Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


40. If Its Meant To Be...

   Well after befriending Alexia,Angie,and Derek my life changed.We all became a big group of friends that continued to grow throughout the year.Although we made new friends Alexia,Angie,Derek,and I were really each others best friends.We did everything together.We went to all the high school events and games.And what's even more,sparks began to fly within the group and our group had it's very own couple.

   Angie and Derek were really fast friends and they hit it off from the start.They even started hanging out together by themselves.Alexia and I would constantly tease Angie about it figuring something would eventually happen but she'd always deny it.Of course Alexia and I were right.Derek ended up asking Angie to the Winter Ball even though it was already settled that we'd be going in a group of friends.He asked her after school at the quad in front of everyone with a microphone and he even had the school band do him a little favor and have them play her favorite song before asking.Angie was of course in shock over the whole thing and was extremely flustered but the second he asked her she didn't hesitate once before saying yes.They hugged of course and everyone that saw clapped for them.Nothing really happened between them until the dance.After that night,they had become a couple;Alexia and I completely supported them and were happy that they had each other.They both deserved someone special in their lives and I was really just happy that they finally found someone for themselves.

   Senior year was great.I had friends that I could spend the year with and all the senior events were more than worth attending.I really felt that I had been missing out on the past three years of my high school experience but I'm glad I was at least able to experience even just one year of what it feels like to be in high school.The only stressful part of the entire year really was just college applications.I had applied to five different colleges and wasn't even sure which would be the better choice for me.Everyone else was the same,but once that was all out of the way new priorities were made.Of course we still had to pass all our classes to be sure to graduate but during your senior year all your classes are usually pretty easygoing.Aside from classes everyone was worried about prom.Where would it be?Would it be a night to remember?What's the theme?All these things crowded senior's minds and when the night actually came everyone found it was worth the wait.

   Prom went something like this: We all went in a group of friends,with the exception of Angie and Derek and even a few more couples who went as dates..We took a party bus so we invited two other groups to join us and we all pitched in.Alexia decided to ask Paul if he wanted to join us and he was glad to accept inviting his group of friends.Derek did the same and asked some of his friends.In the end it all worked out. The bus dropped us off and picked us up when it ended.We decided to drive around and hang out on the bus until our time had ended then it dropped us all off.We all got home around three or four in the morning.Prom was definitely a night worth remembering.

   Grad night was great!Our school got us to go to Disneyland.We decided to go in a small group Derek,Angie,Alexia,and I figured we could all go together and be ride buddies.Alexia was mine and obviously Angie was Derek's.We got on pretty much most of the rides.It was still pretty packed during the day but by night all the people had left except for all the grad night students.Our group decided to catch a few more rides and then join the party after.Later on that night we ran into Paul and some of his friends.We joined together and formed a group.We all danced together and spend the rest of the night dancing,laughing,and just hanging out.It was the time of our lives.When they presented the special graduation show for us we all got a seat on the floor towards the front and our view was great.Angie and Derek sat together with her leaning against him and his arms wrapped around her waist while Alexia,Paul and I sat together.Alexia  sat between the two of us as we watched the show together in awe.

   The next big thing was of course graduation.We were all so excited for the big day.When each of our names were called we all screamed and cheered for them.After the ceremony was over we all found each other and took pictures.We all caught up with our families and even more pictures were taken.The feeling of graduating high school with my friends was indescribable.We had spent the entire year together and now that we've graduated everything would change.We'd be going to college now and meet new people.Part of me was pretty depressed it had all ended so quickly but I knew that college would be another great experience and I knew we were all looking forward to it.On the day of graduation we all spend the day with our families having barbecues and parties.We had all planned a graduation party for ourselves the following week.We all met up at Alexia's house,she had a large back deck which was enough for all of us.We had all decided where we were going for college by this point and of course it had to be one of the conversations brought up.We all asked each other different things and talked about what it'd be like.Angie and Derek had decided to go to Cal State Long Beach together.Alexia was going to Cal State Fullerton,oddly enough Paul had decided to attend there as well.They'd be able to help each other through the experience of it all.I was sort of envious of them having someone they knew,who they were comfortable with making the transition that much easier.As for me,I would be attending San Diego State and I would be going alone.I had no one to attend with me,no one to help me through the experience of it all like Angie and Alexia had making it all the more nerve wrecking for me.However I wasn't going to let that stop me.I wouldn't be the social outcast again.I would never be the weak awkward girl I had been ever again.After all I made a promise,and promises weren't meant to be broken.No matter how difficult it may seem I would make the experience worth it and the first step to that was accepting change.

   When it was about time for everyone to leave we all had farewell parties for them Angie and Derek were the first to go they were all packed up and drove up with their families.We said our final goodbyes and even gave them small presents as tokens of our friendship.Next Alexia and Paul had to leave.Now Paul deciding on Fullerton as well wasn't all the coincidental.In fact he had actually made his decision based on the fact that he wanted to be with Alexia.Yes they had broken up but on good terms and had remained friends since then.Now that we were all leaving for college Paul realized he'd probably never see her again and when he found out she had decided on Fullerton he looked into it and they actually carried his major as well.He was lucky they had applied to a few of the same schools otherwise it would have been by bye Alexia.A week before they left Paul actually invited Alexia out and they spent a day together like old times.Paul told Alexia he wanted to get back together and if she didn't want to he'd understand.They'd at least remain friends and go to school together.Alexia was astounded at his request but was overall flattered.She of course said yes and so they became the happy couple they were before again.I was happy for them,even more so when they left knowing their story and hoping that it'd last to be shared with many more.

   Finally it was my time to leave I had a few other friends who threw me a farewell party and they each gave me small presents.I appreciated everything.When it was the day to finally leave I loaded my moms car with her help.We were all set and ready to go then we drove off.The car ride was nice.When we finally arrived we settled into the dorm.I arrived before my roommate had so I had first choice of which bed.We set everything down onto the bed I had chosen and left rushing to make the orientation.I would unpack and settle in later.When we reached the orientation we waited a bit for more to arrive before they finally started.There was a massive crowd of students and parents.The orientation was only a few hours or so and when it finally ended my mom and I had back to my dorm.She helped me unpack a little and I could see that my roommate had already moved in.Her belongings were scattered all over her bed just as mine had been.Everything was pretty much unpacked now and it was time for my final goodbye.My mom looked to me and smiled.I did the same.I walked up to her and pulled her into a deep hug.I immediately felt her wrap her arms around me pulling me into a deep embrace.We both finally pulled away and I could see tears trickling from her eyes. "I'll be fine." I said. She smiled and wiped her tears away.

   "I know you will." She paused and we just looked at each other for a moment. "I guess I should be going now.Have fun."

   "Thanks mom," She walks towards the door and reaches for the knob.Before she can turn it I let out, "Mom," She turns back. "Take care of yourself...please.You're not alone.You're never alone.So please be safe and stay healthy for my sake...and for dad's too." Her eyes widen and I see more tears beginning to form in here eyes.She quickly wipes them before they can fall.

   She finally smiles at me,a sweet gentle smile and then she says, "I will.I'll be expecting you for thanksgiving." And with that she leaves the room.Now I am left alone in an unfamiliar environment with no one  to help me but myself.

   Just then the door opens I look up and see a girl and two adults.They notice me and I look down apologetically.They were probably hoping to be left alone.The girl speaks, "You must be my roommate." She approaches me and pulls out her hand.I look to it then to her.She smiles sweetly at me.I take her hand and shake it.

   "I'm (YN).It's so nice to finally meet you."

   "I'm Hailey,it's nice to meet to you too."

   "These are my parents.Why don't you introduce yourselves.I gladly greet her parents and we all stand in the room together.They need to say their goodbyes I should leave.

   "I uhh,I'll just go get a snack would you like any?" They all kindly decline my offer.I leave the room and wander around in the halls.After some time passes I assume they should be finished by now.After all my mom and I didn't take too long.I casually walk back to my room and find Hailey finally settled in laying on her bed.

   "Welcome back!" She greets me.

   "Thanks haha,so your parents left?"

   "Yeah...man saying goodbye is really the hardest part of this whole thing isn't it?I thought the moving in would be hell but no that was much worse.I think I still have tears!Do I?!"

   I check and say, "No you're good.I don't see anything."

   "Oh good!I didn't want you thinking I was a big baby or something feeling homesick...though I guess I kind of am."

   "It's okay lots of people feel the same I'm sure."

   "Haha you're really nice,I'm glad were roommates!I thought for sure you'd think I was lame or something."

   "No I wouldn't,besides you shouldn't judge people before you tget to know them.My friends taight me life." I smile at the thought.

   "Do you have any friends here?"

   "Oh,uh no I don't all my friends went to other schools."

   "Do you miss them?"

   "Of course I miss them,they were my friends but I mean that's life is all about.Making friends and meeting new people.Just now I met you and I'm glad I did."


   "Yeah,I am."

   "Thanks (YN),I'm glad I met you too.I'm sure we'll be fast friends."

   "I think so too." I smile sweetly.

   "What's your schedule like?" I gladly tell her my schedule and she does the same.We talk about our thoughts on what college would be like,to our families,and even our old friends.We begin talking about each others high schools and the conversation just keeps going on and on.Before we know it it's already about to be one o' clock.We're both in shock at how much and how long we've been talking.We laugh about it for some time and then we decided to get ready for bed.When we finish we head back into our dorm and sit on our beds.Still too much awake to actually try falling asleep Hailey stirs up a new conversation. "Hey (YN),do you have a boyfriend?"

   A bit struck by the question I hesitate at first but respond anyways, "No,ahah," I laugh nervously. "Why the sudden question?"

   "Oh,I was just curious."

   "Do you have a boyfriend?"

   "I did..." She pauses. "...in high school.We had been going out since junior year and after graduation we sort of realized it was best to call it quits."


   "We were both going to different schools and we'd be meeting new people.I don't want to sound negative or like I gave up but long distance never really works out you know?"

   "Yeah...I know." I look down and ponder the thought.

   "Are you okay?"

   "Huh?Oh I'm sorry,I was just thinking."


   "Just memories you know."

   She looks at me unconvinced but leaves it at that. "Well somethings happen for a reason I guess.If it's meant to work out...in the end it will.That's what I believe,personally."

   "What about you?"

   I think for a moment and remember Alexia.She had told me her story of her and Paul.I guess most high school relationships aren't meant to last but in the end it all worked out for them.I'm glad the way things turned out.I smile at the thought. "Yeah...I think that too." And with those being the final words we exchanged for the night,we both drift off to sleep.


   On the first day of classes I made sure I was well prepared.My first set of classes for today were math,counseling and english.Each class was about an hour or hour and a half and I had breaks between them.During my breaks I decided to wander around to familiarize myself with the campus.When it was just about time for my english class I pulled out my schedule and looked for the class number.When I finally managed to find it I walked in and saw that the front row was full.I took a seat towards the back but I still had a good view of the board and screen.While waiting for class to start I unpacked the things I needed.While unpacking I was unaware that a person had approached me. "Excuse me is this seat taken?"

   I looked to the empty desk beside mine. "No it's-," I stop myself as I look up and notice the person.As he stands before my own eyes he looks down at me smiling.

   "Would you mind if I sat here?" I am at a loss for words and I can't even manage to allow the emotions building up within me to be shown through my expression. "It's nice to see you too (YN)." He says in hopes of getting any sort of response from me.

   "Ryan," I finally manage to let out.

   "Yes,that would be me.I'm glad I got you talking."


   "What am I doing here?" I nod and he laughs. "That's kind of a silly question don't you think?The reason I'm here is the same as you." He smiles. "I'm a student here." I can't speak and I can't even think.I'm in complete disbelief. "You still seem quite shocked." I quickly bring myself back to my senses and force my brain to start thinking again.

   "I just can't believe...,"

   "That I'm here?Haha I could say the same about you.The second I saw you when I walked through those doors I practically froze and thought of how to approach you.Didn't want to be too intimidating but clearly my strategy didn't exactly work out the way I had hoped." He casually laughs.

   "I-I'm sorry."

   "No need to apologize,I'd be pretty startled if you did the same to me." I open my mouth to speak but am interrupted when the professor walks in. "We'll talk after class." And with that Ryan takes the seat beside me and we both turn our attention to the front of the class.

   When class finally ends all the students grab their things and make their way out the door.Ryan makes his way out before me and leaves.I'm a bit disappointed.When I head out the door,I turn and there Ryan is leaning against the wall smiling at me. "Do you have another class?"

   "N-no I'm done for the day."

   "Great,me too!Do you want to go grab some coffee or something?"

   "Umm,yeah th-that'd be great."


   We both make our way though the school and we leave the campus making our way to a nice little coffee shop nearby.We both order iced drinks and take a seat at a table in a lightly lit corner.I sense tension at first and I am put at unease but Ryan quickly ends that with his list of questions and conversation starters.We both catch up on a lot and don't really bother to check the time.

   "So throughout this friendly reunion...I haven't even asked you the most important question yet."

   "And what's that?"

   "Are you...seeing anyone?"

   The question strikes me and I don't immediately respond causing Ryan's expression to grow into a nervous one. "N-no,not at the moment.No." I laugh nervously.

   "That's...actually really nice to hear." I look up to him and see a gentle smile formed across his lips. "So you never dated anyone after...us?"

   Another nervous laugh escapes my mouth. "Actually...no I haven't.I didn't,is probably what I should say actually." I look down feeling a bit flustered.

   "Well that makes two of us." I look to him and he has now averted his gaze.A smile is still shown on his face but he no longer holds his eye contact with me.

   "Were the girls at your school not good enough for you?"

   "I guess you could say that..." He returns his gaze to fixate on me still smiling. "They weren't good enough...because they weren't you." My eyes widen at his response and he casually laughs at my reaction. "What about you?I'm sure after I left tons of guys were at your feet.What about Derek?"

   "Derek and I...actually became pretty good friends."

   "Is that so?"

   "Yeah,now he's at Cal State Long Beach with his girlfriend Angie."

   "No way?Derek and Angie?"

   "Ahaha yeah they actually make each other really happy.It's sort of nice the way things turned out for them."

   "And what about...for us?"


   "Do you like the way things turned out for us?"

   "Well we broke up..."

   "Because I left..." We both take a moment to stare at one another. "And now were here at a coffee shop."

   "Catching up on life."

   "Waiting to see which one of us makes the first move.Because we both know that if one of us doesn't we'll both regret it later." I nervously bite my lip and he leans forward over the table and smiles. "Your welcome."

   Its dark out so Ryan walks me back to my dorm.He makes a joke about how now he knows where to find me.It felt like old times.We make it to my dorm and I thank him for walking me.I take out my card and insert in the slot to open the door.When I do I find myself in an empty room.Hailey must be out eating or something.Ryan is about to make his leave but I invite him into my dorm.We both step in and I close the door behind us.I take a seat on my bed as he stands.I look to him and pat the empty seat on my bed as a gesture for him to take the seat beside me.He does and then we sit in silence.

   "So is this your big move?Inviting me to your dorm."


   "Then I guess it's my turn." He smiles at me and places his hand over my cheek as he gently strokes it.He pulls my face in closer to his and he finally plants his lips on mine.Th taste of his kiss still lingers on my lips making me long for more.He kisses me again and this time I kiss back.Neither one of us bothers to pull away.We are suddenly interrupted by the door opening and Hailey's entrance.We both immediately pull away but not soon enough for Hailey to have unnoticed.Her eyes are wide and her face is flustered.

   "I-I'm so sorry I should've knocked!"

   "No,I'm sorry.This is your room.I shouldn't have been here.I'm terribly sorry."

   "I-it's fine really!Come back whenever you like,after all a friend of (YN)'s is a friend of mine."

   I bite the inside of my cheek the entire time so that I wouldn't laugh.Hailey's reaction was too much and her face was red.

   "Well thank you for letting me stay it was nice meeting you.I'm Ryan."

   "I'm Hailey,v-very nice meeting you.Ahaha." She laughs nervously and then goes over to her bed.I tell Hailey that I'd walk Ryan out and the two of us leave the room.We reach the buildings exit and we both step outside to the stairway.It's dark out.

   "Well that was embarrassing."

   "It's fine."

   "No seriously,that was awful.That was worst than my mom walking in on us."

   "She did do that a lot." We both laugh.

   The two of us stand in silence looking out the the now dark campus.

   "Seeing as how my 'big move' was interrupted,lets say we try again?"

   "I don't think that will be necessary." He looks at me with a look of disbelief. "The point of that was just to get each other back right?"


   "Well...you already have me." He shakes his head as if to make sure he heard correctly. "You already have me.You've always had me.Even after you left,my feelings never changed."

   "Neither did mine."

   I plant a soft and gentle kiss on his lips and slowly pull away. "I love you."

   "I love you too." He kisses me and pulls away. "This time I'm keeping my promise.I won't leave you and I'll be here for you.This time I won't screw it up.I swear.I love you too much to let you go.Especially with a chance like this,I never thought I'd see you again and now that I have I'm not letting you slip away so easily again."

   "You promise?"

   "I do." He holds out his pinky and I take it.We both smile and then we both say goodnight.Ryan leaves and heads back to his dorm,I decide to do the same.When I enter Hailey is there sitting on her bed holding er pillow.

   "Oh my god!Who the hell was that?!"

   I laugh and say, "My boyfriend."

   "You said you didn't have a boyfriend?!"

   "I know I didn't...but now I do again."


   "Ryan and I used to go out in high school but something happened and it couldn't work out so we ended things."

   "Did he cheat or something?"

   "No nothing like that.Do you remember what you said about how things happen for a reason?"

   "Yeah,my little life theory."

   "Well turns out your theory was right.Things happen for a reason.If something didn't work out it doesn't mean it can't work out in the future."

   "Okay I get you,but next time put a sign or something if you have your boyfriend over.That was so embarrassing.I felt really bad."

   "Okay sure thing.I'm sorry."

   "It's alright."

   I get ready for bed and then turn off the lights.I lay myself down and get comfortable.As I lay awake I ponder everything that's happened.I recall first meeting Ryan and I even begin to think about my friends.The thought of Alexia and Paul crosses my mind and I smile.I begin to think about Ryan again and our little reunion today.Life is strange but I guess it kind of has to be.The last thought that crosses my mind before I drift off to sleep is 'If it's meant to work out...in the end it will'.

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