"Ok Styles, let's start wit-" "With what? You really that I can spill things that easily?" The new reporter had the tape recording. across the table was Harry. "No, but I need you to say the basic things. Her name, her age, and her story." Harry looked at the reporter and sighed, "Ok. Her name is Anastasia. She was 18 and her story is the one she left written in her notebook. I called her story... Ana..."


4. Chapter 3

"So umm why do you wanna talk to Harry?"

Ana was curious why. She wanted to know. Liam looked at her and sighed,

"Well, I was wondering if Harry can throw a party for everyone that we're inviting cause a couple of days ago, I'm pretty sure he didn't tell you this, but "One Direction" is getting back together as a band."

Ana smiled, very pleased with the news. She got off her stool and hugged Liam. Liam felt sparks in himself, loving how Ana hugged him with so much care in herself.

"That's great Liam. Congrats, but you think that Harry will change into his old self?"

"I don't know. But did you think of anything?"

Ana frowned, she shook her head.


 Liam sighed, upset that she didn't think of anything yet. But like she said in her diary, she promises to find a way...

Ana decided that Liam should stay for a while. Liam said it was fine. It was now 11p.m. Ana kept wondering,

"When will Harry come back home?"

Suddenly, both heard the door open, and came in a drunk Harry. Liam and Ana had already noticed. Liam would know that if Ana letted him in, she would end up getting hurt. Harry quickly noticed and walked up to them quickly & very angrily. Liam stood up and went right in front of Ana, to protect her. Harry stopped and noticed that Liam wouldn’t let him hurt Ana.



Both heard Ana whimper from the back, and Harry yelled,

“Shut up A-“

“No! You do not tell her to shut up. You should really respect her more Styles.”

Harry got so mad, he went up to Liam and was about to hit him. Ana yelled, to just save Liam.


Ana got in between Liam and Harry,

“Liam go. Harry, please don’t hurt him.”

Liam grabbed Ana’s arm,

“Ana, he’ll hur-“

“I’d rather get hurt by him than seeing you get hurt Liam. Now go.”

Liam whisper into Ana’s ear and said,

“Ok. But please, be careful. I lo- umm. I have to go now.”

Right away, Liam was going to say “I love you” to Ana, but he stopped himself. So both of them won’t get hurt by Harry. Liam letted go of Ana’s arm and walked towards the front door. Harry followed him and both went outside.

“Harry I just don’t understand why you keep hurting her. It’s no-“

“Not your business Liam. Leave, and don’tI'm forced to go to 3 conventions in the next 3-4 months. even try to come back to be near Ana at all.”

“You can’t even tell me what to do Harry. And just to get clear with you, the band is getting back together. Which means, you can’t be a soloist anymore. Either you like it or not, we all don’t care. Quit making the choices like you did in the past, cause you’re no longer the band leader, I am.”

“I still don’t give a damn fuck Payne. Also, if you ever get near my girlfriend once again, I’ll kill you.”

Liam walked away, but muttered under his breath

“I don’t think Ana even considers herself your girlfriend at all. Also, I don’t think you’re her boyfriend anymore."

Harry heard, and in the outside, he didn’t care. But on the inside, it just broke his heart.

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