Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


16. Missing Each Other

   I'm sure you can predict that the rest of the week was the same.We would meet up at my house when we needed to work on the project.There would always be lunch made by me or Ryan;Joanne and Derek would often seem annoyed with each other.Derek would constantly attempt to flirt and make some conversation with me but I would usually just reject all of his attempts.As for Ryan and I we would talk sometimes and laugh but not always.Usually Joanne would be the first to leave and I'd be stuck with Derek and Ryan.There was one time Derek left first and I just spend some time with Joanne and Ryan.Of course Joanne ended up leaving and then it was Ryan and me but he left soon after that.The week had ended and Joanne thought a weekend meeting wouldn't be necessary.

   On Monday the day went by like any other day in 4th period we agreed we'd meet at my house again.The day went on and in 6th period I reminded Ryan we'd be at my house today for the meeting.During class we had to work on an assignment due at the end of the period.It was two pages and as usual I worked alone.Angie of course just had to work with Ryan and I wanted them to work somewhere else so I wouldn't have to hear their stupid conversation but they remained seated by me.They laughed and talked the entire period and I felt like telling them to please move somewhere else but I didn't.I finished the assignment within fifteen minutes and I just pulled out a book to read for the rest of class.The rest of the class finished towards the end of the class period.Ryan and Angie just talked for the remainder of the period.Once the bell rang I got all my things and left the classroom.I heard my name being called when I was in the hallway so I stopped and turned back.I saw Ryan trying to catch up to me.

   "I thought we were having a meeting?"

   "We are."

   "Why didn't you wait for me?"

   "Oh,I'm sorry.It kind of slipped my mind.I mean we'd meet at the front of the school anyway so I guess it doesn't make a difference." We walked off and met Joanne and Derek,we all head to my house and we had the meeting there.The meeting was same old same old.Just discussions and practicing how we were going to present.We were doing a pretty good job since we had been on task.When the meeting was over everyone left,this was the first time everyone left around the same time.

   The next day I was walking to school and I was walking to my first period when I saw Ryan and Angie walking together.He was probably walking her to class again.I wanted to roll my eyes but didn't.I hid in a corner watching them and of course they were smiling and talking.I didn't want to distract myself any longer by watching them so I head to class.The day went on and in 4th period we agreed for another meeting.We decided we would meet everyday after school this week.In 6th period Mrs.Jacobs gave a lecture and then a mini assignment to work on in groups of three to four.Angie teamed up with Ryan and they were wondering who else they could team up with.Ryan looked to me.

   "Hey (YN),"


   "Wanna work with us?",he then gave a sweet smile.


   We had our group and started working.I grew extremely annoyed because Angie and Ryan were talking the entire time and I was doing all the work.They would literally just talk and laugh about random things while I worked then five minutes later they would copy off of me.I tried my best to not show I was aggravated but I think Ryan may have suspected something because I noticed him looking at me from the corner of my eye with a concerned look.Eventually we,or should I say I,finished the assignment and we turned it in.Ryan and Angie went on talking and I just tuned them out.The bell rang and I packed up.

   "Hey Ryan want to do something?We could go to the park?"

   I had just about had it with Angie and I wanted so badly to tell her off right now.I just wanted to tell her that she is loud,obnoxious,annoying,and to leave Ryan alone.That she was too clingy and she needed other friends to pester but instead I said, "Ryan has important things to do.He has no time to goof around with you."

   She looked at me shocked but I remained with a serious face.She should be lucky I didn't tell her all the other things I had intended to.Ryan looked at me just as surprised as she was but I ignored them both.I looked to Ryan then looked back to Angie.

   "I guess I'll see you around Ryan."

   "Bye Angie."

   She walked off and I couldn't have been more delighted to see her go.I looked to Ryan but he remained silent;I didn't mind I didn't feel like talking anyway.We walked off then we met up with Joanne and Derek.When we got to my house we started working on our project.It was basically a cardboard cut out into the shape of a book and we had pieces of paper within it,like a giant book.We put a bunch of things together and had most of it done.We thought it was enough work on the project for the day and we should practice our presentation some more.Once we felt we had done good for the day Derek and Joanne decided they should go now leaving Ryan and I alone together.

   "So you want to talk about what happened earlier?"

   I looked at him confused.

   "What are you talking about?"

   "I mean with Angie in 6th period today."

   "Why do you care?"

   "Well you kind of told her to stay away and I'm just wondering...why?"

   "I told her you were busy and you didn't have time to waste on hanging out."

   "Okay,those were your exact words but you were implying that you wanted her to leave.Am I right?" I remained silent and looked at him. "(YN),Come on I already know you might as well just admit to it."

   "So what if I told her to leave."

   "Well you could've just said it in a nice way...and a nicer tone."

   "She's lucky I didn't tell her all the other things I was going to!"

   "And what was that exactly?"

   "That she-," I instantly paused realizing what was happening here.Ryan was trying to get the truth out of me.Well he's not fooling me.He then raised an eyebrow awaiting for me to say more.

   "What is it?Why can't you tell me?"

   "Because I don't feel like it."

   "Then at least tell me why you went off on her like that,I mean what did Angie ever do to you?"

   "She just annoys me okay!"

   "How?She doesn't even talk to you!"

   "That's it!She doesn't talk to me or anyone else.The only person she ever talks to is you!"

   It grows quiet and I remain with a calm look on my face.

   "Why does it bother you if I talk to her?"

   "It just does okay."

   "No,I don't buy that.Something is bothering you now what is it?I mean you even seemed bothered in class today and don't try to act like you weren't because I know you were.I could tell by your expression and everything." Oh crap he did notice I was bothered in class today.

   "Why do you care?You probably just want to defend your little girlfriend!" It's silent for a moment then Ryan pulls a small smile. "What are you smiling about?"

   "Because of you."

   "What about me?"

   "You're jealous!"

   "I am not!",I know I am but lying seems like the better way to go.

   "Yes you are and you know it to.Come on (YN) just admit it,you're jealous." He smiles and I cross my arms over my chest. "Aww how cute!You're jealous and now you're pouting." I feel my cheeks burn and I look down hiding my face completely embarrassed. "Hahaha!Now you're blushing!"

   "I am not!"

   "(YN) you're too cute!" I instantly feel myself blush even harder.

   "Ryan stop it!" I feel so embarrassed and I can feel the sting in my cheeks from all my blushing.

   "Okay I'll stop but why are you jealous?"


   "Because?Come on (YN) just tell me.I won't tease you about it." I look up at him and he reassures me with a smile.


   "Maybe sitting down will help?" He goes over to the sofa and takes a seat he pats on the sofa gesturing for me to take a seat beside him.I playfully roll my eyes and walk over to take a seat. "So why are you jealous?"

   "I don't know,Angie just...annoys me."


   "She just does,I know it's not right to already judge her and claim that I dislike her but I can't help it,she just makes it so easy for me to do just that."

   "What does she do?"

   "I don't know...it's hard to explain."

   "Do you envy her maybe?"

   "What do you mean?"

   "Well maybe you think she's prettier than you."

   I think about it for a moment and I'm not convinced that's the reason.

   "I don't think that's the reason."

   "Well if it helps,I think you're pretty...and you're much more pretty than Angie is,in my honest opinion." I look to him and he gives a sweet smile.I smile back and I look down. "(YN),",I look up.


   "If you don't want to talk about Angie...I understand."

   "Thanks for the consideration."

   "But if it helps...Angie isn't as awesome of a person as you."

   I am completely shocked by this remark and this entire conversation.We haven't really talked like this since the incident.

   "Thanks Ryan.You're awesome too."

   "Pshh,you don't have to tell me twice.I know I am!"

   "Well aren't we confident"

   "Hey confidence is key in life haha!"

   "You're such a dork!Haha!"

   "Being a dork is fun,you should try it sometime."

   "Haha how?"

   "Hmm...Oh I know!Do the Harlem shake!"


   "You know that popular dance song thing from like last year.It's not popular anymore haha but it's a pretty random thing to do."

   "What do I have to do?"

   "Just do the most random dance ever with the music!It's pretty hilarious."

   "I feel like I'm going to regret it later on in life."

   "It's not like I'm gonna record you!"

   "Oh fine I'll do it."

  "I'll do it with you!" He pulled out his phone and then played the song.He started moving around and he looked so weird I had to laugh a little.Then he told me to start dancing with him and we both started moving around with random dance moves.I started laughing and he joined in.This was the most fun I've had in a while.I got tired of dancing around so I leaped back onto the sofa.Ryan noticed I stopped and he joined me on the sofa. "It's official you're a dork!"

   "Yay!I'm a dork!"

   "I'm so proud of you.Hahaha!"

   We stopped laughing after a bit and then I looked to Ryan only to find him already looking to me.He smiled and I did too.We looked into each others eyes and I saw him move in closer.I remained still and he began to lean in.Was he going to...kiss me?There was only one way to find out,he continued to lean in and I remained still slowly beginning to close my eyes.I waited for some contact but I felt nothing.I opened my eyes and he was looking down,I was concerned because he looked confused. "I'm uh..sorry I think I should go." He got up and grabbed his backpack then head for the door. "Thanks for everything.Bye."

   I watched him leave and I remained seated questioning myself on what just happened.

---------------Ryan's POV---------------

   I walked home forcing every thought out of my mind.I got home and walked in then rushed upstairs not allowing my mom to speak to me.I started working on some homework as a distraction so I wouldn't have to think of anything.I eventually finished and then I head downstairs.I saw my mom sitting at the table.

   "You seemed pretty eager to be home today."


   "Is something bothering you?"

   "Yeah mom,something is actually."

   "Do you want to talk about it?"

   "Do you mind?"

   "No,of course not." I took a seat at the table across from her. "So what's bothering you?"

   "Well...it's this project."

   "What about it?"

   "Well you know I'm upset with (YN) but we've been spending a lot of time together now because of the project."

   "Okay,go on."

   "Well at first I just ignored me being upset with her because I thought' it'd effect the project and group then after some time passed I kind of..."

   "Kind of what?"

   "Well I just...started missing her."

   "You miss (YN)?"

   "Yeah I do.And I don't know what to do about it."

   "Have you forgiven each other?"

   "No,and I feel so confused and I don't want her to be upset because once the project is over I think we might go back to not talking."

   "When is the project over?"

   "This Friday."

   "So you miss her,but what do you mean?"

   "I miss having her as a friend.We have so much fun together and I always smile when I'm with her.I just feel like we always have a good time together."

   "So you want to forgive her?"

   "I don't know mom!If I forgive her sure we'd be friends again but what if she just takes advantage of me forgiving her and then she goes off thinking no matter what she does I'll always forgive her."

   "You have a point but I don't think (YN) seems like the kind of girl to do that."

   "I guess,but then what if Derek gets mad that we're all buddy buddy again."

   "First of all,if Derek is a good friend he won't mind and second of all you shouldn't let someone else interfere with your friendships.It's your choice and your life not theirs.Do what's best for you."

   "But I don't know what's best for me."

   "Look why don't you take some time to think about it for yourself and when you're ready I'm sure you'll know what's the right thing to do."

   "You think I'll make the right choice?"

   "You're my son,of course you will." She gives me a smile and I smile back.

   "Thanks mom.I love you,you're the best."

   "Anything for my son."

   I get up to give her a hug and and then head back upstairs.I felt more positive thoughts in my mind,that talk with my mom really helped.I got ready for bed and then lay down.I started thinking about so many things and I kept wondering how I could make my final decision.My mom thinks I'll make the right choice I just hope I can too.

---------------(YN)'S POV---------------

   I woke up in the morning and got ready for school.I was in a pretty good mood,probably because I had some fun yesterday with Ryan.I wonder if this means he forgives me now?I shook the thought and head off to school.I was walking to class and I saw Ryan and Angie walking together again.What the heck does this mean?I didn't want to watch them so I just head to class.In class all I could think about was how Ryan was walking with Angie.Does this mean he doesn't forgive me and he's gonna stick with Angie as my replacement?I began to feel upset with Ryan.

   The day went on and in each class I thought of Angie and Ryan at least once.In 4th I took my seat and I saw Ryan walk in.I watched him take his seat and I thought maybe if I said hi to him it'd make things a bit more clear whether or not he's still mad at me but he was far away.Maybe I could try after class.At the end of class I packed up my things and was absolutely eager to tell Ryan hi before he left but unfortunately he was already out of the class before I could say a word.At lunch I did some homework and then in 5th I just grew frustrated with myself for thinking about Ryan.When the bell rang for 6th period,I was so sure that I could tell Ryan hi and see what response I'd get.I walked into class and saw him already at his desk.I walked over and took my seat.I looked to him and I decided I should do it now. "Hi," I gave a smile and he looked to me.

   "Oh,hi." What?I just told him hi with a smile and he all he can say is, 'Oh hi'.He didn't even smile back.What is going on here he seemed perfectly fine yesterday.We were laughing and talking like we used to.I just don't understand,he's being bipolar,I guess this is probably how he felt when he was first trying to be my friend.At the end of class Ryan and I head to the front of the school meeting Joanne and Derek.We head to my house and started working.We finished up on the project itself and we practiced presenting a few times.We were pretty much on the ball and I was so sure that we'd get a good grade.

   Joanne said that we were done for the day and that we should just focus on presenting now.The project was due Friday which was only a few days away.Everyone decided to leave and I was left alone at home.Joanne and Derek told me goodbye but not Ryan.What's his deal?Is he making me feel like this on purpose or was he trying to play some type of game with my mind because if that's what he wanted to do then he sure did a good job at it.

   For the remainder of the week we would go to school and after school head to my house for practicing our presentation.Ryan made very little social interaction with me and when he did it was only for the project.I began to think maybe the entire time he was only trying to be friendly for the sake of the project but now that its ending he's gonna go back to ignoring me.The thought bothered me and I wasn't fond of the idea.I really did miss Ryan,I mean the other day we seemed like how we were before but now its going back to how things were when he was mad at me.He probably still is mad but it seems like he's over it now.

   On Friday I got up and dreaded the day ending.Our project was due today and good chances are we'd have to present it.I didn't want the project to be over so soon,for it to be over just meant any interaction I'd have with Ryan was over.The day went on and I wished I could slow down time.Eventually time had reached 4th period and Mr.Johnson had us sit with our groups.Our group sat in silence while other groups were having some last minute conversations.Mr.Johnson walked around the class making sure every group had their project.He then took a seat towards the back of the class sitting in a desk and announced we'd begin presentations today.He asked for volunteers and Joanne shot up her hand.I didn't mind so much because our group was ready but still it meant our project was over and done with,just like my friendship with Ryan.

   Our group got up and began our presentation.We did well and I couldn't find any mistakes we made.At the end of our presentation the class clapped and we took our seats.The next group went up to present and everyone's attention was focused on them,everyone's except mine.While the other students in the class looked to the front of the class for the presentation I looked to Ryan knowing that there would be no more spending time with him.

   The day went on and in 6th I just wanted to go home.I ignored Ryan's presence beside me because it really didn't matter.When the bell rang I got up and packed my things.I head home and worked on my homework.The day went on and I watched TV.When I grew hungry I made myself a sandwich.As it grew late I got ready for bed and then head to my room.I ignored all thoughts in my mind because they were all pointless.I eventually got comfy in my bed and drifted to sleep.

   In the morning I got up and went into the kitchen to get myself a bowl of cereal.I ate it and then put my dish in the sink.I went to go check on my mom in her room but was surprised to not find her there.It turned out that she was in the bathroom.She came out and made herself some toast.She asked me why I was still in my pajamas and I told her it was the weekend.I told her I'd be in my room and if she needed me to call me.I went into my room and decided to read a book.I eventually grew bored with reading but what else could I do?I got distracted from my reading by my mother's call for me, "(YN)!" I got up and head into the living room.As I walked in I was surprised to see Ryan standing in my living room along with Michelle and my mom.

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