.He had his smile on his face this entire time.I wonder if his face was hurting?

   "Do you live far?"

   "Umm not really."

   "Oh umm wait here one second please?" I gave an expression of confusion.I looked towards the road I take to get home then looked back.I figured I might as well not be rude.Then he'd think I'm a snob which I most certainly am not.I see Ryan running over to me. "Hey so I asked my mom if we could give a friend a ride home.You wanna take that position?" He then tilted his head and made an unusual expression.It made me smile. "Is that a yes?"

   "I don't know,I think I'd prefer walking.I don't want to be a burden on your mother."

   "(YN),don't worry my mom doesn't mind besides I already asked her.Come on,plus shes eager to meet the friends I've met my first day." I think for a moment not sure if I should accept his offer.I then decide to just go with him,a ride home won't hurt anybody anyways.He remains with a smile.

   I smile back and reply,"Okay."

   "You'll come?Yes!This is great!" I raise an eyebrow slightly curious as to why his reaction is so enthusiastic."Okay so you know how to behave in front of parents right?"

   "I uhh guess so," To be honest I'm not sure.I only really spend time around my mom and I'm unsure if I act appropriately around her.Ryan then takes my hand and practically drags me over to a car.I see a lady in the drivers seat.Obviously its his mother.

   "Mom this is (YN).I met her in class today."

   "That's nice hun,"


   "Oh I'm sorry,well then it's nice to meet you (YN)." She then directs her attention towards me and offers out her hand.I smile and take it.

"The pleasure is mine,your son is very friendly."

   "Really?Well that's nice to hear." I look up to Ryan and notice that his smile has somewhat faded,then he looks at me and smiles slightly.

   Ryan takes a step back and opens the back door for me.I am confused at the moment then I realize that he is holding the door open for me.I thank him and he simply replies with, "Your welcome." I step in side and take my seat behind the drivers seat.Ryan then closes the door and heads for the passengers seat.

   Just then Ryan's mom said,"Alright everyone have their seat-belts on?"

   "Ryan's reply is first,"Yup."

   I speak softly "Yes." Ryan then looks over his seat to me and smiles.He mouths,'That was cute.' I smile and then feel my face burn again.I look out the window.

   Ryan's mom then says, "(YN) where do you live?" I gladly give her the street address and let her know if she needs any further guidance I'd be more than happy to help.The drive is a bit quiet but then Ryan's mom speaks. "So where did you two meet?"

   "I met (YN) in psychology, its our 6th period."

   "That's good,do you have any other classes together?"

   "We have English for 4th,that's homeroom."

   "Well that's good I'm glad you have someone to show you around campus."

   "Well actually I met other people too mom, they're showing me around.I met them in 4th period."

   "Why is it that you met (YN) in your 6th period but not your 4th?"

   "Well for 4th period there were only two seats open one towards the front and one towards the right.I took the one on the right and the people who sit there greeted me and offered to show me around campus."

   "And where does (YN) sit?"

   "She sits on the left side of the class kind of towards the middle." I was surprised that he noticed my seat's location.

   "Is that right (YN)?"

   "Oh yes,its right."

   "And where do you sit in 6th period (YN)?"

   "I sit towards the back."

   "What about you Ryan?"

   "Well I kind of walked into class late and the teacher forgave me.So she sat me in the empty desk by (YN)'s."

   "And why were you late?"

   "I got lost haha. kind of embarrassing."

   The conversation died for a bit and I just stared out the window then Ryan's mom spoke up, "(YN) I think were here is it one of these houses?"

   She slows down and I reply, "Oh yes its that one in the middle."

   "With the tether ball court?"


   "Cool (YN) You have a tether ball court. I've always wanted one,especially as a kid.Well I know where to go now when I want to play."

   "Haha okay,"

   "I challenge you now!" I wasn't sure what to say at that.I didn't want to be rude and say no but I really didn't want anyone to come over.

   "Ryan I'm sure (YN) is busy with chores and homework.You two can spend time together another time.Besides you have homework and unpacking."

   "Unpacking?" I say,oh great they're going to think I'm nosy now.It's none of my business.

   "Yeah we're new to the neighborhood.Haha it'd be nice if we could get shown around but we'll adjust."

   I only mange to let out a weak, "Oh,"

   "(YN),are you home alone or?"

   "Oh um I'm home alone, but my mom should be home later."

   "And you're fine alone?"

   "Yeah I don't mind." She looks at me as if she thinks I'm lying but I just say, "I'm fine really."

   "Okay just want to make sure your home safe and sound.You know it's a mother's instinct." I chuckle a bit and smile.

   "Thank you,for the ride."

   "It's no problem really."

   "Bye (YN)." Ryan says.

   I respond with a friendly wave goodbye, "Goodbye Ryan, goodbye Mrs.-" I get cut off by Ryan's mother.

   "Sweety you don't have to call me that, no worries.You can call me Michelle."

   "Oh are you sure?"

   "Of course it's no problem.Thank you for being friendly to my son."

   "Oh your welcome."

   "Later (YN) I'll see you tomorrow."

   "I'm so glad my son was able to meet a sweet girl like you on her first day.I'm certain you two will make great friends throughout the year."

   Michelle smiles and I smile back.I wave goodbye and thank them one last time.I walk to my door and take out my keys.I open the door and wave bye again.I must've looked like an idiot waving so many times but oh well that didn't bother me.What bothered me was the fact that I had been addressed as Ryan's friend so many times and I was to oblivious to even notice.What am I going to do?Ryan seems nice but I prefer isolation.I already met his mother...how could I let myself be so open to someone I barely met?I feel like a fool.When he talked to me in 6th period I should have just ignored him.I couldn't shake the thought.Now what was I to do?What if he continues to talk to me for the rest of the year?Should I ignore him?But then that would make me look like a complete snot!He talks to me,gets me to talk to him,gets me to smile,and offers me a ride home.Then I just blow him off and ignore him acting as if none of that ever happened.I'm such an idiot!I really got myself into a mess!I decide to blame him.If he hadn't spoken to me I would be fine not worrying about anything.Why did he have to sit next to me!Why did he have to be friendly and kind.If it weren't for those two things I'd have no problem completely avoiding him.But it's hard,he even knows where I live.Maybe he won't talk to me at school tomorrow besides I'm sure that his little "possy" of friends will take him and he'll be part of their crowd.Then I won't have to worry anymore.

   I try to shake as much of this off as I can and get a drink of water.I go to my room and start on my homework..I finish around 4:40ish.I decide to watch some movies.I notice a bunch of 80's movies are on so I watch them.First to show is Pretty in Pink then Sixteen Candles, and my favorite The Breakfast Club.When they're all done it's around eight so I take a shower and dress into my pajamas.I go to the kitchen and heat up some leftovers.I only eat some then I put it back in the fridge.I head to my room and listen to some music.I turn off my iPod and then I get comfy in my bed.I begin to slowly shut my eyes and drift off to sleep.

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