If I Die Young

Jenna is your typical fifteen year old, besides the fact that she's been spending most of her life living in a hospital, being one of the unlucky few with Cystic Fibrosis, doctors have been telling her that she isn't expected to live a very long life, but she just refuses too give up, now, she's always told she has her head in the clouds, and needs to snap back to reality, but how could you expect her too, when her fantasies are brighter than her reality?


1. Chapter 1


       "Jeeeeeeeenaaaa, c'mon, up you get, time for your morning meds" I faintly heard Cherrie, my nurse, coo,  I groaned-The sun isn't even up yet- but sat up, rubbing my eyes, smiling at her, holding my hand out, she handed them over and I popped them into my mouth "And actually swallow this time" she scolded, lightly, I rolled my eyes, quickly swallowing "That's what she said" I said, smirking, she rolled her eyes at me "You're lucky, I'm your nurse, instead of mean ol' Gretel, she'd go crazy with that one" we both laughed "Yeaaah, but you love meh!" I said, leaning back "Ha! if it were up to me, I wouldn't even come in here, that picture creeps me out!" she stated, I rolled my eyes, okay, you see, I'm a Directioner, plain and simple, which surprises a lot of people, because my music taste is all over the place, I go from rock, to pop, to classical, usually never boybands, yeaaah, but anyways, I have this one poster up, of One direction, by my bed, besides that, they don't let me have much in my room, just a bunch of plants, and my own bed spread, which is black and blue, which looks wicked with my Scooby pillow cases "Even though you're the one who brought it to meh, ninny "I stated, rolling my eyes "Which I almost got in trouble for!" she shrieked, while I stood up, shakily, walking over to where my clothes are kept, pulling out an All American Rejects T-shirt "So worth it, though" I stated, she sighed "So, how are you feeling, today?" she asked, sitting down close to me, I pulled off my shirt, and slipped the new one on, keeping my grey sweat pants on, putting a dark red beanie on, and shrugged "Okay, I guess, a little blah-ish, but a bit better than yesterday" I answered, tugging at my dog-tag, necklace, around my neck, chewing on my bottom lip, pacing around my small room "Okay, that's good, you should probably start walking around, then take it easy" I nodded "Yeah, I'll probably go see Anna" she nodded "Okay, sounds good, I should probably get back to work" I smiled "Yeah, probablllyyyyy" we both shared a chuckle "See you later, babe" she said, hugging me "have fun" I said, smiling, slightly "see ya" I added, as she walked out the door, I sighed, time to have some fun, while I still can, Mwahahaha?

I slipped on my bunny slippers, and made my way into the hall, heading to my friend, Anna's room, Anna and I met a year ago, since she started staying over night, for heart conditions, I walked right in, without knocking, ain't nobody got time for that, the room was quiet, besides her snoring, I quietly made my way over to her bed, sitting down beside her "Upy upy! come on, rise n' shine!" I cheered, shaking her "Noooo, go away" I thumped her forehead, and she whined "B!tch" I chuckled, as she tried to swat me "I'll push you off the bed" I threatened, she sat up, rubbing her hands down her face "I don't love you, anymore" I rolled my eyes "that's a lie, and we all know it, please peasant!" I said, snapping my fingers, making her lift her foot up, kicking my behind "hey! watch the goods!" She laughed "you ain't got no goods" I huffed "whadeva" I grumbled, poking my tongue out at her

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