Why me?

My name is Kathryn I have piercing blue eyes and black hair I am a wear wolf so what happens when my brother gets into a mess and I have to try to help him out of it?


2. The Call

I suddenly herd my phone "ring,ring" as I went to pick it up I looked at it...Elijah. (E=elijah, K= Kathryn)

E= Katrina

K= Elijah you know I like to be called Kathryn

E=Katrina they have Klaus

K=what!! Who when and where!!!

E= Do you remember your doppelganger Elena?

K= Yes why??

E= Elena, Stephen, Damon, and the others took him.

K= Where are they?

E= Oh yes they are in Mystic Falls.

K= Are you and Rebecca in Mystic Falls as well?

E= Yes we were waiting on your arrival to attack.

K= Good I will be there soon. We will get our brother back Elijah. I promise!

I am so angry I am going to rip there heads off.

~~So for the first time in forever I came out of hiding. I was going to get my twin back.


"I am scared Nick"

"I will never let anything hurt you Katrina. I promise."

*A few years later*


'What is it Katrina?"

"It is father he is coming for us!!"

"Ok. Come with me!"


"You will be safe here!"

*End of Flashback*

That memory kept going through my head the whole way to Mystic Falls


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