Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


14. English Project

   The next day I woke up extremely eager for school.Things were just so boring around the house with nothing to do.I was pretty sure that was all I did before but why did it bother me so much now?I ignored the thought on my walk to school.I soon arrived and while walking through the hallways I saw Derek.I stared at him from afar and then he noticed;he looked to me and his eyes met mine flashing a sweet smile.I quickly ruined the eye contact by looking down and heading to class.I was so relieved to be in school but sitting in class made me wish I was back at home.Either way I didn't really have much to do.At least at home I'd be relaxed.

   The day went on and when I got to 4th Mr.Johnson told me good morning.I didn't want to be rude so I said it back and head to my desk.I looked down the entire time,I heard Mr.Johnson say, "Good morning Mr.Dawson.",but I completely ignored it.There's no point in worrying or bothering anymore so what does it matter.Mr.Johnson announced we'd have a group in class assignment and that we'd be working on a project.Each group would consist of four people and we'd have to work on it outside of class as well.I wasn't thrilled about working with other people but it's a grade so what can I do about it.Mr.Johnson began announcing group members and instructed for everyone to get into their groups.I remained seated in my desk awaiting my name to be called.

   I heard Derek's name called and some girl named Joanne.I suddenly heard my name and I looked up,I noticed Derek was smiling.Oh no,you've got to be kidding me.Why him?Out of all the groups,I had to be in one that consisted of Derek.I wanted to roll my eyes but I fought the urge.I heard Mr.Johnson announce the last name;it was Ryan's name that was called.Are you serious?I began to think Mr.Johnson did this on purpose,I mean he knows Ryan is mad at me so why would he put us in the same group?This was just perfect,a group that consisted of Derek,Ryan and me.Maybe we could switch groups?I'll just talk to Mr.Johnson after class.

   In class we all sat at our group tables,I chose I'd rather not speak up.Mr.Johnson said the project would be due in two weeks and we'd have to present it.We were to pick a book read in our past English classes and identify the theme of the story along with a bunch of other things like why the author wrote the book.He handed us a handout on what was expected of the project and said we could discuss in class for the remainder of the period.Everyone else was talking except our group.I looked down at my desk motionless not wanting my eyes to meet Derek's or Ryan's.Joanne decided to break the ice.

   "So I think we should decide to meet up at someone's house."

   "Okay,just say when and where." I heard Derek say.

   "Well I think we should go to someone's house.Preferably someone's house that isn't cramped or noisy." I instantly think maybe my house would be perfect for the project but I didn't speak up.

   "My house is kind of crowded so I don't think it's a good idea.",said Joanne.

   "What about someone who's house is closer."

   I still think my house would be the best choice.

   "(YN),Ryan do you two have any ideas?" I looked up and my eyes met Ryan's only for a second then I looked to Joanne. "Ryan?"

   "I don't know.My house isn't all that spacious but it's not small either."

   "Do you think we should just work at your house?"

   "I think....(YN)'s house would be the better option."

   I look to him and he looks at me as well but only for a second then turns to Joanne.

   "(YN),are you okay with that?"

   Everyone is looking at me now and I feel uneasy.

   "That's fine with me." I bite the inside of my cheek and then it's quiet again.

   "Should we meet up today?",asked Joanne.

   "I'm fine with that.",said Derek.

   "Sure.",said Ryan.

   They all looked to me and I said, "Fine with me."

   The period went on with the class discussing but our group didn't talk much.Once the bell rang I got up and went to Mr.Johnson's desk.I waited for all the other students to exit out the door.

   "May I help you?"

   "Well it's this project."

   "What about it?"

   "Well I was kind of wondering if its possible to switch groups."

   "Why would you want to do that?"

   "Well I just feel like my team members aren't very accepting."

   "You mean Ryan don't you?"


   "Well I hate to tell you this but I can't switch the groups.Each group consists of four different people with their own strengths.I know you aren't pleased but I'm sorry."

   "It's okay.I don't mind so much.I'm just more concerned about-,"

   "How Ryan will feel?"

   "Yeah,I just don't want him feeling angry,annoyed,or sad."

   "You're a good friend (YN),I think if Ryan knew that he'd see the great friend you are."

   "Thank you but I don't want to force him into anything.I mean he's mad and I have to accept that he is.I can't take it too personally but I have to admit I don't like being unwanted by someone."

   "He'll come around.You'll see."

   "Well thank you Mr.Johnson for your time."

   "Your welcome."

   I left the class practically bursting out the door.At lunch I just sat alone by my tree.Lunch soon ended and I head off to 5th period.That wasn't anything exciting and then I head to 6th period.I walked in and took my seat.Mrs.Jacobs planned on giving the class a lecture for the day and we'd have to take notes.I pulled out my notebook and a pen ready for the lecture.Once class ended I packed up everything and I was ready to go already on my way out the door when I suddenly heard my name. "(YN)," I paused and looked back confused.I could've sworn I heard my name being called.I heard it again and looked in the direction I had heard it from.I was surprised to find that I had heard it coming from the area Ryan had been standing in.I looked to him and he was looking at me.I wasn't sure what to do so I just walked over to him in case.

   "Did you call me?"

   "Yeah," So I'm not hearing things,well that's a relief but why was he calling me?

   "For what?"

   "The project." Oh right,that completely slipped my mind.I was glad he reminded me.

   "So where are we meeting everybody?"

   "I'll text Joanne and Derek to meet us at the front of the school." He pulled out a cell phone and I guess he send the messages.

   "Let's go." He walked off and I followed behind him.He seems pretty okay that we're working on this project together maybe he's taken all the time he needs but just to be safe,I won't talk to him.

   We walked off to the front of the school and waited,it wasn't long until Joanne showed up and then we were just waiting for Derek.Once he showed he greeted everybody but of course he insisted on giving me a hug.I rolled my eyes in my mind but accepted the hug only allowing myself to pat his back.I looked to Ryan but he seemed pretty calm.We began to walk and I lead the way.I could hear Ryan and Derek making small talk but I ignored it.Soon enough we arrived to my house and I got out my key.As I was putting the key in I felt someone's presence behind me,it was pretty close too then I heard someone whisper, "Remember this?" I knew it was Derek and I just rolled my eyes unlocking the door opening it for all of us to enter.I placed my backpack on the floor and waited for everyone to enter,once everyone was in I closed the door and locked it.

   "Alright well I think we should decide on a book today.",said Joanne.

   Derek and Ryan both agreed with her so I did too.I have company over,this hasn't happened in awhile.Oh wait company!I should offer them some food and something to drink.

   "Do you guys want some food or water?" They all looked at me.

   "I think there's some iced tea in the fridge.Or if you're hungry I could make sandwiches...or anything else." I probably sounded like a complete idiot.I said it with no confidence and great uncertainty.I began to bite the inside of cheek embarrassed.

   "I'll have a sandwich and some tea.",said Derek.I know he's a jerk and I can't stand him but I was grateful that he spoke up.Joanne ended up insisting that we could all eat first then get to work.I head into the kitchen getting out a bunch of things used to make sandwiches.I was working on the first sandwich when I noticed Ryan walk in.

   "Need any help?"

   "Oh uh...no I'm fine.Thanks anyway."

   "You sure?"


   "It's a lot of sandwiches."

   "Four sandwiches is not a lot."

   "Just let me help you."


   "Because...I want to." I looked at him and I wasn't sure where he was going with this.Was he going to forgive me right here and now or was he just finding some excuse to talk to me?If that's the reason then what would he want to talk about?I shook out all the thoughts in my mind and continued making my sandwiches with his help.We didn't speak or anything which made everything seem awkward but once we finished he managed to speak up once. "They're,all done!See team work (YN),aren't you glad I helped you?" I playfully rolled my eyes and got a plate.I placed the sandwiches on the plate and took it to the dining room.I went back to the kitchen and got four cups.I poured some iced tea into each of them then took two to the table.I was going to get the other two but Ryan had already taken care of them placing them on the table soon after.


   "No problem."

   Everyone got up and head into the dining room;we all took a seat and ate our sandwiches.

   "These are really good (YN) what did you put in them?",said Derek

   "Umm just the regular kind of stuff you put in sandwiches.Haha."

   "You should open your own sandwich shop,you'll put Subway out of business."

   I couldn't help but laugh a little at what he said,it was kind of funny.He smiled and I smiled a bit back but quickly continued to eating my sandwich not wanting anybody to get the wrong impression.Once we all finished our sandwiches I took the dishes to the sink then came back for the group meeting.

   Joanne opened up the discussion with a question, "Does anybody have a book in mind?"

   "The Odyssey?",Ryan insisted.

   "Do we all agree?"

   "I don't know,that book is too much myth and not enough theme." Of course Derek would say that.

   Everyone was thinking but they looked like they were struggling.Derek finally spoke up, "What about Romeo and Juliet."

   "That's a play."

   "It's still a literary piece,and I think it'd be cool;we could reenact scenes.I think (YN) should be Juliet." He looked to me and smiled but I didn't return the favor. "I will gladly volunteer as Romeo,why don't we practice the kissing scenes." I want to tackle him down so bad right now.

   "Derek be serious please.",said Joanne.

   "What?I'm just pulling a joke.Come on it's funny."

   "Well nobody is laughing." Derek looked to Joanne annoyed but she ignored it.

   Everyone continued to think and they all thought of books but there was always a flaw whether we didn't agree on it or the rest of us hadn't read the book one of us decided on.

   "(YN),do you have any suggestions?" Everyone was looking at me now.Oh no,I can't handle this many eyes.

   "I think...Lord of The Flies would be good." Oh great they're gonna disagree.

   "That's perfect,we've all read it and know the book.Plus the theme and plot for that is easy to identify and I think we all know what it is right?" We all agreed and decided our project would be on Lord of The Flies.We started discussing it for awhile pointing out important parts in the story.It grew late and Joanne thought we could all go home now since we had a good meeting.Joanne was the first to leave and now I was stuck with Ryan and Derek in the same house,great.

   "Aren't you two gonna leave?"

  Derek responded with, "Do you not want us here?"

   Not really.

   "It's not that,but don't you guys have homework or something?"

   "I actually have a lot and all my text books are at home so I guess I'll go.Later Ryan." Derek got up and grabbed his backpack then head to the door,before leaving he smiled at me and said, "Bye (YN)." He then winked at me and walked out closing the door.He seriously doesn't know when to quit.I was clearly specific and serious when I told him I wanted nothing to do with him.I looked to Ryan worried that he saw Derek right before he left.

   "Are you gonna head home?"

   "Do you want me out that badly?" I just figured he'd want to be the first one out of here.

   "Well no...but,"


   "Never mind...I'll be in the kitchen." I head into the kitchen to wash the dishes.I heard footsteps and I looked over seeing Ryan standing not far.

   "What are you doing?"

   "Just gonna wash the dishes."

   "Mind if I help?"

   "Well you don't have to."

   "I want to."

   He walks over and stands in front of the sink with me.I wash the dishes and he rinses them off.It's only four cups and a plate so it's not a long time before finishing.


   "No problem."

   We remain in silence for a moment the he speaks up.

   "I think I should go."

   I look up at him and say, "Oh,okay.I guess I'll see you around."

   He doesn't say anything,he just walks out and then I hear the door close;that's when I know he's gone.

---------------Ryan's POV---------------

   I walked home confused and mad,mainly with myself but Derek's stupid remark earlier definitely wasn't pleasing to hear.I soon got home and when I walked in I saw my mom sitting on the sofa.

   "Hey why didn't you call me?I could've picked you up."

   "It wasn't that dark,I didn't want to bother you."

   "You okay?You seem bothered by something."

   "It's nothing."

   "Ryan,I thought we agreed to this?"

   "It's nothing though really.Do you see tears?"

   "No but I'd like to know what's bothering you before it does turn to tears!"

   "Mom you're exaggerating."

   "Can you at least tell me where you were so I know you weren't out causing trouble." I paused. "Ryan where were you?"

   "I was at a friends..."

   "What friend?"


   She stayed quiet for a bit but then spoke up, "That's interesting,are you two okay now?"


   "Then you're still mad at each other?"


   "Well why were you over in the first place?"

   "There's this school project and we kind of got in the same group."

   "Well that's certainly interesting."

   "Derek's in it too..."

   "That's definitely interesting.How do you think that's gonna work out for you?"

   "I don't know..."

   "Do you wanna see if you could switch groups?"

   "No,I don't want to be seen as over exaggerating.It's nothing bad,we just have to work together for two weeks.I'm sure things will be fine."

   "You sure?"

   "I'm sure."

   "Okay go do your homework."

   I went upstairs and started working on my homework.I finished up and got ready for bed.I went downstairs to eat a small dinner.My mom asked me why I ate so little and I told her that (YN) made us sandwiches at her house.I finished up and went back upstairs.I lay down in my bed and got comfy,I looked at the picture of my dad for a bit then began to remember the day (YN) came over and how she asked me about my dad.I guess I should try being more friendly when working on the project and try to ignore everything that happens between Derek and (YN).I know I'm mad but I don't think I'm pissed to the point where I can't be in the same room as either of them.After all,I'm still friends with Derek and still talk to him every now and then so it shouldn't be that different than (YN).I did make the effort to be friendly today when I helped with the sandwiches and dishes.Plus I made that small joke,well I wouldn't even call it a joke but it made her smile a little.I had to admit I missed seeing (YN)'s smile.It was innocent and sweet,kind of like her.Wait no,I can't think of her like that.I'm supposed to be mad at her.You're only friendly when it comes to the project,when the projects done you can go back to ignoring her and things will probably be fine.I eventually grew tired and fell asleep.

---------------(YN)'s POV---------------

   In the morning I got up and ready for school.At school everything was same as always.In 4th period Mr.Johnson announced that our groups should already decide on a book by tomorrow.I was glad that our group was one step ahead of the game.Lunch came and went and the day went on.By the time I got to 6th I was just glad the day was over.At the end of 6th I was packing up everything when I noticed Angie walking over.

   "Hey Ryan."

   "Oh hey Angie."

   "What are you up to?"

   "Just gonna leave actually haha."

   "Oh right...my bad well uh,I was just wondering if maybe you were free today?"

   "Like right now?"

   "Umm yeah...if you're busy I understand though."

   Say no,say no,say no,say no.

   "Well I guess I could.What did you have in mind?"

   "We could go get some yogurt at that new place then maybe go to the park.Sound fun?"

   "Okay yeah I'll pack up and we'll head off."

   Oh great now Ryan is hanging out with Angie,I can't help but feel annoyed and the fact that they were going to that yogurt place Ryan and I had been to before only annoyed me even more.I continued to pack up and left out the door.While walking off of school campus I saw Ryan and Angie walking together.I know that I'm jealous and annoyed but I still questioned myself on how I was feeling.At home I did my homework and finished around 4:30ish.The thought of Ryan and Angie was still eating away at my mind,they were probably eating their yogurt together and laughing enjoying each others company.I had to shake the thought out because I was feeling so annoyed that it started to scare me.

   I made myself some canned soup and ate it,it helped with distracting my mind.I finished up and got ready for bed.At night I couldn't sleep so I listened to some music until I began to feel sleepy.I turned off my iPod and then lay in bed.I got comfortable and then drifted to sleep.

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