"Ok Styles, let's start wit-" "With what? You really that I can spill things that easily?" The new reporter had the tape recording. across the table was Harry. "No, but I need you to say the basic things. Her name, her age, and her story." Harry looked at the reporter and sighed, "Ok. Her name is Anastasia. She was 18 and her story is the one she left written in her notebook. I called her story... Ana..."


3. Chapter 2

The next day, it was raining. Rain, rain, and more rain.

Ana placed a chair near the window,and sat down. She stared right outside, in her deep thoughts, she kept thinking of what Liam said before she left the cafe,

"Just remember Ana, I don't know what you see in this Harry but remember this, someone else loves you, and he'll tell you. I promise..."

Who? Who is the person that will tell Ana that he's the one that loves her? Also, she doesn't know what she sees in this Harry too. She thought in her mind,

"I wanna who that boy is Liam... also, I don't see anything in this Harry too Liam... I just don't."

Not even in the mood to write in her diary. She just didn't feel like if she had the time... but she had all the time.

Suddenly the door opened. Ana realized, it's Harry. She gasped and then looked away. Harry stood there, staring at Ana with an upset look. He walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, she flinched.

"I'm not going to hit you Ana. I just wanna talk..."

Ana didn't even dare herself to look at him. He sighed and sat on the ground in front of him.

"I'm sorry, I was stil-"

"Still what? You think I can forgive you that easily?"

He looked a little upset. But Ana didn't even still looked at him.

"No but I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry ok?"

Nothing was said in Ana's mouth.

"Tell you what? If you want, I'll just give you some time to relax and be by yourself. I'm just going to go out and get a drink ok?"

Ana finally looked at him worryingly. She didn't like it when Harry would be getting a drink or two, he'll end up with more drinks and getting more drunk. It was her worst fear.

Finally, she said, "Ok. Just come back home in the afternoon ok?"

Harry slightly smiled and kissed her forehead, "Ok."


"Things just doesn't feel the same... as if Harry was just trying to get out of here and trying to get more drunk. Probably his way of trying to get me more hurt. This new Harry... this abusive Harry, isn't the Harry I loved at all."

It was five in the afternoon. Ana finished a small part of what she wrote, she looked outside and it was a calm sunset. The doorbell rang, Ana went downstairs to see who it was... Liam.

"Liam? Why are yo-"

"I just came here to talk to Harry. Is he here?"

Ana shook her head but told Liam to come inside. Liam sat at one of the kitchen stools. Ana followed him and st at the other stool across from him. Liam looked at Ana and smiled at her while she looked down. The bruised cheek still there and some bruises and her arms were shown too. Liam was worried about Ana, of what Harry is doing to her. What Ana doesn't know that when Liam was talking about that "someone else" will love her, Liam was talking about himself... Liam Payne is in love with Anastasia.

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