Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


1. Nice to Meet You


     The sound of the alarm was the first sound that I heard in the morning.I got up out of bed and washed my face.I brushed my teeth and all that other morning junk to get ready.It was Tuesday and like any other student I was not looking forward to school.We all have different reasons for not liking school whether its the teachers,classes,or drama.I have my own reasons and its absolutely none of those.I’m not bullied but I don’t talk to people either.Lets just say I’m not a people person.I like to stay to myself even when I’m with family, which I really don’t see anymore.My mother has been depressed her entire life ever since that day.She tries not to show it but its completely obvious by the pills she takes every day and the black outs she has out of nowhere.Sometimes she even wakes me up in the middle of the night with her screams.Her nightmares never really let her have any sleep.But I don’t mind.I mean she is my mom and even though I see it as weak I just ignore it.I choose to not put up with the memories of that day.I blank them out and forget.However I must admit there are those rare occasions when I feel the sting in my eyes and the pain in my chest but I always quickly shake the feeling before I can show any sign of emotion. "(YN),” My mother called,I head to the kitchen assuming she was there,she was of course.

   "What is it?”

   “Sweety I have to work late today so do you mind staying home alone?”

   “No I’m not eight mom.”

   “I know,its just I always have to leave you alone.”

   “Don’t worry I’m used to it.”

   “Don’t you think you’d rather wait with some friends,I won’t mind just as long as their out of the house by 9.”My mom doesn’t know that I’m a complete loner at school.Never really bother talking to her about school or life.

   "Trust me mom I’m fine by myself.Besides I’ll get distracted with company over and I won’t be able to focus on my homework.”

   “Okay well remember your keys, and there’s leftovers in the fridge if you get hungry.”

   “Got it.”

   “Umm do you want a ride to school?”

   “No,I’m fine walking is good exercise anyways.Thanks anyways mom.” She smiled and kisses me on the cheek goodbye.

     I made myself a piece of toast and ate it on my way to school.At school I head to my first period.I have nowhere else to go anyways.I have math for 1st period,not too hard but not too easy.The day went on and by the time I got to my 4th period I was relieved.The day was almost over but I rather enjoy my 4th period.It’s English as well as my homeroom class.I like my teacher.He is an excellent teacher and he has e great sense of humor.Not that I laugh at anything he says but I still find it funny.Mr.Johnson started class with a special announcement. "Alright class well we have a new student transferring to our school and I’d like you all to be polite and friendly.” Just then a boy walked into the room.He was dressed nicely but I could see it in his face.A cocky,jerk,surrounded by popularity.I have no reaction to this. "Now your name is?”

   “Ryan.It’s Ryan.”

   “Well Ryan we have two empty seats where would you like to sit?” The first seat is located on the right side of the classroom.Most of the obnoxious guys in the class sit near there.And the other is in the front towards to the left.Ryan takes the seat to the right.Wasn’t surprised,I’m sure he’ll be a big shot with them but I don’t care.None of my business and I have no interest in the situation.When lunch comes I go to my tree.It’s where I sit alone to read,study,or just sit.The tree has a nice area of shade.

     By the time I get to 6th period I am just glad the day is practically over.I take my seat,towards the back.6th period is psychology with Mrs.Jacobs.All the students come in and take their seats.The bell then rings.Mrs.Jacobs begins to start the class and is then interrupted by Ryan walking into the room.She raises an eyebrow at him and places both hands on her hips. "Sorry I got lost.It’s a big campus.”

   “Are you new here?”

   “Yeah I am actually.My name is Ryan,Ryan Dawson.”

   “Well I’ll let you pass this time but I will be expecting you to be on time tomorrow.Am I clear?”

   “Yes you have my word.” He remained standing at the front of the class.

   "What are you doing standing?”

   “I don’t know where to sit?”

   “Just take the empty seat by (YN).”

   “Cool where’s that.”

   “Its towards the back." She pointed to me.I look up and see Ryan walking towards me.He takes the seat next to me.

   "So (YN)?That’s a nice name.” I look at him and he smiles. "I’m Ryan.” He puts out his hand for me to shake.I take it not being rude. "Your in my English class right?With Mr.Johnson.” I was surprised I didn’t think he noticed me . "You seem surprised I recognize you?Haha.” I don’t respond. "Well seems like someone really wants you and me to get along then huh?” I don’t respond again. "Ummm are you deaf?Because if you are then I’m really sorry.” I smile thinking what he said was funny. "Is that a yes?” I giggle quietly.His response and reaction just seemed to funny. "I am extremely confused.”

   “I’m sorry,haha,I’m (YN).Nice to meet you.” He smiles and just looks at me.I get nervous thinking something is on my face. "Is something wrong?” “Oh no it’s just…your smile is nice.And I like the way you giggle.It’s cute.” I feel my face burn and I look away.What was this?I’ve never felt this before.I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.Then I realized this is the most open I’ve been with a person.The thought brings confusion and fear to my mind.I look back at him smile one last time and don’t speak for the rest of the period.

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