The Silver Swan Neckalce

Finding your soulmate... like this?


1. Prologue

There was a necklace, it was given to me when I was firstborn. Momma said it held a purpose and could change my life, but I didn't understand how. Everyone had a necklace. Only the elder of us knew why. Our generation was oblivious to what it could do. 

Everyone on the planet had a different one. Mine was a swan. It was beautiful, it sparkled a silver colour, it gleamed in the sunlight. Eventually as time passed by I realised that I only had half a swan. I guess it isn't really something you tend to pick up on at a young age. 

It constantly bothered me, half a swan hanging off a chain. Why couldn't I get something a little more regular, a regular shape? Why did mine have to be so different? It doesn't look as bad wandering around with half a trapezium on a chain. Half a swan was a whole different story. 

I was 6 when I finally realised what was wrong with my necklace. Things got even weirder when it started to glow one day..

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