Why me?

My name is Kathryn I have piercing blue eyes and black hair I am a wear wolf so what happens when my brother gets into a mess and I have to try to help him out of it?


4. What is going on???

~Kathryn's P.O.V.~

We arrived at the house and I turned to Elijah and Rebecca and said "I will go in first and call you if I need help." "But Katrina how will you protect yourself if Klaus could not?" "Elijah, I was transformed when Klaus was, I am a hybrid as well, I am a werewolf, vampire, and witch." "Katrina when  were you going to tell Klaus that you are the most powerful thing in the universe?" "I don't know, I was not expecting it though." then I went in the house, or tried to. The house is under a spell to keep originals in or out, so I took it down and walked in. Then I saw Damon. "Aw Bonnie the bitch got in." "So nice to see you to Damon but get all your people in the living room." ok fine Kathryn." "HEY EVERYBODY COME TO THE LIVINGROOM.NOW!!" Elena was the first one down " Why is she here?" "Nice to see you to Elena." then every one else came in. and I started to talk. " Where is my brother?" they all asked " Who is your brother?" then Stephen said "I thought you were an only child." "Think about it Stephen WHO are you guys holding captive?" Then he whispered "Klaus" " Exactly right Stephen, now release him or I kill Elena." as I said that I vampire speed around her and held a knife to her throat. Then they said that they would lead me to my brother but first they wanted to ask me some questions. They asked if I was an original and I replied yes

what is your real name? Katrina Michelson

How did you break Bonnie's spell? I am Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch.

How are you related to Klaus? I am His Twin.

Can you please take me to see my brother now? Yes they replied.


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